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 Feb 2017 Sarah Strack
My headphones play the song of your voice
And the words you spoke as I whispered my fears to you.
I find myself tapping my feet
To the rhythm of all love:
Chasing, cherishing, regretting, forgetting
One, two, three, four
It’s a beat my heart has been conditioned to hear
Since my mother taught me the song as an unborn.
Just like her,
I know you’ve kept my secrets secure,
And unlike you,
I have not forgotten our midnight promises.

I can’t help but close my eyes every time I long
To feel the warmth of your smile that night in August.
And there, behind my eyelids
Your image is burnt like a childhood memory
Unwilling to be forgotten.

I stare at what I remember of you as the beat pounds in my skull.
“Forever,” you had said.
“You and me- just the two of us- forever.”
It’s a shame our forever was only as temporary
As your breaths in this world were
And now that I know we were never meant to be
I’ll hold this song inside my head
And your image in my mind’s eye
Until I am forced to forget you
Love does not break because of death. It breaks by the human notion that moving on is essential, and by the weakness of the memory.

Inspired by H.A.
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