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Sarah Strack Sep 13
Train horns pierce the muggy night.
Persistent in their cacophony.
They shake the walls and sound the time.
Like midnight roosters.

I shift beneath my stuffy sheets.
Roused from fitful sleep.
My eyes move to the bedroom window.
Drawn to the alure of night.

The moonlight has me in a trance.
Stray beams beckon me.
Dancing light to call me closer.
Through intermittent haze.

Now I feel the fog behind my eyes.
The night's hold has loosened.
I drift away until I'm awoken by birds,
Or the siren songs of boxcars.
Sarah Strack Sep 11
Its amazing how we pass time
In our own beings so that
Matters more than the next
And the freckles on our hands
More pull than magnetic
Of planets spinning with hushed
Which may soon gasp the cursed
Of our corrupted souls
we are so caught up in our own lives, we forget the bigger picture
Sarah Strack Sep 10
You didn't have to salt my fields
after the war
The devastation had been wrought
cowardly crops
Turn away from the bright sunlight
dying slowly
reflecting on those bitter wars of self
Sarah Strack Mar 2019
Foggy skies lie like a comforting blanket
The one I wrapped myself in at night.
Or an omnipresent, uncomfortable haze.
Like the smoke from your cigarette.

My eyes keep shifting views,
Until my muddled brain can’t handle it.
I’m thinking through your glasses,
Empty, but tequila soaked.

I can’t decide if I miss the sun.
The heat was nice to be sure,
But so many times I was burnt.
My skin charred and red.

You tell me to wear sunscreen.
That way I won’t get hurt,
But no matter how many layers,
The sun keeps marking my skin.

You like the clouds I know.
It’s easier when they hang around.
You hang around like a weight
I wish I were a cloud.
Sarah Strack Feb 2019
It came to pass that in a fiery blaze
You were born
Little being with the WORLD against you
Tiny spark
With only the tools of your own making
Rock and stick
Teeth for talking and hands for creating
So unlike
Yet so similar to those before you
I felt it
The shudders and shaking at your coming
The whole WORLD
Pausing for a second to stop and stare
Baby hands
Reaching towards the heavens to catch the sun
A face with
Intelligent eyes, that burned like your path
What are you
And what has your coming brought to the WORLD?
A poem from my chapbook, The child that ate the WORLD
Sarah Strack Sep 2017
Emotions are a blessing to me
To you they are the worst of curses
I cry and they gather to let go
You cling to them to feel their embrace

The cold of winter would bite at you
I wear a jacket safe from the snow
The lancing spears of despair gather
I watch the icicles in your eyes

Once I would have given my jacket
But many times you have refused it
Till both of us stood still and frozen
You hurt me to see the snowflakes melt

Do you still remember the summer
I followed you to white sand beaches
You dipped your toes in cold water
I smiled for you were bravery

Back then I was merely the duckling
You forged paths through flower gardens
My small missteps painted me a ****
Yet you dont seem to remember then

Emotions were a blessing to you
I laughed to see you in the snow
You wore a coat of gathered crystals
And I followed you for your embrace
Remembering old connections long since frayed
Sarah Strack Apr 2017
Ive been packing up my memories in an enormous box
One of those old wooden trunks with heavy metal locks

Ive been thinking on the past and disregarding the pain
Ive looked at all the photographs; the image is the same

Ive shoved it in a corner, in my attic and my mind
A dark and dank forgotten place where it is hard to find

Yet sometimes I will think on it and dig out my old key
To look on my mistakes and know now that I am free
Not letting memories control me.
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