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Dave Robertson Oct 2021
Hey guys!
Remember not to **** or **** anyone.
I know modern life is hard
with, like, credit cards and stuff
but just because you can do
something unutterably terrible
doesn’t mean you should

And yeah, we don’t have a monopoly
on being shitbergs
In the general pissy sea of life
but statistically, with numbers and stuff,
we ****

So, y’know, try not to.
See how that feels.
Aurianna May 2020
mind that,
its okay
to be scared
to be better
even when
you're crying
stop running
from the storm
just embrace it
feel everything
fight all you
want, and then
face it
believe in you
trust yourself
free because
you need not know
where you're going
but because
you don't
need to know
let go
im free because i just let it go, fly with the wind baby
JD Oct 2018
You have to be better than you are today
Because by the end of the day
You truly only have yourself to depend on
JD Sep 2018
You slipped under my insecurity cracks
Made me feel at peace but i had to turn my back
Unfortunately what I lack is common sense and empathy
And that **** led to a broken heart
I wish someone can paint me a picture, or make a chart
To how to live without regret and maybe ill forget the pain I’ve caused
I hate hurting someone because the realization doubles back
Striking me emotionally and it hits hard cause you hear an echoing smack
Im sorry that my judgement was blurry
Ill do better for everyone by remembering
Remembering the imprint of that pain
You may find,
That you keep,
Going blind,
To yourself,
To those who care,
To those who know,
For me nobody's there,
But for you,
There must be hope,
I will try to give,
Though I choke,
From the disgusting,
Of myself,
And those around,
I can't be helped,
But you can,
Stay happy,
Don't let your heart be dead,
From the day you were born,
For me it was destiny,
But for you it is your responsibility,
You can do this,
I am already a lost cause,
But for you,
Take a pause,
My suffering and terror,
Is a loss,
But of yourself,
You are a boss,
You have a talent,
Whatever it may be,
Share it with the world,
And if you don't think it's working,
Stop but keep your Glee,
Because you can always remember,
You can do better than me.
Don't let yourself fall like me.
Al Mak Poetry Mar 2018
You have no chance to rewrite your story
There is no way to erase mistakes
You can eclipse your shame with glory
But your faults will always rise the stakes.
You can’t escape your past and reputation
They both will chase you to the day of doom
And your tears shed in lamentation
Will not dispel the reigning sceptic gloom.
Do things of which you’ll never be ashamed
Be kind. Be grateful, generous and honest
Mean deeds will hurt you first, getting you defamed
The noble ones will make of you the greatest.
SaWal Mar 2018
And 'it' must go on <------------------------------------------------------------
My ride is fast but my road is slow                                                      
I am going through dark, but i promise to glow                                  |
I am the right arrow, using the wrong bow                                          |
Enough seeing through the wrong window, now time to
walk out of the right door                                                                        |

I explored me, you and us when I hit the very low                            
'Et tu brute' Man I never thought you too would join the ** ** **
Stuff me with all that you got and more                                              
I will take it all and I will still roar                                                         |
When my feet's cold and life seems to take a toll                                |
I still feel blessed as I have my words -they are a WRITER'S Gold  
They say I am not what they see I can be, I say the same but I vow
That there will be a day when you will be reading columns
and I will be moving up the rows                                                            
I trust this struggle, that is my ladder to glory because I know        
If I give up today, I don't deserve no tomorrow                                  |
I try, I loose, I learn, I try harder, you wish but won't see me go      |
Because this is my war, my ground, my dreams,
my screams,my shoes, my stage, MY SHOW<-----------------------------
Sarah Strack Jun 2016
Forty-nine flags furled,
Tears reflecting every hue,
On faces confusion swirled,
How could this loss be true?

Forty-nine families cry,
Looking for a reason in the pain,
Don't look where the bodies lie,
For how could they be slain?

Forty-nine sparks doused in water red,
With metal flying through the air,
Their last thoughts of dread,
But could the metal care?

Forty-nine lost to delusion,
Forty-nine lost to hate,
It still seems like an illusion,
Can we control our fate?

Forty-nine reasons not to become,
Like a homophobic man,
Who couldn't see the sum,
Of all the hearts that love and can,

Be better than that man.

— The End —