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Anya Mar 2019
"It's all your fault" The Leaf Blower complains
"Well, now you've gone and done it" the Rake, my supposed friend admonishes me
My head is buzzing
Says the Leaf Blower, "Always favoring him over me"

Ms. Leaf Blower and I have never gotten along,
Me, because of my seeming inability to properly use her, and the irritation when my dad could and asked me to hold the wire for him
Her, because of my, from a very young age, obvious favoritism towards Mr. Rake, who used to be my best friend until he passed away and my family disposed of his plastic remains

His predecessor, Rake junior, is far sharper than his old man
But rather than make him a better rake this simply adds to his narcissism
Unfortunately, this increases his attraction as well and each time he's swept about it's not just the leaves that are unearthed
Despite this obvious flaw in his being overly sharp, he sees it fit to admonish me for breaking Ms. Leaf Blower
Don't think I can't see the two of you flirting out there!

But indeed I did,
Break her that is, clearly none of the wires were pulled out
yet, she refuses to work

So now,
I'm left with a sullen rake
And a thousand-
Scratch that,
A seemingly never ending yard full of leaves
To clarify I used to really like a plastic rake but it broke and was thrown away. We also had a leaf blower but I could never properly use it. We later bought a metal rake which was overly sharp and has the tenancy of getting caught in the grass. Years later I was asked to blow the leaves but I managed to break the blower in five minutes so I resorted to the infuriating rake.
Sarah Strack Jul 2016
Inside my heart there lives a snake
Maliciously it slithers around
It's poisoned fangs poised to bite
In fright I don't utter a sound

In my garden I left a rake
Lying littered on the ground
Around it the leaves dance chaos
Workers never to be found

All this destruction life likes to make
It's swirling confusion does astound
Until my heart and home it wrecks
And burns both of them to the ground
A-S Aug 2014
The clock ticks even faster when I'm stuck in my own state of mind, confused in a maze of our memories. Our memories kind of follow me to every rake in my conscience. Crashing into all the walls I built. I can't get you out of my head but I'll try meditation instead. I think of the sea, and try to feel the sound of the wind. This is getting me no where, but I feel like that's a place where I'd want to be. -a.s

— The End —