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Sarah Strack Sep 2020
You didn't have to salt my fields
after the war
The devastation had been wrought
cowardly crops
Turn away from the bright sunlight
dying slowly
reflecting on those bitter wars of self
Alex May 2020
How can i stop?
To be too obessed,
This urging flames,
That keeps on coming back,
Against my throat,
Ended up nothing much to say,
When love starts at bravery,
But i'm cowardly afraid,
And i'm might die,
Not saying what i want to say,
But i hope you'd know...
Michael Stefan Feb 2020
i shoulda
woulda coulda
stayed and fought
your screams
grew too angry
your temper grew too hot
you brandished
cruel mistakes made
like serrated knives
i fled and hid
knees buckling
at this domestic strife
i swore
i'd grow the strength
to come back inside
but never did
my backbone grow
my resolve just up and died
i wish
i was more powerful
and clung to you so tight
but i just
got into my truck
and drove away that night
A simple rhyme scheme to express those moments when you fail to push through the pain and strife and tell someone what they mean to you, to say "I'm sorry", and to let them take out their frustrations with you.
It hurt's  so much
That  you have to
Make up all these  stories
Am I a coward?
Or am I strong?
The pain that has towered
Dealt with for so long

Yet, I'm still here
Is it because fear?

I've wanted to die
I can't help but wonder why
Why haven't I?

Do I persevere?
Life, do I hold dear?

Or am I afraid?
Of being laid
Down in a tomb?
Is it worse than my room?

So am I a coward?
Am I so weak?
Or am I strong
In the face of a life soured?
I can't help but think
About my song

The song of my life
Could it sing strength?
Somehow my knife
Shining at length
Doesn't seem to believe
I'll be remembered that way
So I would conceive
Strength isn't what people would say
When describing me
So cowardly then
Is what I must be
For not bringing my end

And I still don't know
If I'll ever go
Will I ever confide
In my suicide?
Is suicide cowardly, or an act of strength? Is living on? Could both be either? Which am I? I can't bring myself to believe the better. So then, am I a coward for living, or would I be a coward for dying?
Why couldn't you
just love me back
Instead you left me to drown
I am alone in this when i know I'm not
Why couldn't you just say you love me.

That's all I needed hear.
I knew there was no*
Promise of forever
         even though I hoped.
All I needed was for you
           to just say you love me
instead you left me to drown

You ran-Coward, like a child
                running from a clown.
You let me see the heavens
            and now I'm free-falling
                  down, down, deeper than the ground.
Why couldn't you just love me back
            why did you leave me to drown
                        I am alone in this
when I know that I'm not.
(c) Al'Nysa S. Goodwin
Ashley Aug 2014
suicide isn't weak
it doesn't show cowardice.
these are statements
I must repeat daily.

the news brings back
memories flooding at once.

a church refusing a burial
a condemnation to hell
a face wrongly colored
a service more like torture.

no, suicide isn't weak
it doesn't show cowardice.

he was a lion
surrounding himself
with family and love
a lion of a man.

he was loved
he was friends to
so many near and far.

strangers came near and far
to see the great lion
put to his final rest
by his very own hand.

no, suicide is not weak
it doesn't show cowardice.

a lion with a side
no one really did see
sensitive it is apparent
depressed and melancholy.

to take his own life
after everyone saw
the pieces that did
lead to his fall.

the great lion
was still great
even in death,
in memory.

no, suicide is not weak
it doesn't show cowardice.

he left us behind
some do still say
but to say it still
gives him the blame.

he had love
he gave it
for all to enjoy, but
love he did have.

I don't know why
I don't care anymore
the great lion moved on
the great man as well.

he was loved
he is loved.

no, suicide is not weak
it doesn't show cowardice.

— The End —