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1d · 262
11 minute storm
sun coated my skin and hair
until the dark clouds came rolling in
steel coloured bullets raining down
houses, trees, animals unbound
once on the ground, now in the sky
my upside down life is facing right side
11 minutes is all it took
to completely rewire my life
5d · 174
this place is a pond
destined to dry, destined to die
i fashion some wings, white and long
i left before i could see it was wrong
spending my seconds before the sun
before tumbling down into the blue ocean
serpents and mermen
sharks and eels
my lungs fill like swimming pools
my restlessness got me killed
7d · 86
this is my city, my bones
my architecture i have crafted
started here, riverbanks and pinecones
budded here, my roots continue to grow
May 28 · 107
broken mirror
I S A A C May 28
the place i got my mirror you threw me through
filled with machines, unearthing roots
old old patterns rewritten
old old narratives revisited
is there room for forgive
my face washed by shock
never thought i could bare witness
dissolve the dividing mirror
seeing more than ourselves
makes this easier
makes it clearer
May 27 · 343
I S A A C May 27
tumbling to the tide
the screams inside won’t die
plucked all the pretty petals
now all i have is vines
tie them tight around my windpipe
tumble into the tide
sink into my sadness, meet divine
this was my destiny, my time
kissing the only memories i have of you and i
May 26 · 504
I S A A C May 26
twilight, dusk and dawn
unfollow, report, and block
my emotions inconsistent like waves
my memories blackened of our dates
riding around in your car, pounding heart
driving out too far, lost our spark
twilight, dusk and dawn
our connection was not for long
May 24 · 87
homme avec stylo
I S A A C May 24
pen to paper
tears to soil
the interactive process makes me
what am i without the mercy of paper?
what am i without the abundance of ink?
what am i without?
footprints in fresh snow
bloodstains on a sheep’s wool
what am i when i am no longer broke?
what am i when i unfold?
May 24 · 88
My Mind
I S A A C May 24
my mind is a ravenous fire
fuelled with gluttonous desire
feed it something every hour
only rest when it digests
but it rises like the tides towards the sun
my mind is a ambitious one
May 22 · 78
The Bell Jar
I S A A C May 22
unique and divergent
unearthing the curses
i am to be studied
omnipresent burdens
burning at both ends, keep working
keep hurting, keep turning
the pages of the holy book
hoping nobody looks
when a single tear spills down my cheek
florescent fish flustered by the hook
May 22 · 340
I S A A C May 22
oil slicked skin, smothering sunbeams
when did we get so far?
once upon a kin, could we do it again?
soaking up your energy like a sponge
been waiting on your remedy for too long
i have been too strong, waiting for the one
May 20 · 93
I S A A C May 20
jumping to conclusions like a frog
drinking your delusions with ciroc
drowning down all the clinging thoughts
ribbons tightening, dreams frightening
swimming through the blinding fog
May 19 · 254
I S A A C May 19
melodies fill my lungs like air
to sing is to be, frequency quartz clear
melodies fill my lungs day in day out
check in and check out
to sing is to be, been mute too long
May 18 · 62
Ceiling Dwelling
I S A A C May 18
excellent ears hear the secrets whispered at dusk
incredible intuition detects the creeping predator before it thrusts
marvellous mind can always find a place to hide amongst
crawling up into the corner of the ceiling like a spider, stay there collecting dust
May 17 · 135
El Dorado
I S A A C May 17
heavy golden mangoes
gushing golden rivers
where the birds are treasure chests and sing like my momma
where a shellshocked man can rest and release the burden of trauma
the grass kisses your skin and the warm wind hugs you from behind
i could not believe my eyes
i found El Dorado from peeking inside
May 15 · 181
I S A A C May 15
my smile is louder than its ever been
the storms in my eyes has never been this
entrenched violence; reduced tiredness
Apr 30 · 238
I S A A C Apr 30
water sheds from my eyes
floating on the river instead of panicking
i never felt so helpless in my life
trying to hold on but i am vanishing
slipping into the starry night
tripping into my violent mind
trying to hold on but i am vanishing
Apr 28 · 743
s l i p
I S A A C Apr 28
cemented demented repression
ashamed of my being, plagued by second guessing
throwing caution to the wind is anxiety inducing
my icy disposition in your warm embrace was bound to ruin
kiss the drips, daydream until reality slips
Apr 25 · 196
I S A A C Apr 25
sink into routines
ego dissolved in the complex steps
regret left half baked
in my mother’s arms i have wept
time and time again
my shine always comes back again
Apr 23 · 204
muted mouths
I S A A C Apr 23
land of untold stories
where our half baked entanglement resides
there are no roses on its graveside
just poppies, remembrance in our minds
our muted mouths invisiblize those nights
Apr 20 · 63
I S A A C Apr 20
riddled by death
how it strikes so fast or so slow
how it suspends you with it’s hold
a promise that cannot break
a knitted quilt of fate
i act for goodness sake
i shine because of my mistakes
Apr 19 · 969
delectable delight
I S A A C Apr 19
lizard on warm rocks
an artist in their paint-speckled smock
the wind carrying fallen flowers
jade eyes meet brown
chastity belt unbound
hours upon hours
spent in between the sheets
delicate, delectable, free
Apr 16 · 819
Calm Down
I S A A C Apr 16
calm down while sun beams down
yearn for less and crave nothing
disappointing investing in second guessing
calm down while reading Circe
ponder the ways that men have hurt me
remove the blade instead of pushing it deeper
hand in hand, i am married to harmony
pearl earrings, pearl ring, pearl bracelet
i find beauty in everything i am facing
Apr 15 · 299
I S A A C Apr 15
my body carries a river of insecurity
causing floods upon innocent harbours
insane membranes, complex DNA
nobody is wired the same
no candle burns the same
but they all end the same
Apr 14 · 156
I S A A C Apr 14
swinging in the lilac flowers
listening to sza for hours
forgetting my ivory skin is solar powered
shedding my old skin before i devour
every moment on the horizon
succeeding no longer trying
law of least effort, divining
law of impermanence, time not wasted on crying, trying to cling
driving, light is dreadfully dim
but i keep my finger on the pulse
feeling the moment
Apr 12 · 514
I S A A C Apr 12
tangents as i peel my tangerine
stranded when you leave the scene
running up the walls, painting the town green
artificial natural, warped reality
plethora of predators creep on me
sneak a peek, steal my peace
perception the weapon of my enemy
your glance is cold and it stings
my words are paper to a fire
to escape i needed to lose everything
Apr 11 · 402
over grown bushes
I S A A C Apr 11
ticket to the train station
tempted to train my motivation
singing swan songs for my salvation
toking for a moments vacation, coaching vocation
warp the world around my thumb
sway to the beats of my drum
angels pick me up, scared to become
all the things i have been ashamed of
iridescent sparkles that were judged as vain
steady shovelling the ****, shaving down the over grown bushes
the path was there all along; i see her now
what the **** was i even doing
Apr 10 · 1.4k
I S A A C Apr 10
smoking like a chimney
exterminating the negativity within me
each **** relaxes my worrisome bones
each stroke relaxes the perpetual unknown
from this vice to that
from peace to combat
the contrasting colors within me
is why I'll smoke like a chimney
until cheap thrills **** me
Apr 5 · 584
sailing smooth
I S A A C Apr 5
lock and key on my arm
plenty of snakes i have charmed
my disarming eyes
my unbridled rage
my mystery they cannot gauge

pearl on pearl too
give myself some room
grow into, trust my moves
sailing smooth
Mar 31 · 492
I S A A C Mar 31
watching the clouds from my plane seat
listening to Lana Del Rey speak
compounding words and motifs
wondering how this all came to be
me in the sky, diamonds in my eyes
and worry draped over me
trap me in the mind, time after time
the power of potent poetry
Mar 4 · 69
I S A A C Mar 4
swimming in green waters dreaming
puking black, trapped in seaweed
predator turned prey
brown hair turned grey
wrinkled skin and confidence caved in
just do it already
end the suffering
just do it already
just do it
Feb 27 · 742
S e a
I S A A C Feb 27
split mind
dichotomy between my head and feet
running away, leave towards the sea
explore the depths, explore me
the shore is suffocating and time is draining
my ankles feel burdened carrying all this dead weight
let me float into the unknown
let me scream at the waves
let me unfold
let me be reborn again
Feb 25 · 84
I S A A C Feb 25
in a different bed, in a different city
yet there are pieces of you that linger in me
dreams of your scent, nights breaking bread
if only we could hold out until infinity
too late, first mistake was falling
too late, second mistake was calling
Feb 24 · 71
each and every
I S A A C Feb 24
bizarre how my brain twists
each and every memory
knives in my back from
each and every enemy
bloodstained, drained energy
pumping through mindless days dreadfully
Feb 22 · 91
I S A A C Feb 22
you incubated my fears
bottled up my tears
yet i cannot help but keep you near
you told me here, you hold me dear
but you treat me unfair
let your lies smear, mascara tears
drunken stupor off cheap beers
stuck within your toxic atmosphere
i pray to see the light of day
outside of this
Feb 4 · 691
I S A A C Feb 4
get your hands off of my mouth
feel the smoke in my lungs while you burn down our house
ashes litter my hair, scratches litter my skin
drowning in this love drought
watching the new cycle begin
is love as destructive as a fire?
why is my heart as malleable as tin?
I thought it was ok before the light started to dim
Jan 22 · 89
I S A A C Jan 22
kisses laced with poison
ropes squeezing my joints
is there even a point in struggling?
juggling all these expectations
hear my stomach rumbling
tumbling to live up to my name
dazed, trying to keep sane
who is the owl watching me?
who is the man under me?
why won’t it stop thundering?
Jan 7 · 109
I S A A C Jan 7
my greatest dream and worst fear
my saving grace, my cheating dear
the hearth that burns deep
the emotions i keep
inside my shell, inside my tears
i wished for times, when i didn’t just roam
i wished for kind eyes and a tender soul
my wishes were granted
insecurity vanished
Jan 3 · 96
I S A A C Jan 3
does everything that is whole have a centre?
been trying to find my centre, been on ******
lost friends, lost numbers
cruise control, build a new home
you can lay your eggs in my old nest
switched lanes, prayed for the best
i confessed, survived with less
burning bridges, island oasis
double down, justice i’ll face it
tolerate too much then nothing more
i am so abrasive
Jan 2 · 2.6k
deep end
I S A A C Jan 2
looking for somewhere to lay my head
my favourite bed is your chest
tracing your abs, towards the treasure chest
i like the way it feels in my hands
i like what you say, your quiet face
pulling me towards the deep end
Dec 2022 · 315
I S A A C Dec 2022
silence is your greatest weapon
nobody can gauge, the inner rage
that is willing to bubble up any second
compliance is your greatest weapon
feelings are saved, integrity betrayed
clean yourself up like an inspection
Dec 2022 · 522
I S A A C Dec 2022
stomach aches, anxious daze
body anxiety ruining the day
candles burn, ravens sing
the feeling of death is sinking in
acceptance, repentance
anger comes in waves
transcendent, independence
refining my old ways
Dec 2022 · 139
I S A A C Dec 2022
your name is irony
you were bound to bleed
cut my sisters and me
i thought you were family
you corrected me
you don’t have the capacity

i thought i was mentoring you
i thought i was beneficial
you were using me for all i could give you
Dec 2022 · 3.1k
Rusty Lover
I S A A C Dec 2022
wander while I ponder
wonder when I'm farther
out sea, just me, pisces
underwater, wonder if I can feel thunder
running from each other
wonder who can go farther
light green, I am a rusty lover
underneath, wonder if I can get better
Dec 2022 · 1.3k
I S A A C Dec 2022
3 years deep at least
hiding from yourself more than me
honesty is healing, your honestly killing me
why would you
say that, i need payback
say that, when you knew that
it was lies, projecting all the time
i let your into my house, into my life
Dec 2022 · 527
I S A A C Dec 2022
i've stopped trying
this whole time, you were a fraud lying
i'm done crying
these bold lies, you were a fraud hiding
snake eyes, snake lips
jealous, bitter, narcissistic scripts
sweet nothings, fake adoration
this i could never predict
Dec 2022 · 1.2k
happy holidays
I S A A C Dec 2022
happy holidays, fresh white snow
eggnog ***** and fuzzy robes
red nose reindeer and frost-bitten toes
jingle bells and warm throws
happy holidays, hot black coal
SZA's SOS album and ctrl
apple pies and chip-filled bowls
cinnamon candles and a hearty soul
Dec 2022 · 550
I S A A C Dec 2022
releasing this album has to be the hardest thing I have ever done
always wanted to but shame suppressed
hundreds of files, hundreds of tears wept
my heart painted across instrumentals and melodies
nervous, will people get me?
get the metaphors, get the meaning
purpose, will I let me?
embark on a journey toward the sun
leave everything I hated having to become
shed a few layers, re-introduce me
climbing to the top, sorry excuse me
Dec 2022 · 2.9k
Fake Prince
I S A A C Dec 2022
gave you a mile
but you wouldn’t even take an inch
tried to be sweeter
just a pinch
tried to be a holiday
to the grinch
i tried to love someone tactless
i cried too much for a fake prince
Dec 2022 · 377
I S A A C Dec 2022
setting myself up for rejection
but what is worse, feeling or rejecting?
rather feel the cuts than ignore the eruption
rather deal with my feelings as they are disrupting
my day to day
the way i communicate
with you and him
cut off the ones that didn’t hit
different than you
do you understand me like i understand you?
Dec 2022 · 1.3k
i am a robot
I S A A C Dec 2022
i am a robot
stuck behind all these roadblocks
what came first?
the road or the blocks
i wish i didn’t give a ****
i wish i understood what it was
riddled with curiosity, plagued with confusion
never understanding the extent of my emotion
i am a robot
i am a token
i was made to be used
made to be broken
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