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Isaac 23h
my life is a rollercoaster
point blank period
I always know what fearlessness is
I always understand the rush of belief
but sometimes I want everything to stop
to exist in a pocket of time, to do whatever I like
not be pushed and pulled
hauled and trawled
stalled and enthralled
if I had a penny for every scream
I would be able to relish in greed
I am so envious, what would it be like not to live like this
but this is me and I am incomplete without the rollercoaster
so I guess I have to enjoy my sh*t
4d · 51
Simple Life
Isaac 4d
its new, its foreign
your form I’m adoring
your frown I’m scorning
I just like the way you do you
so unique, so new
so hot and so blue
so me but still you
hand on my thigh as you drive down the avenue
the first one to engrave their name in my heart
the first man to deserve his part in my art
of delusional confusion, idealistic intrusion
with a sprinkle of disillusionment
thought it wasn’t for me, too many days spent in existential worry
wondering how it would work for me or if it would hurt me
but I throw caution to the wind and trust my wings
to maintain my grace on the breeze
love is just as simple as it seems
simple life gets messy with simple lies
5d · 28
anxious eyes
Isaac 5d
your haunting hands, my anxious eyes
your passion burning leaves me hypnotized
by the glow of the flame, its unpredictability
the heat of the flame, but you are so undeserving
should be perfuming my body in your kisses
should be dancing your fingers in my rivers
they call out your name, haunted even in the day
haunted at every sight of rain and Janelle Monae
we were in the eye and I was naive
now my anxious eyes follow me
and your haunted hands lead me
to an inner journey to find the key
to unlock and unblock my potential
Nov 21 · 180
Only in the Moonlight
Isaac Nov 21
I feel stupid I feel dumb
I won but what
did I really win, you are so childish
had to cut the strings, can no longer cradle it
you are a baby, so immature
you are such an actor, improve king
scratch that you are such a clown
a king would have a crown
but you cannot face what you were born to be
rather keep yourself like an oath, just to not rock the boat
but I cannot be your baby only in the moonlight
in daylight, you are scared to touch me
it rubs me the wrong way, you love me the wrong way
I pictured us as more but you pictured me as decor
a vessel for your fantasy, a trophy nothing more
then you block me on everything because I won’t allow you to keep vanishing
encore encore, but you are still so unsure
fix yourself, please
maturing can be a breeze
when you take accountability
Isaac Nov 12
you are my forbidden fruit
so sweet until the notes of bitter bubble up
so perfect for me until your other side shows up
duality, inability
to see beyond your own body, beyond your own needs
what am I to you?
what am I if I do or don't?
you tried to tie me down, tried to quiet my own
voice, displeased with my need for reciprocity
to engulfed in your hypocrisy
I almost lost me, in your rapids, distractions
too many factors, actors, and games
too much struggle, rebuttals, and vain
so much vanity you drove me insane
and I have never driven a day in my life
Nov 12 · 47
Heaven Watch Over Me
Isaac Nov 12
hypnotic dreams, what are you telling me?
I feel everything, I feel myself unraveling
the beautiful ribbons suddenly choking me
I can't breathe, I can't see
the winding road ahead, me ever leaving this bed
possibilities are endless but not in my head
there's only one way or else I stray
cannot see myself set ablaze at the stake
I thought I was magic
turns out I am just a magnet for tragic endings
suspending my beliefs, diving deep
I hope I can reignite the spark in me
the sparks I bleed and not just drown in this sea
heaven watch over me
Nov 4 · 123
Tell Me What I Am
Isaac Nov 4
Am I a demon?
That is what they're saying
Am I ******* Satan?
Or is Satan ******* me?
Am I the gay best friend, is that all I am?
I can be sassy, flamboyant but never enough to really defend
from the arrows and throes of men
So tell me what I am
tell me what I got to be
So tell me what I am
tell me what is stopping me
From Heaven's end, even if I repent?
Will my sins not be cleansed in the sea
There is not much difference in sin from you to me
Nov 1 · 77
Tattoos on my neck
Isaac Nov 1
tattoos on my neck but should be your lips instead
tattoos on my neck but should be your hands instead
I want every part of me, enmeshed in you
the sun kisses my back as she creeps up behind the hill
shedding light on the aftermath of drunken thrills
I miss the blaze of the blunt and the bass in the club
relinquish my demons as we are talking it up
do you like my eyes that's where they hide?
do you like my thighs wanna try them tonight?
because tattoos on my neck but should be your lips instead
Oct 28 · 139
Falling from grace
Isaac Oct 28
to be frank, I never cared for fall
not enamoured by the warm-hued leaves riding the winds as they fall
to the ground where they crunch
too cold for my old mimosa littered brunch
the rain also won’t stop
who could claim this season and for what reason?
I miss the sunlight and the warm embrace of the wind
I miss the stressless summer bliss
instead, here I am racking my head, studying for exams
hoping I can just get back again
to kayaking in the blue, wearing my swim trunks like a tattoo
instead, here I am racking my head, swimming in the deep end
will I drown who knows, thank god I love to idle and float
or else I would be meeting Moby **** when the depression hits
Oct 24 · 76
exact sequence
Isaac Oct 24
I found me in the nuance
lost me in the extreme
reduced myself to a shoebox
so you could be the star of the scene
br br breaking at the seams, seen this exact sequence in my dreams
angels always warning me of the person attempting to scorn me
Oct 22 · 296
eastern breeze
Isaac Oct 22
kites riding the eastern breeze
inner child hiding in the canopy of leaves
singing to the tune of the birds
lies being highlighted by the omnipresent sun
bring to light what you buried, sweeter than my metaphorical cherry
you cannot escape what you have done, you must remember the ones you have shunned
even if it's only to take note of, what not to do
even if it feels too much, I know you could
even if the world is too rushed, you know what to do
going down the wormhole, deep dive
my memories come in handy, high five
to save my sanity as I live life
getting my light underneath the full moon
Oct 20 · 45
Mercury Retrograde
Isaac Oct 20
I just wanna feel something, someone
not just my days all being blended into one
depression, investments, they’re all up
actually, they swallow me up
but in the stomach of existential dread
I feel freer in my head without all these man-made structures
they want to let my rivers run red and leave me to the vultures
it's the culture we live in, who do we reprimand?
who would understand? take me back to ancestral land
devoted to my our sacred place among the ecosystem not trying to oversee them
we are not God, we are not omnipotent
to the creator, we are nothing more than a rodent
which fills its niche, which helps another fill theirs
we are not individuals in a vacuum but complex affairs
Oct 17 · 152
Isaac Oct 17
my heart beats for love, my best to overcome
to not look outside myself, no longer divide myself
send kisses to above, but on earth, I succumb
Your body like cheap motels, perfumed  idealistic summer tales
follow me into the season of orange
carve a smile in my face like a pumpkin
trying to keep the spark alive is redundant
who could’ve done it, I wasn’t
I didn’t look below before I jumped in
now I am swimming in all my presumptions
it was gold like a nugget, till it wasn’t
knew I could do better If I focussed on the constant
which is me and all my little flaws, if you could see behind all the walls
serpentine to carve my body from clay
morph and transform is all I know
my new metamorphosis awaits
Oct 15 · 57
Isaac Oct 15
it's all an act
a fact I cannot escape
always wishing for a sweet place, a sweet escape
need a vacation and to sleep until noon
**** I might even take two
Balance, all the components
where should I go?
where is my home?
should I, should I?
how could I, with such little time
tik tok tik tok, where is divine
the clocks in my head are relentless
the stocks hurt my head, can't comprehend it
why not balance the scales and restore peace
instead, you set it afire and watch the poor man weep
Sep 27 · 51
Isaac Sep 27
I don’t know what I want to be or not want to be
I can barely find myself within the labyrinth
maze of bleeding days and internalized strays
wondering how I am going to establish
my place in this strange space
all these new faces, will I hold up
confident until I compete
on top of it until I break
everything is overwhelming me
Sep 24 · 42
Run away
Isaac Sep 24
does anything really matter
what would happen if I ran into the forest
dipped this ****, missed my shifts
no longer be subjugated by the master
wouldn't that be bliss
to create art, to determine what matters individually
not a silly stone on a rich woman's jewelry
Sep 23 · 46
Isaac Sep 23
Oddly enough, it's no longer tough for me to let everything fall apart
Diamond in the rough, I shine no matter what
heartstrings sing through my eccentric art
every piece of me in motion like a river
need that constant change like I need my liver
but still, I drink until it goes black, the abyss always has my back
my dreams don't seem so distant when I do not have any vision
I am so anxious lately, understanding I never had any control innately
debating on what to do, what to say, how to live, what game to play
I am a student of logic, my days as metaphysical as the forms
in which I seem to aspire to, tired of number two
will I be number 1 for someone or always an afterthought
I have too many thoughts for my own good
The only one that has time for me is the moon
feel so claustrophobic in these 4 white-walled rooms.
Sep 23 · 171
Shared Ties
Isaac Sep 23
it was sweet like grandma’s dessert after dinner
made me comfortable like a bonfire
it was the dream I had envisioned but soon a nightmare
my intuition was singing to me like canaries in trees
warning me of the soon to be
two passing ships, we shared our hearts and got drunk off of lust
never meant to last, we were just enough for each other until it began to rust
knew you weren’t going to be my last, silence filling the room
you moved and I moved on without telling you
you sensed my indecision and had a vision
I wasn’t yours and you weren’t mine
but once upon a time, we shared ties
Sep 21 · 42
Isaac Sep 21
my summer anklet my only remains from my sun perfumed days
out on the beach, splashes of water
dismantling the house of burdens forged on my shoulders
I like simplicity, too much chaos in the city
my anxiety revving up like the motorcycle I was too nervous to ride
I start another year of university, first time not in the void of cyberspace
an echo chamber it feels like, daydreams of paradise to get me through
classes fill my days and my alarm can no longer snooze
but plenty of ***** and bud, still on the run towards the old summer fun
impermanence has me baffled I am so pussyfooted
my dreams unraveling but its not as I thought
wishes are tricky, shooting stars can inflict harm
at what cost, am I too soft, is the world too hard?
thoughts as I sit on the train and sing a somber song
Sep 17 · 861
Best For Myself
Isaac Sep 17
kaleidoscope, hanging rope
so many options, so many ways to go
but so many ways to fall
can you handle my all
I guess only time knows
time is so fickle but so are my fears
time is so riddled with endings
that's why I keep you near
interlaced, preventing heartbreak
but no matter the amount of effort the sum is pain
so I worship the rain in my dry spell
I focus on the power in myself
to stand tall and plan for the many ways I can fall
I wish the best for myself
Sep 17 · 273
Piscean Vision
Isaac Sep 17
we bloomed then died soon after
I just needed someone to spoon, a catcher
as I was falling for another who found their lover
which was not me and you were my only sensible option
to numb my pain like nova cane
it was Leo season and I was vain
knew it was never going to truly work but in the present, I stayed
now you tell me you got a special someone
and I got the same
divisive silence as you realize I was playing game
I want to paint myself in cool hues and tell you how I am the victim
but while you were all in I was just skinny dipping
having fun under the sheets living my Piscean vision
Sep 6 · 49
Higher Path
Isaac Sep 6
witnessed the solution to the pollution of my childhood
the remedy was embracing our distinctive energies
not trying to mold or subjugate each other
but coming to terms with the stories we skew
no longer needing to spew venom due to a defense mechanism
its growth simply
reality rids me of my dramatic stories that impacted my sensitive inner child
in reality, I was projecting my insecurities onto
everyone expecting something vile
to spill out of their mouth
tough love, rough love
never knew when enough was enough love
but I’m grown
and I own my flaws but I'm dedicated to walking in my higher path
Sep 5 · 206
habitual ritual
Isaac Sep 5
habitual ritual, the pleasure principle
hedonistic addiction to fulfill every vision
lots of thoughts but none are groundbreaking
trying to slip you underneath my tongue without hearts breaking
want to hear my name spill out of your mouth without chasing
you around, love it when you are around
you let my inner beast come out
habitual ritual seeking you out
Sep 4 · 186
Isaac Sep 4
kiss my Adam's apple

then make your way to my pearled necklace

Adorn me with your love like a prince in a castle

Be rough with me, a little reckless

time is only a concept forged by men

who says we ever have to leave this bed again

I am shaken, riddled with desires

I am taken, aback by your torrid fires

blistering heat, unimaginable peak

you are so sweet like freshly picked strawberries

it's your physique and mystique

you read me like libraries
Sep 3 · 118
tarot spread
Isaac Sep 3
flipping cards, interpreting the message
but too scared to just shoot you a message
and ask you a couple of questions
too worried about repeating lessons
thought you were my blessing now I'm second-guessing
Sep 3 · 574
Isaac Sep 3
underneath the evergreen canapé
my feet in the dirt my heart by the hearth
the grackles teasing in last year’s leaves
and this is the last of the summer breeze
I can already see certain trees abandoning their seasonal green
I can only control every inch of me so I adapt to the new season
the new beginning, the new environment
the moment will be the soon past
soak up every ounce of sun and frolic in the lake one more time
before everything starts to die
Aug 31 · 460
Broken Bird
Isaac Aug 31
I am slender and my figure is the topic of discussion
unsolicited advice about how much I should eat
as if my weight is their goal to reap
I am skin and bones just like you
I feel confident and insecure just like you
Looking into my mirror and reflecting on your comments
Analyzing every curve or lack thereof like it is a contest
who can be the King and Queen of Fools
suffering self-esteem underneath the entrenched rules
I hope you never feel the way you make others feel
A broken bird
Aug 29 · 282
The end is near
Isaac Aug 29
cold arms around my warm neck
winsome whispered sweet nothings
my intuition keeping me correct
cunning foxes drinking from acid lakes
tainted soils and chaotic airwaves
the end is near
death is banging on the front door of many
claiming plenty spouses, friends, and family
the one percent flying to Mars while we watch Afghan's heart
be beaten and abused, cowed and ruined
Gaia is enraged and bursting into flames
sickness still inducing suffering with sundry strains
the end is near if they do not refrain
the end is near I am ashamed
hope is a dangerous thing
Aug 27 · 214
Isaac Aug 27
money, fame, glory
Childhood was so rough the only option was to come up with a story
Adulthood came early and taught me to be discerning
But in a world full of colour hues its easy to pick the shivering blue
Fell into a whirlpool, a black hole so dark my memory vanished
But these lessons I learned taught me to survive in famish
So I worked for the juxtaposition because I deserve lavish
So stunning and blessed I came to be
Never let that light die in me
I knew I would make it with the right opportunities
So I learned how to be hardworking and ambiguities
A humbling story and sometimes sad
But I am grateful and cherish moments I will always have
But I moved on, looking good, getting back
Everything they took from me I used to have
Aug 26 · 115
stagnant dissatisfaction
Isaac Aug 26
aside from my asides and internal divides
I stand in my prime, converging with the divine
plucking daisies in my backyard
doing backflips in my backyard
tired of trying to find gold in a scrapyard
denied due to pride and internal divides
he stands in his shame, colliding with the divine
doing abstract art and failing to put a finger on
the very thing converging all along
the growth not seen, he daydreams
but can never put it into action
stagnant dissatisfaction
Aug 25 · 444
Virgo Vertigo
Isaac Aug 25
I struggle to stay balanced
my asymmetry is well established
my to-do list is longer than my hair
which I need to cut, by the way
So many dead ends, so little day
So many tasks, my schedule cannot sway
the gears are moving, the thoughts invasive
the fears are proving to be quite abrasive
too much, cannot face it
so I meticulously place my crystals north
so I ridiculously colour coordinate my clothes
anything to escape myself mischievously
I struggle to stay in one place
I struggle every day
Aug 25 · 353
I deserve it
Isaac Aug 25
I wanna feel your love, your hands slicked with oil rubbing down my back

I wanna feel your lust, keep on kissing me because you can't help it
I wanna feel loved

I wanna feel like I can trust, you and your actions
too many distractions, pools of passion
take a dip into my water

go deeper, go farther
with me than anybody before

buy jewels to adorn me because you understand I am royalty

I wanna feel your love like the diamonds in my ears

I wanna feel your love as I work through my biggest fears

I wanna feel like no matter what happens you will always be near
me, to help heal me, as I do the same

we both have been scarred by pain by we continue to grow

my last was overgrown with vain, the envy ivy tried to stop my growth

no more anchors to hold me below the surface
I am breaking through, I deserve it
Aug 25 · 326
i like you, kinda
Isaac Aug 25
roundabouts, talking downtown
sought you out, now you are within my claws now
like a mouse to a cat, mice to a trap
loveless until that night
where you spread my legs like butter and treated me better
than any other
where you didn't stutter when you get bare with me under the covers
not a facade, not so bleak
not what I am used to, no more dead-end streets
fruitful summer romances I never got to reap
the benefits of, entangled love
these rose coloured glasses I will never take off
the red flags waving like China
But I can't give you up because I like you, kinda
don't fall
Aug 23 · 121
The Cards are Dealt
Isaac Aug 23
my thoughts are tangled like your hair
flashbacks of that euphoric night at the fair
spilling out our guts underneath the setting sun
oranges, pinks, and violets fill the sky
your diction tickles my mind
underneath the violet skies and your arm around me tight
a dream, never thought I would wake up
but then I did and the ground I hit hard
but then you did everything you knew would rip us apart
I tried to stitch and mend the pieces
I tried to pitch new ideas
I tried to rip my own heart so you could finally feel again
but we will never feel again, the way we felt
the cards are dealt, this is the end of us
never liked to say goodbye but you were never mine
just two ships that crossed underneath the setting sun that night
Aug 23 · 452
Isaac Aug 23
my Achilles heel that I feel too much, I deal with so much, the waves too rough

my realism steals my happiness at mimosa littered brunch, a shot just for fun

talking behind the mall in your car, tongues tied in the dark

intertwining my love like ivy, growing into your fruitful mind

driving through the busy streets to your private oasis

return to your arms, return to the basics
Aug 17 · 411
Isaac Aug 17
annoyance, I was branded due to my flamboyance
joyance, connected to divine i am clairvoyance
I swim to the shore from the sheltered deep
I swim to the top to feel the sun’s heat
anything in hopes I do not repeat
the way I felt under you, the way you painted me so blue and alone
a throne in an empty castle
a never-ending mental battle
me versus your voice embedded in my head
I travel to the nearest chapel to rebuke you
I unravel in my travels to run away
the problems return day by day
no amount of drugs and buds will resolve
the problems just seem to evolve
with every folk and wind in the road
with every smoke and grind blown
I gotta face my own
reflection, deflecting blame
rejection, embargoed in shame
protection, from you and your games
Aug 4 · 80
Walls Up
Isaac Aug 4
what fantasy should I play into today
watch the fruitful image become laced with dust like Pompeii
what fantasy should I play into today
become just another burnt-out cigarette in your astray
my life is simply a fallacy, nobody truly cares for me, losing my sanity in the name of chastity
my life is unsatisfactory, nobody truly can handle me, confidence beat up no battery, take another shot of vanity
woah, I feel it start to form
woah, the new queen of the swarm
woah, x marks the spot no storm
woah, no longer can conform
to society, their ideology in breach of me
and my values, firmer than statutes
life can bruise, covered in the cool hues
and my bad news is I can still lose
but why focus on the lack and knives wedged in my back
rather not focus on that
discard the cracks and sneak attacks
rather not focus on that
my walls are up and they keep you back
Aug 4 · 309
Isaac Aug 4
bittersweet, Beetlejuice
silly me to wait for you
while you take flights around with your new boo
bittersweet, I wish I knew
how stupid I looked texting you
trying to get you to open up the whole time you was deeply in love
bittersweet, how you would
tell me your love life is nonexistent now I see you kissing up
with your new boo underneath the sun
like **** here we go again
falling in love with another dead end
cant pretend it doesn’t hurt, can’t pretend I didn’t try to make it work
it's just bittersweet, Beetlejuice
how silly of me to fall for you
the constant pattern I just keep going through
over loving dove, but cupid still shooting a doe
on my knees already but just cut my throat
transform the new into what is known
uncondition and recondition me as a home
then it's no longer bittersweet, Beetlejuice
bittersweet on to something new
Aug 1 · 222
Isaac Aug 1
what if I have a little too much Bacardi
and I am stumbling around the party
would you take care of me or use me
would you pull my hair back as I spew out my regrets
watch me undress, caress my silhouette
don’t neglect, ******* like a cigarette
knew since we first met, you rev me up like a corvette
what's next, what's next
every since you step into my life its been just blessed
I confess it's been stressful trying to get a handle
or a grip on you and your fit is so cool
you make me want you, so smooth
you want me to want to do things I don’t usually do
give up the flower as you f*ck me in the shower
never thought I would be like this, you are my weakness
smiling during the fall of the tower
Apr 20 · 48
Burnt out
Isaac Apr 20
I am burning white fire
a candle burning at both ends
I love the heat, love the speed
until the room fills with smoke and I cannot breathe
I cannot see, I cannot be
drown in my delusional self-esteem
I am burnt out, I am tired
I am hurt now, I retire
I put my guard down, stop your fire
a candle burning at both ends
I cannot pretend it doesn't affect
me and how I see
me and how I move
me and how I need to prove
if you take it one step at a time, you could walk that mile by noon
sometimes you just gotta dissolve your ego and see it through
Apr 6 · 170
Rose's Curse
Isaac Apr 6
A rose's beauty is highlighted by the pain of its thorns
without the needle *****, the softness of the petals couldn't be as rich
sharp enough to make sure, you never miss
handle her, hurt her, disturb her
Squeeze onto her so tight, break then curve her
meanwhile, she was doing everything right, you thought you owned her
but being enamored doesn't translate to possession
possessive obsession, your toxicity closed her
to the world, to the void in which she internalized
all the subsequent shortcomings can be traced to the day
you decided to villainize, the sweetness of a budding romance
the natural pull
insatiable lust
unimaginable thrill
but now that landscape is draped in shame and tucked away
the rose grew thorns because she saw how the other flowers were destroyed
hardening of the skin in an effort to contain joy
the innocence of a child, the truth of a smile
the words echo through her mind
"don't trust a boy"
a rose's curse is that they are beautiful, people want to possess beauty not honour it
Apr 2 · 181
Isaac Apr 2
I swear I hear your voice in my head
an echo chamber. internal dread
loveless again
I swear I feel your skin in my head
like peanut butter, my legs spread
imagining again
What it would be like if you felt mine
What it would be like just one night
shower together to save water, but you made the flood gates open
oil me down as you massage out the ****** tension
open up my emotions, dive into my clear ocean
craving more than just your attention
Arch my back like a cat
beat it up like Mortal Kombat
eat it up like a flat, lie to me tell me my *** is fat
chats on chats on chats, stretch me out like an acrobat
splash on splash on splash, hit a home run with your baseball bat
positons for you
Apr 2 · 295
Rest and Repeat
Isaac Apr 2
walking on air in my bedroom
so far from the pain and residue
scrubbed and rubbed myself down to the bone
retired; regrouped and ascent the throne
rose glasses on with a visionary mind
pearly whites to hide the pain inside
solid front for a processing machine underneath my skin
estimated time of recovery in two months
just gotta embrace the mourning until the morning
wipe the tears and conquer my fears
rest and repeat, don't forget to eat, rest and repeat
So hot I burnt out
Dec 2020 · 182
Scorpion scars
Isaac Dec 2020
My crybaby tears disappeared and my river of feelings froze over
You can’t ever really feel my pain but you can admire the icy crystals that lay over
The waters in which my mind swims in
Underneath my icy wall is a castle with abundant life
Creatures that would inflict terror at night
Kissing my cheek and protecting my life
Dec 2020 · 236
Chameleon Coat
Isaac Dec 2020
I am amorphous like water
Bond to whatever environment I am in
Mutable and lovely like your daughter
with the faintest tint of red in my hair and cheeks
Who am I?
simply a chameleon coat changing colors to match the vibe
Who am I?
A polished diamond to reflect back all the lies
Every pair of eyes, I reflect back on their biggest insecurities
Blame me for being a mirrorball, wish I could be a fly on the wall.
It is scary how daring I have become
It is scary how I am scared of no one
Not even the flames of my mother's rage can melt my icy disposition
Not even the endless cycle of nights and days can fray my imagination
Who am I?
Simply a passing moment entrenched in your brain
Who am I?
Just a chameleon coat
The true essence unknown
Dec 2020 · 63
Amorphous Fear
Isaac Dec 2020
My ivory skin compliments your white lies
broke into my castle underneath my skin
walked all over the clean floors and broke all the windows
Reminded of you every time the wind blows
my queen bed making my ego feel inferior
Got under my skin, cannot even feel safe in my own interior
my secret oasis of waterfall tears, interrupted by your bittersweet dears
leave me strung out on feelings of ecstasy and empathy
the cycle of manipulation and the growth of green envy
Slowly wrapping around my neck, squeezing my back
under the enchantment of your snake eyes
the devil takes many forms didn't expect it to feel so right
Drape me in your energy as I kiss the moonlight
Dec 2020 · 194
Untitled 567
Isaac Dec 2020
Evocative thoughts of the way our bodies interlocked
our fingers tightly woven like braids, only sunshine in your gaze
My complexity a recipe for brain-fog, robbed of the spontaneous blaze
living in fragmentation hoping if I kiss this green frog
then maybe a chocolate prince might melt my skin
Encapsulate my energy and wear me like perfume
make your four white walls our bedroom, to bloom like magic mushrooms
To leave this earthly body and ride the waves of the galaxy
slip you underneath my tongue, my personal ecstasy
Thought you could be the one but this is my warped trajectory
my destiny is filled with complexity, just a working bee collecting honey
Never expected me to find a remedy to this insanity of life on Earth
But baby it is none of my concern
Nov 2020 · 103
Simple Life
Isaac Nov 2020
I have been getting high
Waking up without a clear ending of the last night
Living in the present until I can fly
To a new world, of new forms
To a new world, with reform
So I don’t have the burden of truth that I must succumb to
Do not have to prove my worth to anyone if I don’t want to
To just float around and kiss the cheeks of many
Not a servant of capitalism, no thoughts of pennies
Or nickels, just the dime that caught my eye
Just a leaf that sits on the breeze
Someone destined for me
Who I will find in the time
My karma coming to my side
No negativity only prizes
Whatever falls down will continue rising
Nov 2020 · 140
Justin's Justice
Isaac Nov 2020
Like a snake shedding skin, Only holding my identity to the moment
You want to keep me frozen in time, frozen in space
But I wasn’t even the same person a dozen days ago, constantly embrace the flow
From one goal to the next, from one bed to the next
Never dreaming of what's ahead, just ready for any tests
Might trip up on my coolness and ponder on our past
The long chats, the defined abs
Abstract my memories are
Glimpses in my art
Fell before our hands met
My heart burning up like a cigarette
**** you still got your hook deep in this Pisces’ head
Nov 2020 · 2.3k
Isaac Nov 2020
The only consistent thing having my back is my corset
always try to build connections but will never force it
I have come to peace with oneness, I know its all about how I perceive aloneness
Cannot say that some days I do not sway
Teardrops mimic the rains, falling falling away
Each day different energy to conquer
An ambitious rida like my anthem by Tupac Shakur
Summer perfumed memories making me hate the chilly breeze
Such a beautiful array of colours but my mind is stuck on green
Memories of the nights we laid underneath the moon's eyes
Everyday communication through the 3 and 5-D
Forget how much I loved my own eyes, vivid green that can pierce through lies
Hips blessed with the holy fruit of the divine
With you and without everyone I will continue to thrive
As long as I can inhale., I will thrive
As long as my hands are mine to control, I will express my thoughts on my mind
As long as my spine allows, I will climb that mountain no doubt
Always extending the lands I have touched.
Fell in love with my own piercing gaze
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