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Dali Feb 2021
An Ocean
Everyone is held by your sway
Calming everyone walking in your space
Joy and mixed feelings while watching your waves
Not easy
But at least you came
White, blue, and a touch of brown and beige
Theses are the colors of the ocean and what near it  
Did I mentioned the color red my dearest?
Cause its the color of your being
And the excitement you make
For me and every human being you meet I swear
Like the ocean and the depth of it
Glimmering, vast, deep as hell
Beneath your own layer of blue
A magnificent fragments/colors but not for everyone to perceive
Cause it would make them fall and you don’t want them to bleed
Blest of solitudes
Purity like the water you always need
This a simple poem for you my jay
&My dear.
Niel Nov 2020
Upon a smooth, wooden ship
    Crossing many sorteds,
Playing with air flows and spectres of Fates’
             We linger, in a withheld suspense

    In rebellion of our empathy
Idolize tyrants for their fruiting audacities
       Comical dialogues
                       form heart soothing canon

     Squalls and all that other sea-legged rhetoric
             To be that proper link in a sense
Cheers to that me boi..

But will that be the better
           For the seeping synchronicities
     Swinging their hips
Eyes cracked open like

the clam peeking out at sea;

the morning beckons.
Vexren4000 Aug 2017
The challenger deep,
Of the Marianas trench,
Where when man does tread,
The Lovecraftian beasts of lore,
Come to examine,
The humans submarine,
Or pod,
Examining us,
and showing us a fear of the unknown,
That has not been known,
Sice the spawn of man,
Striking rocks in caves,
And praying for fire,
Or pleading for rain.

Monsieur Sleep May 2017
I wish the ocean
took me away
washed me off shore
pushed me astray

I own a sea
of pure regret
things I wish
I could just forget

I am oceanic
dark and danger
you're floating
and just a stranger

I'm underwater
and high upstream
slowly disappearing
a silent scream

I will always be
out of reach
sinking, leaving
my empty beach

i Sep 2014
your blue eyes are
an ocean i will drown in.
not because i want to,
but because i have to.
i have to have that bed rest
beneath me when i lay on the sand
and i stare at the sky,
sprinkled with stars,
and when i look to my left,
i have to find two oceanic blue
orbs staring back at me.
Dark Jewel May 2014
Dance ocean,
Thy fiery sea.
Tear at the sky,
With blue wings.

Ocean you are beautiful,
When you rage in a powerful storm,
I know you well.
I call to you in the morn.

Die softly down,
Thy whispering sea.
Sing me to sleep.
Sing me your melody.
Sometines the sea inside us calm.
Other times,
It moves with you storm.
Now sleep.

— The End —