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Purcy Flaherty Mar 2018
A little green frog is trying to catch my eye!
A little green frog is trying to catch my eye!
It’s a tadpole-lite; it's lily lies,
It's sticky poison and feminine whiles,
A little green frog is trying to catch my eye!
Hoppity, hoppity, hoppity, drama!
A little green frog is trying to catch my ear!
A little green frog is trying to catch my ear!
It's mouth is full of flies and it's belly's full of lies.
A little green frog trying to catch my ear!
Hoppity, hoppity, hoppity, drama!
A little green frog is trying to catch my boat!
A little green frog is trying to stay afloat!
It's got two knocked knees and two bent legs,
a plastic smile and a crazy head.
A little green frog is trying to catch my boat!
Hoppity, hoppity, hoppity, drama!
A little green frog is trying to catch my eye!
A little green frog is trying to catch a ride!
It's up and down all night long;
splashing about in the water,
A little green frog's still tryin' to catch my ...
A little green frog's still tryin' to catch my...
A little green frog's tryin' to catch a ride.
There's no point in trying to engage with little green frogs!
They're quite mundane, just splashing about catching flys
please find the link to the song below
JAC Feb 2017
Falling, catching
Falling, catching
Falling, catching, then
You hit the ground, and until you're found
You'll never fall again.
I promise I'm not nearly as serious and brooding as these poems might make me out to be.
Ann M Johnson Oct 2015
Sometimes unfortunately I get a little behind
or have way too many thoughts pressing on my mind
or I am experiencing sickness or heaviness on my heart
at times like these my best intentions seem to depart

  It forces me to play a game I don't want to play
or I might say that I'll get around to it on a Rainy day
The game is called catching up
It can be quite intensive
or in the case of paying a bill late
be extremely expensive

In the game of catching up I never seem to win
mountains of laundry make my head swim
mail piles up as I feel like I'm about one step forward
and twenty behind their are thousands on e-mail that
I can not read through it feel at times like I might lose
my mind

Worst of all I get behind on what I enjoy reading the most
The beautiful inspiring poetry from all my Hello Poetry
Family and friends to whom in my gratitude my words
alone is not adequately expressed
You have inspired me and enriched my life
  and poetry has once more become my life's breathe

I am sorry that I get a bit behind on reading poems or on replying
at times
You are etched in my heart and mind at times that I am away
  when I get a chance to read your poems it really makes my day
  Each time I go on here I discover new poetry treasures to follow
so I continue to get behind while trying to catch up
but it seems to be all worth it now!
   With Heart felt Gratitude to all my Hello Poetry Family& Friends
       Poetically Yours,
         Ann M Johnson
spaceghost Mar 2015
i reached out to catch stars. i caught you instead.
Is there no possibility of catching Heaven,
when my heart is one of your throne rooms?
If I really desire to be part of Your family,
can faith rise with the scent of holy perfume?

With risk, stubbornness and daring, I read
Your Word, having great expectations of You.
I’ve been tantalized, optimistic and wanting-
Your Presence in my life… to burst through!

In pursuit of this spiritual dream on Earth,
I strive to continually better my relationship
with the Godhead, the One Who deeply loves me;
so teach me Lord, all aspects of Your Sonship.

Application of Your principles in my journey
requires that my heart, spirit and eyes see.

Author Notes

Inspired by:
2 Cor 2:14-16
Learn more about me and my poetry at:
By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2014, All rights reserved.
Daniel Mashburn Sep 2014
All these midnight hours, I'm still alive
Catching fuzzies passing before my eyes
There's no great idea here, no! No metaphor
I'm catching fuzzies because I am bored

I have yet to catch one, no, not tonight
I'm catching fuzzies just to waste my time
The world passes me by, thinks I'm insane
I'm catching fuzzies, so I can't complain

Tired and frustrated, in all sincerity
I'm catching fuzzies to avoid humanity
The status quo of humans makes no kind of sense
I'm catching fuzzies to retain my innocence

Do something productive, tell me lots of lies
I'm catching fuzzies, instead of taking lives
Everyone lives with too much regret
I'm catching fuzzies just to prove what I have left

We need something to hold on to
So we don't have to forget
I tried to catch a fuzzy
But it slipped through my fist
Naptural Mermaid Mar 2014
I use to fear love
For I yet to comprehend what love is
Still I only showed love to you

I lived a cynical life
But whenever you were near
I shared my world with you

I once thought I was complete
You've showed me love
I didn't know I was missing

I wanted to be a better person
All because of you
I no longer build walls against us

I wore my heart on my sleeves
So I wouldn't be too hard to read
That's where it all took a turn

I showed you I was in love
You spat on my heart
And you showed no compassion in return

You've hurt me with the truth
That we're just friends with benefits
And Now we're through

Catching feelings weren't allowed
So you placed an end to this skinny love
And suggested we should just be friends

As I slowly build back my walls
My heart still cries out for you
Dam I knew
I shouldn't had opened my heart for you

— The End —