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Noah Stowe Oct 2017
***** laced lips
Stumble over slurs.
I try not to trip over
Your tangle of lies,
Glass shattered at my feet.
The only silver lining
Is the cigarette
Smoke-filled air
And broken shards
Shining up with epicaricacy.
Masquerade behind bitter liquid lips,
Shallow promises.
Innocent heart, ragged with age.
rose May 2017
This morning
everything is
with raindrops
and sunlight
idk what this is but I wrote this yesterday after a rainfall.
everything was so beautiful and I had to write something
p.s. if anyone has a better name for the poem comment below
As grease
green as
shay near
beef where
action shot
her bear
that duty
ready deserved
honor and
criminal tied
worship then
in vain
seized fore
Philadelphia awaited
inner city
flight of
doves return.
An honor to Sylvia Young
Devin Lawrence Apr 2016
Some people want a legacy
like the lion:
its roar is loud and rich in pride.

I want a legacy like the lilacs gracing her neck:
soaked in desire,
and laced with something unmistakable.
Puns and poetry
Anshita Mehrotra Nov 2015
so when you walked off into the dark in the whisper of my name
i am like dust in the dirt
i have no mass no weight nothing
just waves of pain around my heart
every passing beat is like the feeling of your hand within mine being carved by nails against a chalkboard
i was wrong oh
the heart feels,it feels everything,what it feels it pumps in the blood that walks over my skin like stale memories laced in hope
the only hope i ever knew
its been months
and i still sit and write about you.

— The End —