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Hollow Steve Nov 2019
Places left forgotten
And memories still swaying
There's no place left to say
How it could've been this way.

Places left intact
To say how I should react
It dismembers itself
And displaces the rest

An empty swallow
A withering remembrance
A place left to show
Where nothing else will grow

If I call upon myself
What do I let summon?
Nothing but the pain it brings
Nothing but the place that sings
EmperorMoth Sep 2018
You'll wish you were dead, you shouldn't play with fire,
Now I am in your head, your underneath my tire,
Please rest your soul on the bed, bounded down to my game,
Heed the words I have said, I'll make you go insane.

It's like a crazy wonderland,
Nothing looks weird to me,
Of course, It's mad to the sane,
But that's what you may see,
Like I am a Cheshire cat,
Smiling ear-to-ear,
A prey as small as a rat,
You will only feel fear...

Let's change the vibe, ѕнαℓℓ ωє...

Black and white, a checkerboard,
Your battlefield for my playground,
A cat, a mouse, four claws then squeaks,
You will never ever be found,
Don't think I pursued you, My҉ d҉ear҉,
I can't summon any demons,
You did, however, summon me,
Your act will be judged as treason....

Ghostlizard Apr 2017
A darkest hour, a darkest time
For him and for many, the day was sublime
For his knife was ready, curved to a point
The cultist was screaming, brother anoint
The oil was dripping, mixed with his gore
His form was sprawled, all over the floor
The circle was drawn, the time is now
Our god will be waiting, they’ll hear us somehow
We slice his throat, and we say the watchwords
We chant for an hour, then **** all the birds
The light is telling, our god has awoken
He is coming down, to the words we have spoken
And when he arrives, death to the foundation
If his presence is felt, enter damnation
Leal Knowone Apr 2016
More BEAST than Man.
The things you cry demon too, they are thee

The beast understand me.
Summon forth the beauty you fear.
Thou who would not dare, explore the unknown terrane .
These are the plains were Thine feel free.
Thou cant see who is more awake than thee.
Everybody and nobody

observe calming river as thee wafts down stream of the violent sea you call reality.
I don't truly comprehend this Humanity, but the
operation in my mind I hide from thee, for Thou is part of this
manufacture reality.

Though humanity may not receive me, I walk
with poise around the decaying ancestors under our feet.
The dirt that was once flesh and bone.
They cry insanity when they pass over there understanding.
Insanity? or different directionality.
There is more than this mention.
I must mention it all will pass.
Even the peaceful little thoughts you have moon gazing laying on the grass.
What will become of thine reality?

I do not try to make sense of this jumbled world
This moment I enjoy the awakening.
I am but a tribal being soured by your ways.
Bearing witness the darkness in many things.The darkness in
many things lights the spring.

Life can leave a bitter taste, but as taste buds change I savor these days. Enjoy   the luxury of the days warm embrace.  
Solace found with what you call demons
I find solace with the scavengers.
thou canst not understand these things now
I am more awake than you can see
Floating down this never ending sea.
lying here with the dogs, hugging my earth,oh how the earth know I love thee.

Reality is not always logical  
We were meant to be, yet I must meet you on another plain
Make thine way home through the cold night fog.
Listen to the words from that what you do not speak too.

Know to savor your honey when its warm.
I would watch as the locust swarm all the lights of life into pitch
I know Thee may Never know the reasoning behind my actions now.
For I must be more beast than man
Samantha May 2015
It's too loud.
Is it the chatter of unknowing strangers
Or the voices screaming in my head?

The music doesn't drown them out.
They're getting louder, singing with the music
Turning lyrics into phantom chants

Their summons echoes through the chasm

I can feel the shattering.
Feel the madness breaking in.

I need to run.

— The End —