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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Our glory days over

Ability to choose what is best for us fading from fingertips

One thought over all others stands out
'We are shooting stars'

Another firework sizzling out in cool black air
You are gonna make your colors work
Shannon Callow Feb 2020
You're the lighter that ignites my spark
and causes my inner gunpowder to mark
the darkened sky with an explosion of coloured lights;
I'm a firework landmark of the nights.
afiifa Jan 2020
Put my emotions in a glass jar,
closed the lid on a real tight.
Set it aside.

Take the next big best thing,
make myself occupied.
Thinking it can make me happy.

Now I can't get through to my emotions
Without having it exploding on me,
like fireworks on the 4th of July.
Aiden Hand Jan 2020
The time is coming, the earth soon unwiring
Fire and lightning rumbles down, down upon all the ground
The same ground that hosts the very thing killing it
It seems that the key to both greatness and terror has once again been used on not greatness
But terror
The sky flashes as all of everything you have ever loved, hated, and known, turns into ashes
Bombs rain from above as corpses fill the ground below
Yet, we still look up, at our impending doom
Just to watch one final firework
Let the Truth guide you.
ae Jan 2020
The firecrackers exploded in the night sky,
light slipped through every twinkling star
dancing among those sparkling lights
as if the moon was not enough;

Every outburst tainted the darkness of the nightfall,
turned its tranquillity into mayhem
of aesthetics and beauty,
shifting the horizon into an abstract portrait.

Everything was perfect.
Everything was beautiful.
It would be a great year ahead indeed.
Looking back at the past year, the place I am in now is much better than ever. I couldn't even put into words how it changed me and everything around me; how it was a year of growth and freedom. It might have been rough, but hey, here we are on another year.

Cheers to us who have braved every day's struggles and defeats. May we become stronger and better versions of ourselves this year.

Happy 2020 to all of us!
Valentin Nov 2019
My only desire is to make you smile
So that I can see through your eyes

All I ask is you to not hide your magnificent smile
So that I can see your bright eyes

It's like thousands of shining stars
Were dancing inside your pupils

It's like everytime that you smile
It's a new firework that I admire

****, those Vietnamese eyes
To make them cry would be a crime

To make them shine is
My only desire now and until I die
Famous words of laceration
Need your simplest complications
Shred steady into the night of achievement
Fall before steps of compliment
Demand skyrockets
For the belonging you need: Essential
And the bombings of suit are torrential
An explosion of personality needs a light to spark.
Leia Spencer Jan 2019
Fireworks and I have a lot in common
They burn out
And fizzle
And spark
And Scream
While people watch on with amusement
Without worry
The thing about fireworks and me?
They're pretty until you get too
-I've burnt the fingers of too many people
Özcan Sh Jan 2019
Look in the sky
See how my heart
Explodes colors
For you tonight.
Ocean T Dec 2018
my heart can only manage
to love you like this,
not a little,
but with
current mood, no joke.
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