Paul May 19

soft, small penumbra
gently joining light with dark
how fearless you are

the edge of a shadow is its penumbra, where light and dark mingle and formlessness can be observed.

The penumbra that is loss, cast upon us abruptly

The light creeping onto shadow, kissing its edge

Gazing on the dimness or light, betwixt the two we strive

Arbitration just beyond our sphere, amidst our grief

Concentrating on the brilliance, a difficult endeavor

Maneuvering in darkness, nearly impossible

Remain fixed on the penumbra, await the separation

The momentum of loss may cast us in an impetuous direction

But an eclipse does not last forever

My friend lost both parents in a car accident, this is about sudden death

He isn’t from Mars
And I’m not from Venus
But our destinies have been traced
Keeping such distance between us

Never too close
Like the Sun and the Moon
Just a brush of a penumbra
Time’s not once opportune

It burns my soul so deep
But if this is all I can have
Just to look and never touch
How can I curse at that?

This is an SOS
This is to keep from blowing my brains out
This is to save another's life
This is for tomorrow
This is what it has always been

Rough eureka idea on my drive to work. Hopefully something that'll become bigger within the next few months.
Diána Bósa Sep 2016

...and the angel covered his
eyes with another world's light
for her penumbra was not
enough to perceive.

Emily Townsend Oct 2015

The sun undresses its silky rays
before the blushing earth.

The earth gazes,
her sapphire eyes soak in
the glimmering shot of dawn. The moon
hide away, curving against
the hangnail of light. Stars
scintillate their last dust of evening.

“You always act like you’ve never seen me before.”
The sun removes another layer.
“Like each time is too good to be true. ”

Spinning, the earth grows dizzy. “You are the one who
abandons me in the dark.”

Above the horizon, the sun smiles.
“Clairvoyance is buried inside of you.
You know I will always return.”

The sun’s amber skin
radiates along coasts and cities,
intensifying. Brightness diminishes-
night turns into day into night once more.

“I’m still alive for you, love.”
The earth tucks in the trails of dusk
as the sun cradles revolving planets.

“See you again, soon.”

thought of the first two lines while driving and touched on the rest just now, wish I could magically pull out all of the right words
SelfOfTheDivine Mar 2015

A priceless beast, so prideful and mild
With eyes so clear, full of wisd'm and guile.
Nevertheless, true child of the wild:
Untamed shadow with a taunting smile.

To revel in your pride and beauty,
I hunt you down, make you my trophy,
Put you on display, for all to see
Your beauty, pride and serenity.

But when caged and trapped, you have lost your pride,
Lost your raw beauty, lost your wild side.
So pitiful it sickens me inside...

When shown that to yourself you must be true,
With parting utterance I release you:
"May the eternal hunt begin anew."

Originally written on 31st of January, 1E 2011.

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Skadi Snow Apr 2014

There is this moment.

After hectic hours in the daylight.
The view minutes after the landscape
was painted in the splashing colors of sunset.

Before some people fall asleep
Or break out in an insane serenity
Caused by the feeling of being incognito
Under the invisibility cloak of the night.

There is a moment of placidity.
When the last rays of sunlight
Battle with the first stars
For the domination of the sky.
When the shadows grow longer
And blur between light and darkness.

When the surroundings are dim-lit
I am the most alive.
The silence makes me hear.
The monochrome paints make me see.

I step out of the penumbra
And vanish in the outlines of the world.

— The End —