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I S A A C Nov 2023
the smell of smoke stings
memories of what could’ve been
catching fire but the spark lost in the wind
in my journal i wrote many things
Not much spoken
But we watch the water from the bridge
Not to address or dispute
we are too avoidant to provide proof
Far too broken
I S A A C Oct 2023
saddle on the chestnut steed
do not get flustered over childhood teeth
what matters is what you see
my body stuck in rooms where i was being used
socket, to extract for their own use
i grow, i change, still maimed roots
the light not shed
however, the tears are true
I S A A C Oct 2023
i still paint with the shades of you
aquamarine to midnight blue
i still taint myself to get close to you
confident to unsure, untrue

lock my lips, seal my secret
sketching my emotions in my notebook margins
far then, far now, my head i bow down
a tear slips from my face, splashing disgrace
scarred then, scarred now, my tears stream down
I S A A C Sep 2023
took 3 years for our orbit to weave
such serendipity then you quickly leave
took too long me for to finally see
such negligence, green to brown leaves

took every ounce of me to not bottle it away
such strength it took to continue the day
took too long for me to finally be ok
dangerous, nefarious, warped awareness
welcome back to the grey
I S A A C Aug 2023
pour me slowly over ice
hot hands and tender thighs
understanding and rebranding
time is taxing for your love i’m famished
refresh me as you undress me
it is only right
caress me as you undress me
take your time
undress me, slip into my mind
I S A A C Aug 2023
you look good in corduroy
but it looks better at the foot of the bed
you bring me so much joy
3 years deep, in our connection we invest
you look good slicked with sweat
make you work for what you get
you bring me so much strife
3 days, is that all I have left?
I S A A C Aug 2023
i picture your hand on top of mine
catching fire while i rub on your thigh
i didn’t have expectations but you exceeded mine
thunder stricken, hit it a second time
wonder if you dreams look like mine
your body draped in candle light
I S A A C Aug 2023
can’t stop the waves
wane until they dissipate
caressing your bleach blonde waves
crave until it dissipates
everything is impermanent, imperfect
until you came into emergence, unearthing
roots that travelled deep towards the centre
i did not think i could ever have a happily ever after
but your potency feeds my possibilities
your royalty fuels my bejewelled dreams
there is no competition, no adversity
I S A A C Aug 2023
fireworks erupt from our spark
your soft lips kiss my fractured heart
i feel safe and that makes me scared
not used to men who exhibit such care
used to men who shoot and scar
play with my crown only after you asked
kiss my pearls, hand slides down my back
keep me in mind, keep me in check
candle lit make out sesh, pomegranate red
passion enmeshing with my nervous head
I S A A C Aug 2023
Enmesh ourselves in the forest of our bodies
the movie could be written by our calculated cadence
folded arms to euphoric statements
tap your head to drink your thoughts
did not expect it after so long
massage your scars, unbuckle your taming
i can see the movie we are making
the wide eye boy and his capital charm
the small town boy with a fresh fresh start
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