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I S A A C Sep 1
potions made under new moons
drink my thoughts at noon
sit with sadness in the blue lagoon
purify myself with a joint or two
****** the volleyball and scream a few
spike it, set it, pray for a breakthrough
bike to work, work to bike
fight the urge to be petty and spite
spike it, fight it, today is a breakthrough
peace is a breath away
death is commonplace
deep breaths today
stress is commonplace
Mark Toney Aug 31
Above the public pool
a volleyball so cool
stuck for years
in the rafters
breath of life
trapped in
it’s bladder
Evidence of
their lingering
presence, me
if they ever
pondered the
relevance of
the essence they
left behind?
Singsong thoughts
turn inward …
What about me?
In all the places
I’ve been,
pieces of me,
residual traces
of myself
left behind,
cast away!
Small links, unforgotten,
faithfully preserved
by old friends—
threads of connection
reinforced by timeless bonds—
who keep my words,
moves (dancing!), and
shared memories as
precious cargo,
cherished keepsakes,
A clear reminder that
I exist!  I matter!
I’m something much more
than simply air I breathe
on an unremembered day …
Like that beautiful volleyball
in the rafters

W I L S O N ! ! !

Mark Toney © 2023
8/30/2023 - Poetry form: Free verse
Lake Jan 2021
There is a sign on the door with her name on it
A red pillow pet in the form of a dog lays on her bed
Volleyball sit on the floor waiting to be played with
Orange curtains hang in front of her window
The pictures scattered on her wall say she she adores her friends
Books neatly placed on her shelf say she reads to much
Clean clothes in her closet waiting to be hung and the overflowing laundry basket say she's procrastinating
The drawings taped to her wall say she's an artist
Remus Sep 2020
A wall surrounds me that
acts like I am not a threat.
Acts like I am not an equal

I return to the corner of those
who are underestimated
Walls will not stop us even if
we are six-foot or five-foot two
We must break through.

The Iron Wall.
A wall seen as indestructible
A wall that mocks me
My hands spikes the ball only to
ricochet and slam
into the court beneath me

Run faster.
Jump higher.
Get there before they even realize.
A wall is only a problem until
you can see the other side

The view over the wall
is right before me
clear as day but
I know it’s only temporary
Temporary because there will
be more walls
Walls that I will have to take down

There will be other obstacles on
the other side that I will have to face
but breaking down the wall is
what I must face now
this is about Haikyuu!!
kain Sep 2019
Taking in breaths
Through the bottom of my feet
In all the places that I landed
Mind overtaken
By all the possibilities
Of things that could've come
Live life in the moment, kids.
You're the master
Not the disaster
Jump up, jump down through the net
You have your pupils get
To play good yet
I look at your cleats
You cast glances on the *****
I jump to spike fast
Your pure glances are cast
We have no time to rest
The marathon moves from past
Let's say love to the gym
Pleases us on the team
Eyes on the ball
Sweat falls to the ground
Be ready to move
In my own little world, there is no sound

But all around
are people

The adrenaline spikes through my blood
Stronger than it ever does

All of this
fuels me
energizes me
readies me
for the game

This is why I play
This is why I play

Meanwhile, all eyes are on the ball…
eng jin Apr 2018
The screaming cheers
travel a distance far
in the divided hall
the yellows and blues
await the serving ball

an overhand strike
the ball speeds
across the mid-line

the yellows
dig, set & attack
the blues
fling & smack
fearless & skilled
the crowd hails

winning or defeat
is a victory for all
for the love
of volleyball
Mae Mar 2018
Most people get a thrill
Me, I just get a chill
Yes, it’s true, I used to love it
But bit by bit, I came to dread it
I didn’t really have a place
I often thought I was only taking up space

Still, there were many good days
And those were thanks to others’ praise
I’d do anything for those around me
Those people who brought some glee
I also had my good friend the “lemur”
She helped me to become a believer

Believe in the system they said
However, I think we were being misled
Instead, I embraced the presence of others
Especially that of the mothers
They would say let’s just chat
And forget all about that

I never knew what Saturday’s would bring about
However, I’d always have plenty of time to see it all play out
Sometimes I’d get a smile or a squeeze on the shoulder
One told the other, “Oh, it surely consoled her”
All in all, I’m glad I was there
Times were hard but without it, I’d be nowhere
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