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With pathetic attempts at empathy,
I'll try to feel what you're feeling.
Equally ineffective: sympathy,
I'll feel sorry for your situation.
'Maybe I can help,'
I say, knowing full well I can't.
It'll leave me feeling pathetic.
Over not being __pathetic.
For: Frances Lefevre
Ryan Joseph Nov 2019
Sometimes I apologize to people,
not just because they might get mad.
But because they might get sad--
that their day is ruined
because of the things that shouldn't have happened.
late or not, it's better to apologize
for the relationship of yours between someone, will not be intricated.
seraph Sep 2019
i am prismic and entrancing, refracting - always reflecting my insides outwards. you will know how i feel if i want you to know so, i will tell you how to feel and by my will you will do so, i am hypnotic and sympathetic. i am blinding and righteous.
annh Apr 2019
I do opine that a constant life, although agreeable in its construction and longevity, may render its subject without two sympathetic words to rub together.
‘Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?’
- Jane Austen
Diangelo Tyler Nov 2018
Sometime the best nights sleep comes

           When you spend the day being




Sabila Siddiqui Nov 2018
My heart is pacing
thudding against my ear drums
like I just ran a marathon.

I feel nauseous and light.
But somehow this word doesn't seem to make a difference.
But no sir seems to find a way into my lungs.
But somehow all I find myself is being a sympathetic nervous system.
With self doubt crashing
and enveloping me.

My hands are trembling with
jittering nerves passing underlyingly.
Somehow nothing is soothing
Or calming me.
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Marathon ideas
Without a pauses
Seeding the future
Neglecting all rules
Being a Gladiator
Instructed for a win, win
To cast away doubt, “survival of fittest”
White lie
Painting a dream
Discipline, is to smile less
A vain thought!
Then begins,
Holy search within
Birth, decay and death
All age goes through this
End of suffering
Origin of nirvana
Let’s control over the senses
With a sympathetic joy
Living without sttachment
In a Cemetery of peace
Inhale, Exhale
For a search within.
Genre: Inspirational
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Jathan Hall Nov 2017
As we danced in the moonlight
Our souls together once again
Dancing, feeling ever so amazing
Together in harmony
Your smile warms my heart every time I look at you
These thoughts aren't real though
Just a fiction of my imagination
I sob in my bed wondering where you are in this world
If you're alive or not
If you've moved on yet
I miss you
Please come back baby
Never leave me alone
Let's stay together forever
Please baby, I'm begging you
melli7 Oct 2017
My abs are tense waiting for
attack and
my breath is not as
deep as usual my shoulder blades attract
each other as my neck
above them my
eyes go dryer the more I
don't blink but
the rest of me is wet
with sweat

driving for the
first time is a lot
harder than I thought, not
even including the
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