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quinn Mar 26
dear quinn,

looking for something
to fill you up
only leaves you
more empty.

Toast Ghost Mar 23
I'm crying in my room at 2 AM.
Don't take frizzy hair and midnight cuddles for granted, they leave when you least expect.
When I'm not thinking I get lost in your sweet cottin candy eyes.
And I know it's not for me, those cottin candy eyes and midnight curls.
Still I'll wish for starry kisses and porkipine nights.
Still I'll miss the Cold soda filled drinking from the hose and laughing till Sunday.
Im not the religion filled lightshow, that you said I was one day. I can't help but wish I could be me how you see me.
You have a strawberry swirl sundae and I'm happy you can keep it.
My mint chocolate chip still breaks my teeth every night I try to lick it off the floor
I'm happy for you and him
For him and you.
So don't look back at my flickering lights just walk away with your strawberry banana sundae, I'll be okay.
This poem is about my best friend with midnight curls and Cotten candy Eyes. I might not see her again for awhile, but it's okay, I'm okay I'm happy for her. I just wish I didn't feel this hurt about it. I really ******* hope it doesn't show, but I'm happy for her and i will be okay without her. Sorry I'm rambling, lol this is dumb. Anyway hope y'all are having an amazing incubation period! Feel free to give me some feedback in comments or pm me if you want I always try to make a point to respond.
Toast Ghost Jan 30
Its quiet here, the only sound is my footsteps tap tap tapping on a narrow silver path, I can look up and see stars falling like tears but look down and see a nothing that goes on for years. I run for miles on the narrow silver path the silver reflects my desperation I need to get out. I'm running and running memories chase me like dogs I can't get away my feet just sound wrong. Silver turns green, I'm in a sad grotto blond hair, blind eyes sit by a gold tree she's silent and screaming I know she sees me. I sit and awake in a wave of dark clouds in a blood red liquid that serves as a ground I walk and walk my feet splashing Scarlet until I see her dancing, a crying blind harlott short black hair streaming to nowhere beautifully tradgic she dances like magic. I close my eyes and i dance aside, waiting hopefully for the moment we die.
Jesus Christ! This poam *****! I just really needed to write something
Toast Ghost Aug 2019
Please stop talking to me your breath smells like death, your creeping me out and without a doubt if you come any closer to my face I swear untill next year you'll be in a brace.
Srsly tho guys, if you don't want to do something or you know your too young, don't do it, because that could mess with your entire life, don't be afraid to hit the dude. That goes for guys too, it's uncommon but I know it happens to everyone, consent is important
blackbiird Jun 2019

on this day, blackbiird was born.
22 years later, she spread her wings
and flew from her mothers nest
into the great unknown.

It’s my birthday today! :)
Toast Ghost Mar 2019
Can you see it?         The blood.
                                 The blood.
                                 The blood.
                                         dripping                through
                                 ­      the                                  white
I'm running through the bleeding ****** blood.
                                           Can I leave?
                                   I don't want to get in the way.
                                                                     the way of you.
                                    living your lifetime                                        
               you don't need me.
               you don't need me to keep living your lifetime.
                                          And live your lifetime.
                                   I'm at the end of my **** lifeline.

If all the good girls go to hell,
I'm the sweetest of them all.
Because I'm already there
A poem every day.
Toast Ghost Mar 2019
I'm done.
I'm done with lying friends, I'm tired of making amends.
I'm done with every wrong choice, I choose just to have some kind of voice.
I'm done with due dates and roommates and "too late"s and all the useless new hate.
I'm leaving, I'm never coming back.
to a world were, fake smiles are nothing but a useless attack.
so goodbye,
I hope things are better in hell.
Because of this strange new life (that I don't remember signing up for) I cannot seem to  dream dreams anymore.
Toast Ghost Mar 2019
Angels in celestial light, become nefarious by the sinister dark of night.
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