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Isaac 6d
I wipe the tears away at night
I handle the storms inside
I trust in my own light
I surrender to the divine
I am more than my emotions and more than my moments
I am a sum of all the lives I've lived and every heart I've kissed
I've lost and won but they bleed into one
The experience and memories are all that follow me not my accolades and trophies
I take each day to target my pain and eradicate it away
Every day is a new beginning to start a new way
Like the fool, I am in constant change
My nomadic mind cannot be tied
To one culture or one belief
Because that would be preventing me
From being as open as the thousand petal lotus
I am devoted to nothing except my destiny
The road very sporadic ahead and can only see as much as I am meant to be
But according to God's plan, I am winning
I throw myself off of mountains to connect to the sea
I throw myself off track when I don't believe in me
I know I am not alone in this world and will never be
Not with my ancestors and angels protecting me
I have experienced pain and sorrow but at their discretion
I have also experienced an overwhelming amount of blessings
So I have taken them as they come including the lessons
Because I was put on this earth for a reason and I have to respect it
Isaac Jul 19
I have to let go
Like vines that grow, my love is gripping your throat
But I shouldn't have to force things we both know
I jump out of the car, to run so far
Away, too much pain
I see daisies fill the way
Climbing the mountain with one tucked behind my left ear
Reaching the summit I can feel the fear
I place both my feet firmly on the peak
Everything I speak materializes
I am more than what you give to me
I start realizing
That these daisies are all I need
If you want me then you must show me
Because I am smiling embracing the green
Fear no longer holds me
Isaac Jul 15
I craved intimacy, thought your hand on me would free me
I thought that if you embraced my waist, all my tears would fade
I thought pain and shame would be buried in my adoration of you
But little did I know love is a scary thing and I subconsciously ran before it caved in too
So this cycle I perpetuate leaves me in a constant state of disarray
I can't decide which fear controls me inside but I do recognize I need to change the ties
Like a spider creeping on my back, my cat appears with love
Rubbing her head against everything craving my attention indefinitely
The eyes closed, so close, the love I have been craving
So I give the love I been craving to my baby and she returns it to me
Suddenly the act of loving unconditionally is no longer foreign to me
Isaac Jul 7
Is it that difficult, that much of a task
to think of me and text back?
Is your lifestyle so complex, that you cannot even spare a sec
Because it seems to be me giving. giving
And then I give some more
But you treat my existence as a chore

Do you wait for me to text?
Do you lay up in your bed, rereading the messages sent?
How much space do I consume in your head?

For me, it is easy to see the juxtaposition
I never thought you would put me in this position
To have to beg and plea for your attention on me

So I just move on like I usually do because everything good has to fall apart
So I embrace the impermanence of it all
Isaac Jul 5
Conceiving anew, Gaia
Waiting for you, Messiah
I have ideas swirling in my mind that I give birth to life
Nurse these creations until they live in my life
Or lives of many these burdens no longer heavy
My babies saving me whenever I slip
My babies keeping me sane during trips
To the night of the dark soul to recover my shattered pieces
Take these fragments to the sea
To inner peace the blending of all my energies
So I can co-create life for my sake because both halves are mine to take
I am the seed and the nourishment
I can create anything without interference
Not one or the other but a combination which is better
The ying and yang both blended together
Inside of me and my soul, I speak
My speech no longer riddled with insecurities
Throat chakra open and my knowledge devoted
To seeing the world change
In Gaia's name
Isaac Jul 3
Following the waterfalls birthed from my jade eyes, I feel duede
I feel free, connected to the divine and welcoming happy endings
To my problems that are rendered insufficient by the grand scheme of things
I recommend introspection to get to the root of things
To not be clouded by the snow mist that sits upon our minds
Freezing the creativity preventing us the ability to thrive
To spend all our time dissecting lies
To spend our time believing eyes
But deep within our intuition knows
That they are lying simply by the crinkle of their nose
Or the bead of sweat dancing elegantly on their forehead
My sixth sense I cannot pretend
Not to notice the lack of devotion and the bubbling of repressed emotion
Just close your eyes and dive into the blue blue ocean
Isaac Jul 2
Straighten my spine, add aplomb to every line
The poetry I write a capsule of the time
And times I wept and countless tears shed on the street
Running away, running back to me
Delicacy is hidden in my speech trying to not be abrasive or mean
I mean I love you so much the words get tangled in my throat
I gulp it down, too early to say
Too early of a play
To expose my feelings, to lay my brain
So scary to think you might not share
A plethora of rain need some Sonny and Cher
Your arms stretched out and my head your chest bares
I feel you breathe, I feel you underneath
I need you near
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