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seems to be
but how can i trust it so
plant my seeds
but cannot guarantee their growth
write my love letters in flowers and cloves
but you let them rot
you are caged in thought
too stifled to understand growth
seems to be
tragically so
I S A A C May 10
the movement of a whirlpool
draining the oceans i filled for you
each drop a thought, i shed for you
cannot stop, i depend on you
it is stupid, it is a ruse
to paint you as my muse
but my heart is wicked and bruised
i channel the purple and blue hues
i wait for the time to be used
produce fruits for a love that never took root
I S A A C Apr 22
just when i thought
that should’ve been the end
when i get my hands on it
that’s when it begins
i need it and mould it
wrapped around my fingers like gold
your body my own
your voice is silent
the room is dim but your bright mind matches mine
we intertwined over common ties
there is something i will never know
i can always feel the thorn
i feel in puzzles and i speak in tones
you understand my wit but miss my hold
i understand your grit but miss your gold
just when we could’ve thought
that was the end
I S A A C Apr 8
flowers with seeds of teeth
growing into the worst version it seems
dreams are premonitions
precognitive dreams
cowards in velvet coats
sowing the largest gross
scenes are withheld
sparse sparks set ablaze the truth held
it is fun, when it is free
all the skin owed to me
they come in twos, hurry in threes
all the skin owed to me
I S A A C Apr 5
idle by my idols
practice like a recital
did not know your love was so vital
your ex my new rival
jealous and jealously
remember i am all you need
I S A A C Apr 4
the war of egos
bruised and blue
the shooting of arrows
straight and true
do not run me for a loop, deploy me like troops
i understand the situation and i command your strength
i understand my situation so i summon my faith
I S A A C Apr 3
is my wish what i really want?
are your kisses really that soft or are my memories unreliable
all this time i was unviable but now the tides changed
if the overcast can fade then so can the return of the grey
my impressionable mind molded by stoic time
the inescapable vines consume my innate drive
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