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Isaac Sep 6
witnessed the solution to the pollution of my childhood
the remedy was embracing our distinctive energies
not trying to mold or subjugate each other
but coming to terms with the stories we skew
no longer needing to spew venom due to a defense mechanism
its growth simply
reality rids me of my dramatic stories that impacted my sensitive inner child
in reality, I was projecting my insecurities onto
everyone expecting something vile
to spill out of their mouth
tough love, rough love
never knew when enough was enough love
but I’m grown
and I own my flaws but I'm dedicated to walking in my higher path
Isaac Sep 5
habitual ritual, the pleasure principle
hedonistic addiction to fulfill every vision
lots of thoughts but none are groundbreaking
trying to slip you underneath my tongue without hearts breaking
want to hear my name spill out of your mouth without chasing
you around, love it when you are around
you let my inner beast come out
habitual ritual seeking you out
Isaac Sep 4
kiss my Adam's apple

then make your way to my pearled necklace

Adorn me with your love like a prince in a castle

Be rough with me, a little reckless

time is only a concept forged by men

who says we ever have to leave this bed again

I am shaken, riddled with desires

I am taken, aback by your torrid fires

blistering heat, unimaginable peak

you are so sweet like freshly picked strawberries

it's your physique and mystique

you read me like libraries
Isaac Sep 3
flipping cards, interpreting the message
but too scared to just shoot you a message
and ask you a couple of questions
too worried about repeating lessons
thought you were my blessing now I'm second-guessing
Isaac Sep 3
underneath the evergreen canapé
my feet in the dirt my heart by the hearth
the grackles teasing in last year’s leaves
and this is the last of the summer breeze
I can already see certain trees abandoning their seasonal green
I can only control every inch of me so I adapt to the new season
the new beginning, the new environment
the moment will be the soon past
soak up every ounce of sun and frolic in the lake one more time
before everything starts to die
Isaac Aug 31
I am slender and my figure is the topic of discussion
unsolicited advice about how much I should eat
as if my weight is their goal to reap
I am skin and bones just like you
I feel confident and insecure just like you
Looking into my mirror and reflecting on your comments
Analyzing every curve or lack thereof like it is a contest
who can be the King and Queen of Fools
suffering self-esteem underneath the entrenched rules
I hope you never feel the way you make others feel
A broken bird
Isaac Aug 29
cold arms around my warm neck
winsome whispered sweet nothings
my intuition keeping me correct
cunning foxes drinking from acid lakes
tainted soils and chaotic airwaves
the end is near
death is banging on the front door of many
claiming plenty spouses, friends, and family
the one percent flying to Mars while we watch Afghan's heart
be beaten and abused, cowed and ruined
Gaia is enraged and bursting into flames
sickness still inducing suffering with sundry strains
the end is near if they do not refrain
the end is near I am ashamed
hope is a dangerous thing
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