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Gustavo P May 2020
What's wrong with me?
Even the hounds won't bite.
The ones you fed me to.

And your fangs break my sticks
Dash me against the stone
To be a ****** carpet for your eyes.

A forest for your lies
Just another skull for your mantle.
Devin Ortiz May 2019
His spectral stride was not the worst of him.
His stoic face was a flawless slab of stone.
His rending claws slipped idly within his pockets.

As if extensions of his sheathed talons, on either side of the ghoul was a hound of hell.

The beasts could not look more different, save for their crimson eyes which sang of the gallows.

The worst had indeed arrived.
Each patient step glided after the other.
With no word, with no tempo, with no sign.
The dance of grimaced howls and fangs began.
i wish i could be buried in the winter
with the bones of the old hounds
below the broken windowsill
in the garden of my old house
where we grew sunflowers
where i lay through the summers
beneath the swaying branches
wishing i were someone else
home is a hell you keep to yourself
home is a hell you carry
Patrick Wood Feb 2019
Advisers, confidants, close friends,
hear my beckoning.
So betrothed to the game i'm wondering
if you ears are turned red
from my constant berating of facts and formula
from my phone, from my bed.
From a far away place, listing all the times I've spit last week
they're all-seeing bloodhounds
trapping me in beloved rat race
..."To Jimmy Turner, Kathy Lintz and Peter Bensinger, advisers, confidants and close friends, thank you." - an excerpt from Ryne Sandberg's induction to the hall of fame
Enigmatic Oct 2018
Stinging you with her electric eyes
This is your turn to lose the prize
For you shall burn
For you shall never return
Your heart can not depart the roses, you lay a bed
Thorns shall ***** you but this is not your moment to cry
This is not your moment to scream why
For she is taking the steps you can not reach
Reach for your despair, scream this just isn't fair
But she shall not turn around
Bury yourself deep in the ground
For she is unleashing her round of the hounds
Dillon Neal Oct 2018
With wondering eyes I will know no bounds
I see you with an unforgotten truth
I See your nightmares filled with hounds
A snaring smile with a jagged tooth

From hell they have been set loose
Reaping their justice claw and fang
Tying up their hangman's noose
With malicious intent they sprang

I cut the rope to set you free
With burning eyes you stare through me
Horrified by things that'd breed
In your mind they had left their seed

The darkness to your own sick night
A sharp shock in the dark
Banishing all hopes of light
Only sounds of the demons bark
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Out of the dark forest I stumbled
onto the pebbles of a moonlit lake
my languid eyes bumbled
swallowing down philter mistakes

a pale goddess in the flesh
how my stupefied eyes stared
at the beauty of her nakedness
something in me flared

flared and turned and burned
my flesh no longer mine
stag in form standing taciturn
she calls out for my canines

I run and try to yell
nothing escapes my lungs
pattering of legs hungry to quell
come to rip flesh with teeth and tongues

stumbling and tripping over
stones, limbs, roots and mud
left to a new life a stag rover
I hear the ******* and the studs

faster and faster I try to move
from this typhoon wave of carnivorous hounds
but curse these feeble hooves
the claws and teeth came crashing around

flesh stabbed with a thousand teeth
a pack of mouths tear and pull
a stag corpse I bequeath  
to the hunger of my own wolves
amanda Jun 2018
yet nothing.
Venus smiles.
blank they proclaim
under a mendacious house.
collapsed panes there are,
and floating hounds.
are they floating?
eyes rob us, and
appearances are kleptomaniac.
so why do they smile their
pale yellow teeth to us?
and cry tears of  metal?
o' abused face!
scarred by night's cloak.
make us grave men today,
so we may wrap them
in a blanket of glitter tomorrow.
end their metallic cries!
end their loud, loud voices!
so silence may harmonize
their weeping rooms
cluttered with floating hounds.
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