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Grace Haak Oct 5
cinnamon sugar
your hands mash the crumble cake
warmth fills the kitchen
Don't yuck
somebody else's
Everyone like different things. To you 'yuck' to someone else, 'yum'.
Johnedel Rubinas Oct 2018

Soft, circular, fluffy delight.
Euphoric taste, ******* to the mouth.
Heart pounding, as Aunt Jemima lathers her essence all over this treat.
Fresh bright fruit falling onto this plate as if it were sent from the heavens.
An earthly treat from Mother Earth, guaranteed to fill your satisfaction.
Savouring every bite, tingling all your senses.
A meal that could tickle ones soul and enlighten their day.
Pancakes, a synonym for yum, the definition of bliss.
Kapi Laur Sep 2018
-smash the telephone,
  make sure it hits hard pavement
  1,000 piece minimum

-tilt lit candle
  onto wooden countertop
  maybe make smores?

-smear sephora
  ****** words
  painted on windows of the honda

-find out
  what sledding through the window
  really feels like

-use the car keys
  as if they were wings
  up up & away

-be the girl
  who runs away
  to start her life
Joe Momma Jun 2018
i ate an apple
then rubbed my eye,
hoping the juice would
get in my eye.
Cana Jun 2018
I bought a perfect pineapple
It screamed of being sweet.
It’s burnt orange blush,
It pale green spiked leaves.
To try and preserve such beauty,
Would bear sour fruit.
To fight for its posterity when it will not fight too.

So I lopped off it’s head
Carefully removed its fruit and
Casually discarded its core
And satisfied my craving
Done before you begin. Safe.
Live for the day. Trust no one with your heart. Seize what happiness you can make for yourself.
sankavi Jun 2018
have you've ever taken that one candid picture  
so pure and precious
there's a difference between a photo that is staged and perfect and a picture that no one knew was taken
in that one picture, no one is trying so hard to be perfect
Karisa Brown Dec 2017
Her legs went up
Behind her
Her mouth gapping
In delightful excitement

***** you disgust me
I say to her
What round eyes
You have

Now I take a second
Look at the veins
In her neck
Bulging hot red

In an instant
I grab her
Biting till I choke her

She cringes
She screams
She starts tapping
On the bed

Let me in
I whispered deeply
While feeling
The coarsness of her
Warm succulent beauty
Between my nostrils
And lips

She claws at my mouth
Opening her viscious
World to me

That's more like it
I yell in delightful beauty
Uh oh too late shes dead

And I drop her
On the floor
And go hunt
The grounds
For more

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