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Amelia Aug 3
Tears falling from the eyes
Heavy sigh that comes from the mouth
Eyebrows trying to meet each other
Nose shining through the redness
I remind myself,
It's a beautiful phase
Kennedy Jul 26
And sometimes—I go through phases just to feel whole again.

I think the moon said something like that once.
a moon phase is 29.5 days, and this one is the hardest by far.
nim Jul 7
face after face,
i put an X on your face.
cross out all of you wonders,
one wonder after another.
drown you in the spine fluid;
blend you in with the memories.
do not miss me, for i
was just a little phase.
rig Jun 8
'it's just a phase'.

yes, we are all moons.
(translated from my original portuguese)
Lee Aaun Mar 1
make memories,
to keep memories
and then become a memory
face the phases of memories
Deepali Dec 2020
Where only fields of mud i ever got to play in 90's,
the clock started ticking to the next phase;
20th Century-
Moving around,
i was spinning on the new MARIGO-ROUND
and when i jumped out i saw the crowd;
comming closer,
rushing on the same swing i was hunged on,
saw them spiral on the same game i was over from.
Iam spinning on the new dial of the century's game,
seeing everybody is going insane in doing everything to win their lane.
Its good afterall,
Its the 21st century and iam not licking it at all.
lets see what happen ahead in the next year 2021.
Max Dec 2020
I am not a happy ending
I am not true love
Sadly I’m a phase
A siren who has come from above
I do not yet know what love is
Do not expect me to give it
For I am not a soulmate
I am not love.
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
Heart's beating
Pulse pulsating
Breath in 'n' out
Eyes red 'n' white
Face wrinkly 'n' pinky
Memories vivid
In high spirits
Blood boiling
At low temperature
Low blood pressure
I am alive to say
Happy Diwali!
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2020
And when
The Sun rises
Some gets it's shadow
Some, it's light

But still, they wait
To rise it again
In their side

Once again when
The sun rises
Some gets it's shadow
Some, it's light
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Hope of tomorrow
Khyati Aug 2020
Months ago:

Me: I'm sad
My soul: It's just a phase for it shall pass.


Me: I'm happy today
My soul: Its just a phase for it shall pass
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