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Kada Feb 21
You melted my soul as you walked away
watching me burn.
Why you left,
I'll never know why.
CommonStory Feb 19
The shortest days of my life
Was before I existed
And after I exited

Everything else
Is just between the blink of my eye
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 2/19/19
LadyM Feb 5
I'm a scattered mess
Well put together
My pieces are glued
But damaged permanently

Please don't be
Like everything else-
A phase in my life,
Only temporary.
I wish that I never have to say goodbye to you, I hope you will stay
Ayush Bajpai Jan 27
In Search of Truth
The path that I had chosen for the achievement of the eternal truth is giving me nothing now. It started asking me questions, tough to answer and tough to listen too.
I overlooked the mesmerized turns and went straight towards the eternal truth but it now seems like it is not the truth which I am looking for.  
I became pliable for those paths which served a lot of misrepresentations and I took them. They cause me to believe that I am close but I am getting further away.
We speak, we talk, we laugh in accordance with that they shall see us in the order but forgets the main reason's concern too.
I didn't have any idea that I shall find myself broken into the various footsteps of the way to accomplish rather I thought that I have my own way to attain the truth.
In search of myself first, I see nothing which has happened to be taken from entering into my own aspects but found it is portrayed by some others.
In the meantime, if there is a way to exit this path I shall pay for it to my extreme extents eradicating eloquent evincing enemies eternally; my own deceiving traits from my real face.
Horrendous hollows hanging horribly in this way, I can choose the other but then the truth shall also be redefined which is not the thing which I want.
So what's the thing going to happen? Let it happen? I don't want it to happen I want some other things to happen happily. But it will happen whether I do anything but yes I can make it happen for my own good sake and for my truth also.
Let the world come against me I shall fight fearlessly and cause a turbulence of revolution in the way and clear away all those fanatical footsteps and let the liberal moves of mine to fill the hollows and construe the way once again that, 'now it is the one which I expected and when all those questions shall become mere rumors of paradoxical ruins and of utmost pomposity. In that way which I believed and make the era believe shall be my way and that clears away all the barriers, In Search of Truth...'
In search of truth is the poem which I have been thinking for a lot of time and it took about six months to write this poem which describes my dilemma of finding the truth or love or aim or success that whether the way I am traveling is right or not; people say that it is right but what my truth or love or aim says that matters the most to me and that's what I decide that the way in which I am traveling is according to me but not the vice versa and at last I am confident that I shall find the truth.
Viktoria Jan 17
I am just searching for someone
To fall in love with
Because it is that feeling
That I miss.
Siddhali Doshi Nov 2018
'Happier place' they call it
What is this place?
Is it pretty?
Or is it just a phase of life?

Happiness comes in waves they say
Then there is the high tide and low tide
I do not understand the phrase
But I know it fades

Peace, what does that have to do happiness?
Or, they even say happiness is peace
Calm, calmer, like the dead sea
And then will I be happy?

All these questions
But still a failure to understand happiness
Just quotes and sayings
And people calling their spaces happy

Where do I look?
But before, how do I measure?
Maybe I am happy
But dare I say I am not
Matthew Sutton Oct 2018
A yellow converse tied securely to my left foot
A purple converse tied securely to my right foot
Dangle on the sharp edge of the moon facing the flickering side of the sun
His hands are turning to stone
Scaling up his arms grows the shards of unsung remarks
Branded by the markings of a comprehend-er
And not that of a creator
Signified by
a Turnover of the wrist
To reveal
Calloused palms scarring over worn ambitions
And as the her face turns away
All at once  
She rounds the corner of a brick wall
The sun rotates to be unseen behind Venus
Her body is planets away - it seems
But there is a light that never goes out
For in the years to follow
Even in shadows her memory will glow
Lighting my face to varying degrees
Dependent upon the luna(r)cy of my mind
Anya Sep 2018
The little children stand squished together
in a tight enclosed space
Unable to be completely still

A solid phase

Then, they start to squirm some more
as their boredom takes over
some start coming off
the tightly knit shape
More and more
and open spaces
Until its a shapeless mass of kids
Each with ample space

Liquid phase

Then they get tired of standing around
Some start playing tag
Running about
Until finally,
The once tightly knit
is simply
a few random kids
zooming around
here and there

Gas phase
The kids were molecules going from a solid to a liquid to a gas phase as energy was being added by the way in case you didn't get it.
muhdzaim Aug 2018
walking through a tunnel,
no light no wind,
no sound could be heard,
no "potion" to heal,
search for anything in the bag,
but nothing can be "grab",
face up, looking straight,
no sun to see.

"they" keep pushing me,
like there's no limit,
My soul is so weak
with no any "spirit",
they asked for it,
I keep give it,
need a short break,
from all "those freak".

is this the only path?
maybe yes or not,
give me some light,
to open my eyes,
I know at the "front",
there's always a way to walk through,
lead me to a better tunnel
and have some space,
my wound could be healed,
with an "easy" phase.
Rich Aug 2018
He sits on the roof
Legs numb
Eyelids shut
Mind open.
The sun drops and rises within the time it takes for a single smile to bend his adolescent cheekbones
The wind comes and goes, as affectionate as the lover he once had
in a dream.
Planets rotate and so do perspectives
His misery is truly ephemeral
Even though he may not know it yet.
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