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Sep 2020 · 135
CA Smith Sep 2020
A vase on a pedestal
Put there only to fall apart when pushed off
I won’t be that anymore
May 2019 · 273
CA Smith May 2019
It's springtime in the valley
In the northern half of Cali
My home away from home
I admire nature alone
Quiet contemplation
No degree of temptation -
To waste this moment or fret
For springtime in the valley, isn't over yet
With spring coming around and finally showing its face with some warmer weather, I thought it was about time to write poetry again.
Sep 2018 · 371
CA Smith Sep 2018
So many labels
So many versions of this same conformity
Why can't we just be who we want to be
And leave the details up to me
Sep 2018 · 446
CA Smith Sep 2018
Would be pretty nice right?
Something that's my favorite color
Mixed with a little extra white
A little faded
My colors are jaded
Just like me
Because I feel all mixed up inside
Jul 2018 · 1.5k
Sail Away
CA Smith Jul 2018
If only I could sail away
Live at another place for another day
Cast my problems into the sea
To just for once, live without worry
Jul 2018 · 273
CA Smith Jul 2018
Running low on oil
Why won't it just extinguish already?
With such a small flame,
What's it good for?
Jun 2018 · 1.2k
CA Smith Jun 2018
Has a lot of meanings
But sometimes it is just a simple way
Of asking
"May I be your friend?"
Jun 2018 · 1.2k
I'm Still Me
CA Smith Jun 2018
I'm depressed.
But, I mean, I'm still me right?
Like, I am still me
So what if I lie awake at night?
So what if I can't stay awake during the day?
So what if I get nothing done?
I am still me
I don't talk to my friends
I don't see my parents
I don't write anymore poetry
But it's just a temporary thing
It will be fine
Or at least that's what the doctor tells me
So this pill will do for now
Maybe it will show me how
To be me again
Because maybe I am not me
Maybe this depression is what "me" actually is
And maybe I am just a hopeless project
Waiting to be finally set on the shelf
So all my friends and family
Can start on a different project
One that will actually be worth the effort
Instead of wasting their time on me
Jun 2018 · 263
CA Smith Jun 2018
Paint my world with color
Bright and vibrant hues
A lush assortment
Bright yellows and deep blues
The canvas grows heavy from the oils
Jun 2018 · 518
Be Yourself
CA Smith Jun 2018
It's not your smile
It's not your looks
It's not the way you say hello
It's the way you're you
And nobody else
That's what I love
And that's what I see
Because when you are you
No matter what
It makes me want to be
A better me
Jun 2018 · 312
CA Smith Jun 2018
Say what you want
Say how you feel
Every word to me is real
Every emotion, I feel it
Because what matters to you,
Matters to me, too
Jun 2018 · 538
Forget Me
CA Smith Jun 2018
Forget me.
Forget yesterday.
Turn around and teach yourself to say,
"I love you no longer."
Because you've just caused me harm.
And now I've moved on.
But you're still in the past.
If you loved me,
you'd learn to stop this hurt that lasts.
So say goodbye.
For the first time, you can cry.
And know this pain you feel,
is a pain I felt a million times over
and it was actually real.
May 2018 · 1.5k
Home is...
CA Smith May 2018
Home is...
Late nights out with friends.
Cold nights in,
tucked by the fire,
with hot cocoa in one hand,
and a book in the other.

Home is...
Safety and security.
Love and warmth.
Sanctuary from heartbreak,
protection from the outside.

Home is...
Crying on your shoulder,
when you are so hurt,
that you think you might just go to sleep,
and never wake up.

Home is...
Lying in bed all day,
staring at the ceiling,
and wondering why you just can't get up.

Home is...
Friends and family.
The past and the future.
The here and the now.

Home is you.
Home is us.
Home is the feeling I get,
when we lie together.
No matter the weather.
No matter the storm.

Home is looking in your eyes,
and hearing "I love you."

Home is reaching inside myself
and finding more than I ever thought possible.

Home is......
Home is wherever I find myself next to you.
May 2018 · 307
CA Smith May 2018
Pours from your lips
With the words you give me
I accept my gift
The kindness offered to me
If only I could offer you the same
Make you feel as I do
When you are around
But for now,
Just these words will do
And I hope when I say them
You will tell me
"I love you too"
May 2018 · 344
CA Smith May 2018
So many words
In the English language
But still not enough for you
Which words could I choose?
Gah, none of them could be enough
It just feels like stupid fluff
Maybe just for now
"I love you"
Will do.
May 2018 · 338
CA Smith May 2018
Your fingers fit
So casually in mine
As if, when we lie together
Our souls perfectly intertwine
Suddenly I lose myself in you
Now is one, what was once two
An outline traced by my finger
The shape of you
So perfect
So flawless
I feel your skin
It calls me
Melting together now
Our hearts slow
Time stops
For once everything is easy
For once everything is peace
With my lover in my arms,
I am finally free to peacefully sleep
May 2018 · 696
CA Smith May 2018
A house on a hill
With firm foundations
A treasure box for memories
A sanctuary when life chases after you

The winds hit hard
Yet the candle in the lighthouse does not flicker
To steer sailors away from the rocks
The flame is true
Guiding home those who are lost

Determined to the end
A never faltering promise
To be there, no matter what it takes

I am for you
My love is true
My arms are open
And you will be accepted, no matter what
May 2018 · 283
CA Smith May 2018
It's not about the amount
It's not about the colors
It's not about the embellishments

It's about the meaning
It's about the utility
It's about having something, with nothing done in futility
May 2018 · 298
What Do I Tell the Teller
CA Smith May 2018
Ring the bell
A teller steps up to the counter
"How may I help you today?"
You could calm my doubts
You could ease my worries
You could tell me why
I feel always in a hurry
You could explain,
Why I hate my own name
You could give me a mirror,
That shows me who I really am

If you could, please, just direct me to the isle with the discounted ham.
Another expirement in not hitting backspace while writing.
May 2018 · 288
CA Smith May 2018
A single adjective
Could not describe you
A single dream
Could never hold you
Fly your wings
Feel the air against your face
Be free, and live the life you want
Your adventure makes me fall in love
So explore the world
Explore yourself
Don't change your name
Keep your identity
Because I adore your true personality
Well I know you aren't
But when you're around
I find home in your heart
I've been challenging myself to write poems without hitting a backspace, without using the eraser. This is one of them.
May 2018 · 271
CA Smith May 2018
The crisp cool air settles on the lake
My voice travels along the water, a soft fog
Vibrant crimson
Lush orange
And the deep brown of the earth
Paint a canvas of life

Some of life's best moments are free
May 2018 · 520
CA Smith May 2018
Write me up into a song
Sing me on your lips
Feel me on your fingertips
Hold me and save me
Tell me I am yours
Wash away my insecurities
Open up, for me, new doors
Because I would do it all for you
And so much more
May 2018 · 289
Mother Robin
CA Smith May 2018
Perched overhead
Oh so sweet
The mother robin gives her children a worm to eat
No worries of tomorrow
Only caring for today
The mother robin has no worries of what others will say
She takes care of her offspring
A small tune she will sing
For she is content in today
Not a care of tomorrow
She feels no stress
She feels no sorrow
Only today
If I could be like the mother robin
Oh! If I could learn from her!
My life could be tranquil
Instead of all these dips and turns
The road would be straight and narrow
Flying as straight as an arrow
If I could learn from the mother robin
Maybe then, my life could begin.
May 2018 · 379
Why I Write
CA Smith May 2018
I write when I feel the need // To fight // Against myself
War inside // Two enemies // Never sure of what the other wants
A tango of emotions // A struggle of feelings
I pickup my pen // With the intention to win // Suddenly it now ends
The struggle is over // My emotions are released
Now I can go back to bed // Time for another day // To do it all again
Trying a new sort of writing style today. Giving myself a boundary makes me feel I have more room to grow creatively.
May 2018 · 2.2k
CA Smith May 2018

Apr 2018 · 865
I never was
CA Smith Apr 2018
I never was one to swim
And now I am an Olympic diver
Ready to splash into your skin
And collide with you

I never was one to sing
But I find myself belting out tunes
Because they remind me of you
And your voice is the sexiest thing I've ever heard

I never was one to swallow my pride
Yet the embellishment of your words
Entangle me in humility

I never was one to stop to smell the roses
But the fragrance of you stops me in my tracks
Like a lion on the prowl

I never was one to feel good about myself
Yet you show me everything I am
And everything I could be

I never was one to love
Yet you make it so easy
You make it so effortless
That now I can say
I can't help but love you
Apr 2018 · 225
CA Smith Apr 2018
Knit together with care
Received unconditionally
Wrap me as a blanket cradled in your arms
Thoughts drift away into oblivion
Worries become quiet nothings  as souls unite
No chasms to separate
No chains to bind
No chores of tomorrow
Only today
Only you
Only me
Knit together
Formed as one
Apr 2018 · 373
Mother Blue Jay
CA Smith Apr 2018
Chirp cheep cheep.
Mother blue jay sets down and sings to me.
Singing a tune she's sung since birth.
I realize it's beautiful,
it's a song of the earth.
For the blue jay does not worry,
she comes and she goes.
The next phase of life,
she'll figure it out as she goes.
Maybe the blue jay has something to teach.
Something only mother nature can preach.
Time and tribulations can take care of themselves.
So take your worries,
and set them on the back shelf.
Sing a song,
as the blue jay does.
And sing a tune to yourself,
not for anyone else,
but just because.
Apr 2018 · 339
Be Still
CA Smith Apr 2018
Don't talk.
Just let it be.
Let the emotions, the feelings, the hurt, show themselves to me.
Each piece will speak for itself.
I feel what you feel, and I promise to help.
So just be still, and enjoy the silence.

Life's pleasures don't need any description.
Enjoy the moment now, soak it all in.
This day may pass us by, but the memory will live for quite some time.
For a second, let your heart be still.
Absorb the scenery, you'll cherish it, I know you will.

So take this opportunity in time.
Set it in stone.
Stand it as a statue in your memory.
A reminder that you're never alone.
And at this moment,
with just you and me,
be still, be silent,
and enjoy the peace.
Sometimes in life the best way to enjoy a moment is to be silent and just take it all in.
Apr 2018 · 7.0k
CA Smith Apr 2018
My thoughts,
you take hold of them.
I replay every moment we spend in my head.
In my mind you become that film from childhood,
filled with nostalgia and comfort.

My words,
if only I could find them,
I would save the sweetest for you.

My soul,
flowing like a brook in the summer,
you dip your toes in the stream.
I feel your presence,
and it fills me with vigor.

My feelings
They are now free,
free to run,
free to fly away,
to find new pastures,
Yet instead they lie next to you,
slumbering, entranced in your peace.

My past,
a torn apart ship drowned in the ocean,
suddenly becomes forgotten.
Ancient hurts and ancient pains,
the wounds become fresh again,
and they become healed.

My doubts,
tearing, fighting, screaming at me.
They demand my attention.
Now their voice is lost.
Yours I hear instead,
and it calls me,
reminding me of a future,
cemented in trust.

It's a feeling,
a thought,
an emotion,
untarnished and true.
And now, at last,
I've found it in you.
An intimate poem for someone very close to me. I don't always share poetry that I write like this, but a friend of mine encouraged me to make it public, so I hope you enjoy it.
Apr 2018 · 373
CA Smith Apr 2018
Soul on fire.
Heart aglow for you.
The embers of love.
Apr 2018 · 402
CA Smith Apr 2018
It can sting,
but at the right time,
nothing encourages growth more than a proper rebuke,
from a true friend, with proper intentions.
Mar 2018 · 353
CA Smith Mar 2018
From the past I bring doubt to the future
For what reality is anymore I feel so unsure
My dreams put into practice
And my nightmares cast inside
Why can't I just enjoy my new life?
Mar 2018 · 340
Clean Room, Clean Mind
CA Smith Mar 2018
The drawers are filled, the table is *****.
It’s way past dinner time,
and I’ve got to be up at six-thirty.

Chaos and clutter,
deception and illusion.
My heart no longer flutters,
after the past’s contusion.

I take a step back and think to myself.
“I’ll just start here, and dust off this shelf.”

And so, I clean it up.
But then the realization comes.
Maybe for today,
after that little victory,
I might be a little closer to finally feeling I am worth more than enough.

A little less mess,
I must confess,
has now gone a long way.

Now my walls are all clean.
The table is no longer dusty.
This heart of mine,
I once thought could be never again be salvaged again is no longer rusty.

Once I look around,
I realize in the journey to tidying up,
it was not just some cleanliness,
but actually, myself I had found.
Mar 2018 · 280
CA Smith Mar 2018
The woodcarver
Chips away at his creation
The old, steady hands
Crafting something of perfection
Each wood shaving falling away,
piece by piece,
gives way to a more and more beautiful masterpiece.
But halfway through,
he sits, and he rests.
The creation still stands on the workbench, incomplete.
Time goes on,
and on, and on…. yet the unhatched egg of a figurine still remains.
And one day, the carver again takes it into his hands.
“Finally, your time has come”
He sits back, and he widdles, and widdles….and widdles.
The wooden sculpture at last takes its final form.
And although it was finished last,
and he had made hundreds of items in the past,
the piece that took the longest,
was much more precious than any other piece he had ever made before.
Mar 2018 · 245
CA Smith Mar 2018
That old couch you grew up on,
broken down from the years.

An old handkerchief,
used to wipe away sweat and tears.

That doll you held as a child,
something so dear to you,
when you were still so sweet and mild.

A season you rely on,
like the spring when it comes every year.

A friend you can cry on,
that sheds away every fear.

A parent you can call,
when you’re just tired of it all.

A song that stays in your heart.
A thread that strings life together.
It is the feeling of something that stays,
the beauty of realizing the reliability of forever.

In my sentimentality,
I’ve felt the full vitality,
of absolute inner joy.

And now I see you,
and you see me too,
and I think I see a life,
where I grow old with you.
Mar 2018 · 1.3k
CA Smith Mar 2018
in the cosmos of your love.
through the endless depths of your emotions.
I find eternity, here,
wrapped up in your arms.

I search for more,
and you're right here.
Every melted fear,
every forgotten sin,
every spilled tear,
comes rolling out.
No longer am I stuck in the past.
No longer am I filled with doubt.

I lose myself in you,
and you begin to lose yourself, too.
Dissapearing into the eons of our thoughts,
so tangled together,
so wrapped up in the idea,
of a true forever.

I feel like I'm falling,
and the darkness surrounds me,
and I find myself calling.
Calling out your name,
and searching for your touch.
All at once you appear.
Telling me "I am here."
You pick me up from my descent,
you feel as if you're heaven sent,
a cheribum just for me.

I gasp,
and I choke,
will I suffocate again?
"Never," you tell me,
and your presence fills my lungs.

The stars like in the distance,
other galaxies eons away,
but the sun drenched love of the heavens,
I find right here,
with you.

I try to wake up,
to realize it's all a dream.
Looking down,
I realize I'm still holding you,
and you're the one sleeping.

And for a moment,
I know how forever feels,
I feel what love becomes,
and I remember lifetimes with you,
that we never really spent.

Finally I begin to ponder, and
I start to wonder if all of this is fate.
Some long-lost ancient prophecy fulfilled,
that you are my true soulmate.
Mar 2018 · 1.4k
CA Smith Mar 2018
I go to write the words on my pen,
but the ink runs dry.

Looking into the sea of my thoughts,
I begin to drown.

I reach and I grasp,
I scream and I shout,
only silence.
I fill with doubt,
and doubt screams back at me....

"It's not true.
You can't make it.
If you ruin it,
then at least it was by your own choice.
Your fears,
are just the reality you face every day.
Give yourself back to me,
and become again who you used to be."

For a moment I sink further,
further into the abyss,
wanting to give myself away,
to let myself drown.

Further and further I go.
With each passing moment,
the doubt grows,
and I dwindle.

No longer knowing who I am,
I succumb at last to the water.
The dark chill of my thoughts,
the empty hollowness of who I become, and
the fears of my past begin to sink in.

All at once,
I am reminded of my past faults.
I am reminded of my past fears.
I am reminded of my past anxieties.
I am reminded of the loss of all that I hold dear.

I rise from the water at last, and
I breathe again.

I realize that,
no matter how much I grow up,
no matter how much I try,
no matter how many tears I cry,
I will always be scared.

I will always be scared,
of those who said they cared,
and hurt me the most.
Mar 2018 · 22.0k
The Little Things
CA Smith Mar 2018
A house is built
The house becomes a home
The home turns into memories
The memories turn into people
The people turn into stories
Stories turn into legends
History is changed
Lives are changed
Love is spread
One Love
Bricks are purchased
That build houses
That turn into homes
That create memories
That turn into people
That turn into stories
That turn into legends
That change history
And it all started with
Just. One. Brick.
Sometimes it's tough when you are just laying bricks to see the end picture, but it makes a difference in the end! It can be so easy at times to feel like we aren't doing enough to help others or to grow ourselves, but one ripple affects the entire pond.
Mar 2018 · 280
CA Smith Mar 2018
One in a million.
Does that mean there's 700 just like you?
Why not one in a hundred billion?
That way I wouldn't have to choose.
Which one I'd love the most.
Mar 2018 · 1.7k
CA Smith Mar 2018
I'm a bit different,
that's what they always say.
I go about everything I do,
in my own sort of way.

I'm a bit unique.
Where others are straight I'm oblique.
When some choose red I choose blue.
That doesn't make me less of a person than you!

If who you are,
doesn't line up with even a single star,
then shine brighter then others do,
knowing that there's nobody else like you.

Walking about,
there's no need to pout.
Just smile and wave,
don't force yourself to be how they expect you to behave.

You are you,
and that's more than enough.
There's no need for changes,
that makes for too much fluff.

So if you're different,
just like me,
then think of it as a gift,
of which nobody else could receive,
and make your own special mark in history.
Mar 2018 · 239
Untitled Restless Thoughts
CA Smith Mar 2018
I think to myself,
that it's too good to be true.
Then I find myself wondering,
how I could be with somebody like you.
Only one date in,
it felt like a sin.
Because you're too pretty,
to be with a guy like me.
I guess it's really just,
my self esteem.

But I got to say
(I would probably every day)
You're just so ****** beautiful.

How to say it tho?
Of that I don't know,
how to show,
my thoughts when they're truly that sincere.

I mean, it's only been one month.
We really don't see each other much.
But you're really happy?
With me?

I'd show you this.
But then I might miss.
The chance for another date.
It's just,
I really appreciate,
the way that you're so thoughtful.
You listen and you're kind.
You never even say it if my poems are awful!

What is it I like so much?
you're just as you as can be.
And nobody else.
And that's why you're so special.
Just writing down my thoughts while trying to get to sleep.
Mar 2018 · 422
What to Write About
CA Smith Mar 2018
A bird.....or a place.
Maybe a thought,
perhaps a memory?

I could choose one.

Something important to me,
and express it through poetry.

Piece by piece, line after line.
Each one a thought of mine.

What to write about?
In this time of writer's drought?

If it wrote about what I feel,
would my poem become "too real?"

If I wrote about you,
would that be just a cliche too?

But cliches are the best,
if you let them be so.
I'll throw away thoughts of the rest.
It's my feelings I want you to know.

I'll write about a girl,
new to my world,
that sets my thoughts ablaze.

Brand new adventures await,
new memories galore,
and many a place to explore.

I don't really know,
what sets you aglow.

Or when you're down,
how to cheer you up.

But I've got my poems;
that seems to be enough.

Some lines rhyme.
Others not as well.
Still you never mind.  

My thoughts are poems.
My feelings I've got to show them.

So this poem was written for you.
I hope you like it, and don't mind it.
Because I want you to like me too.
Mar 2018 · 1.4k
The Poplar Tree
CA Smith Mar 2018
"The tallest poplar I'll grow to be,"
said the young tree.

"Standing above the rest,
I'll be crowned the best.
Fortified and grown,
the forest will be mine to rule alone."

Ripped from the roots,
and cut down by a man in boots,
the dreams quickly faded.
"There's not much to make of me now"
Thought the tree,
whose complexion quickly changed
from wide-eyed to jaded.

Hauled onto a truck  
Off he went.
To the lumberyard,
the young tree was sent.

Chopped to pieces,
stripped of his bark.
Our young poplar was afraid his life,
would never leave a mark.

"Some wooden crates they'll make of me"
"The peaks of the other trees I'll never see"

"I'm useless, I'm broken"
"In the forest my name will never be spoken"

The story doesn't end though,
it's only just begun.
For the life of this tree,
is one that's not yet done.

The lumber was chopped, cut, and carried.
To a town of a man named Jack,
who was poor but newly married.

"I've got little money, but I make good shoes"
"I've got to take care of my wife, I've nothing left to lose"

"I'll open a store, and become a cobbler"
"And with the money I make, I'll buy my family something proper."

So Jack took his life savings.
And off he went, to open a store,
To make enough money to pay the rent.

Our poplar was still together,
chopped into many pieces.
Next to some hardware supplies,
and a vendor selling fleeces.

"I'll take that lumber, it'll do the job."
"Just take my money, and I'll be along"

Years passed by as Jack labored hard.
A few kids came along, a house, and a fenced in yard.

One day a special man came to town.
Not the type of man that you see every day,
for this man wore a royal crown.

"Wooden clogs I need for my feet"
"To keep them dry as I walk along the damp street"

A chance to make shoes for a king,
this was enough to make Jack sing.

He looked through his supplies,
they weren't enough.
To build shoes fit for a king,
would be quite tough.

"I have just the wood, "
he thought to himself.
"From when I first built my shop,
there is some left on the top shelf.

So he took the remaining scraps,
and he made new shoes.
Shoes for royalty,
clogs fit for a man more special than me.

And now our poplar finally got his chance.
To join in the royal dance.
And on the king's feet he stays.
Helping him rule the land for the rest of his days.

So, if you find yourself cut down before you grow.
Just remember, and make sure you know.
Your chance will come, sooner or later.
To become a part of something greater.
Mar 2018 · 385
That Spot By The Pond
CA Smith Mar 2018

My hiding place.
My thinking spot.
My living room.
My secret space.
My worn out thoughts.
My ridiculous emotions.

Nature's trees.
Pond's ripples
Duck's quacks.
Cloud's shapes.
Heaven's rays.


I do it all here.
Mar 2018 · 327
A Poem
CA Smith Mar 2018
Is it words?
Is it rhythm?
Is it emotion?

Thoughts just jumbled onto a page,
in hopes that they match some literary device?

Or imagery.
Outside of
                                  ....the box?

But what's a box besides,
                                        What we make it?

Why can't we take
                our perspective,
                shift it    
                                            And change it?
Write poems for,
                              new (or even all of them)

They don't have to rhyme.
Or make sense.
Or even be legible.
As long as it helps you, isn't that enough?

"But others read them too"

But they don't always.
Some poems I write on my worst days.
They don't,
My handwriting is.........

The words aren't
                          even eloquent.
            them (my thoughts that is)
                          down to paper helps
                                    me  though.  (or is that too selfish)

But what
                is a
                          poem (a real one)

I guess I'll never, really, know.
Mar 2018 · 2.1k
CA Smith Mar 2018
Wrap me in paper.
Adorn me with ribbons.
A tag addressed "only for you."
I shall offer the most fragile of gifts, myself.
Feb 2018 · 22.3k
An Unexpected Ending
CA Smith Feb 2018
To you, the ground beneath my feet
Every step I take,
you support me.

You stand with me,
in my times of trouble

I am warmed by your embrace,
as I become entranced in your outfit of lace.

Nothing could be more finely crafted,
than my connection with you.

The ages may wear on you,
yet you remain the only one
my sole longs for.

For you truly are...
My favorite pair of shoes.
Feb 2018 · 559
A Humble Hero
CA Smith Feb 2018
There's a small town,
South of North Dakota.
Nobody's ever heard of it,
not a single iota.

In the town there lived a man,
who went by the simple name of Dan.

He never really sought after all of life's pleasures,
because it was in serving others that he saw hidden treasures.

The joy of living,
Dan knew quite well.

But his biggest accomplishment,
to nobody did he tell.

See, Dan never had any kids of his own.
For most of his life, he was completely alone.

No family he had.
No nieces not nephews

No dogs or cats,
nor sisters nor brothers.

Nobody to feud with,
for Dan kept no lovers.

But there's a secret Dan kept,
and I'll tell you today.
That Dan saved the world, in his own special way.

See Dan was a laborer;
he worked and he toiled.
To support himself,
and keep his house on good soil.

Dan saved his money,
he lived cheap and frugal.
For Dan had a plan, which he thought was crucial.

"Build an orphanage in the town, for all the lost children."
Because when Dan was young,
he had no house to live in.

At night his back would ache,
and his feet would hurt.
But this was okay to Dan;
he wanted keep the orphans from sleeping on the dirt.  

So when he passed,
Dan left a book and a note.
"To the bank take this paper, do not say by whom this book was wrote."

The pages had instructions,
and detailed schemes.
For an orphanage for the town,
the home of Dan's dreams.

The bank took the paper,
and showed an account.
That for even the richest person,
would have been a great amount.

And so the home was built,
the walls were made.
An orphanage for the children,
a home for those in need.
And it all started because of Dan,
who decided to serve instead of lead.
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CA Smith Feb 2018
Future ripples across the seas of life,
scattered as my thoughts,
grow into waves of what is to come.

Fluid lives give rise to flowing minds
that change with the tides of life.

If the rocks and peaks of the stormy shore,
found the ripples of my past upon them,
will you be the lighthouse guiding this captain to safety?
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