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Little Globe
Grow me a planet
I want a moon
Followed by a Saturn
Real ones but small
To fit inside my pocket
Got my own worlds
In my palm
S Smoothie Aug 2
If there is no ingredient list, is it true that there is no informed consent?

Can anyone can force anyone in to being part of an experiment?

If someone monitoring  me is ongoing and no one has been told what and how long monitoring happens can a person ask for clear statement of what ongoing monitoring means? And if so will they be monitoring my every move?

If a person is forced and  signs up for the experiment is health insurance or even life insurance affected?

I may need it,
Will they even pay out?

Can people quit from being in a trial at any time?  

Can such a poison as labelled and described in the  emergency plan really be forced on to a person?

What exactly do I gain?  

***? Are you serious? Who cares? Don't be so dramatic!
Just take the **** thing so people can shut up and stop judging you for not doing what ever it is they think you should be doing. Its a ****** cycle, it's life, get with the program!

What if I just tell grandma I  don't want to taste her new recipe for brownies in front of everyone at the fair because I dont like her salty brownies they make me sick?

Ok kid, its your funeral.
Some experiments should be left alone. Sugar is not salt. Mortified. Just that 1 time, "first time shame on you 2nd time shame on me"
Raul M Murray Apr 12
Backed and sponsored by the cabinet
Our heads on the server and internet
BCI experiments while we're under the duvet
Foot-soldiers follow orders on their handset
Rockwell is not paranoid
They've seen us on the TV,
iPad, iPhone, and Android
The BCI app that makes us annoyed
Please God, destroy that satellite with an android
My doctor is like Sigmund Freud
Give him the anti psychotic steroid
For making money off the unemployed
Some people in the past, present, and future will go life being used in research and experiments, for a period of time, some will be compensated others may never see their tormentor, others will be killed. For the people who have had such an experience.
Steve Page Mar 13
Like buying Irish tea bags in the 'World Food' aisle
I like to take my jeopardy close to my native Isles

I like buying silky underwear, but only M&S
and trying something sexier will only cause me stress

I like to experiment with familiar ingredients
I'll never be mistaken for some kind of deviant

I like to take my journeys only slightly off track
I like it when the menu includes a Big Mac

Don't judge me for my caution, you don't know what it's like
when my mother keeps on telling me, cosmopolitan is hype
London challenges
Zane Gorham Mar 1
The chalky Cliffs of Dover crumble in my fist.
Tucked away neatly in my pocket.
I have the power to become a person completely in control.
The tension seething in my chest no longer.
All I need is the key.
A simple motion not readily accepted by the masses.
'Tis not we who wait for the dust to settle but for the dust to settle we.
The reuptake of life hidden but always near.
We care not for the hands that pass the life from person to person.
For they could be from the grimiest of grim and still our hands are cupped for their foul crooked benevolence.
We are gods and what is purity without the soot and **** and **** to define it.
Synthetic courage and emotional restraint what more could the people want.
Only a few care for the real me, the anxiety, the truth.
Why pander the rest when I have complete control within a plastic seal, tucked neatly in my pocket.
What's the point if I have to explain it... ZG
I am the experiment.
This is my place.
This is my role.
The drug paints hallucinations of meanings around each single of these empty words,
that are naked on a notepad but belong onto a colorful clustersheet,

pityfully fallacy!

Can we, the two of us,
find the meaning of rhymes in here together?
We can engine the searches, only if we want to;
and talking about principles:
most of it, it's ego ****, and I dare to write and spit on anything forbidding me my will I'm freely willingly willed to write
a *title now, within the flow, than out of it at given times, when it rims
and rhymes and Romes and rums.

let me write when I want to, not if you could to, how dare you, I'm sensible and easy to brittle, don't pressure me with principles, you son of a dissociative spine itch!

- We were derailing. And still are. Rhymes so easy, reasons so far. Words I delete will never teach me memoriance.
Two tasks,
can't comprehend this nonsense, I slide on the blade of sentences that split my own illusive walls of honour I enhanced -
throughout the conversation with each myotherselves, perhaps
in advance, far before you knew,
choppy-chopped chown-chauwn-to-grid-cheese-strings
¿point of view?,
while I faithe for making sense with my course of understandnessless mess of a what's a

what-a hard digest.
~ Personally, I recommend
do not become this experiment.
Amy Perry Feb 4
The double slit experiment
In quantum mechanics
Shows us one thing:
That you can’t trust a *******.

You can’t even trust a particle
Without watching it like a hawk,
And even then it will disobey you.

Be a little rebel,
Get yourself a little *****,
Have your own opinions,
Let relationships decay into ruin.

Quantum mechanics tells me
That we’re all a little cunty,
Even the atoms that comprise us,
So what choice do we have
In the end?
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
Experiment is supreme judge
Theories not in keeping with
Words junk
Experiments prove
Use positive words
'Feel good' hormones flow
Make us feel good
Postive self-talk
Endorphins and Serotonin 
Released in our brains
Flowing through our bodies
Make us feel good
So my dear friends
Let's use positive words
Indulge in positive self-talk
Make us feel good
Making others feel good
Brain waves tests have proved, using positive words and positive self-talk release hormones in brain making us 'feel good'
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
If one has to befriend with
One needs to learn
Pig's language
Or make effort to teach
Their own language
And as a human
It's much easier
To learn their's
We, as human are
What we believe

And by the time when
Pig understands your message
Believe me
They will behave you
Like their own kin
The next Pig
At that time Pig does
What it is smart at
They question

They question
Your self respect
Genre: Observational
Theme: Moral, everything in it
Author's Note:
I fear
I fear closeness
Closeness is what I fear
I fear contamination
Contamination is what I fear
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
you can
pick me apart
piece by piece.

I promise you
that I can
handle the pain.

experiment on me,
sedate me,
cut me open
and study me.
I can take it.

all I ask is that
when you put me
back together again,
please leave my trauma
out on the operating table.
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