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Savannah Oct 4
Pastel skies came crashing down,
Watching sugar coating fade.
In darkness sat sapphires,
Wrapped in soft suede.
Frosting covered words,
Poison puff pastries unpaid.
Seraphic stranger unmasked,
In my honey lavender masquerade.
CA Smith Sep 21
Would be pretty nice right?
Something that's my favorite color
Mixed with a little extra white
A little faded
My colors are jaded
Just like me
Because I feel all mixed up inside
mint Aug 22
flat washes of ink in blue and pink
dragged fingers across the sky
leaving fuzz and glitter in their touch
heavy colors leave me feeling light
the trees give me breath in the morning crisp light and i am mist
floating and twinkling in the air
feet touch the floor
the cool air with its hands
interlocks with my fingers

my hand wishes for yours
it reaches and it falls
empty promises that i’d wish you made
so maybe i can hope for someday
the sky wasnt made- with its pretty pastel shades
to enjoy on my own

pretend with me
take my hand like you can
walk with me like our feet can eat the miles between us
let our lungs fill with freshness
let your lips touch mine
i know you cant but
please step into this painting of a world with me
hold my hand and smile at the watercolored sky
dont tell me yes or no or why
just kiss me under inky pink skies
apparently i wrote this 10/13/17. Things are different now, yet startingly the same. I dont know how to fall out of love with this person and I think. I’ve accepted that. Im ok. Me and her. Are ok. Even when we arent, i know we will be.
I believe
some nights
make you stay up
just to show you
all the pastel
colors that
dawn paints
on the sky

they keep you
sleepless to
remind you
of the fact that

you see a canvas
covered in art
every single time
you look up
LexiSully Jun 4
The sky painted itself with pastel hues,
Oranges and yellows, with very few blues,
It was a welcoming start, I knew,
For it was peaceful and still half asleep;
Yet it set my soul aleap.
Janelle Tanguin Sep 2017
I know her by name.
I know her by face.
Only, I don't even
know her at all.
I think I've seen her
and for once
I wasn't disappointed.

We are so much alike
only she has brighter eyes.
We are so much alike;
So, I figured
from black and white
I could be pastel--
faded bright.

We are so much alike
only she drinks psalms
like the preacher's wine.
Before I abandoned religion
I used to kneel
and break bread every Sunday, too.
So, I figured
I could still be as holy
if I clapped my hands together
and whispered litanies
on candles burning outside chapels--
faded light.

We are so much alike
in the way we love
books and music,
anything aesthetic.
But, I am wrapped in tin foil
and she dons silk and laces.
Same filling,
different faces.

And kid, I wouldn't blame you
for craving
the same flavor
in different packaging.

We are so much alike
only, compared to her
porcelain China doll skin,
I am a witch's voodoo,
covered in pins and needles
piercing rough skin,
a cheap imitation--
a fake.

We are so much alike
only I'm lying
when I say we are
because she is pastel
paint in coffee shops
and I am crayola
vandals on the sidewalk.

And let's admit pretty
isn't anything I would
ever be.

It makes me sick.
Because I'm not like her.
I'm never going to be just


Pity, that's all they ever want us to be.
Iamezzycrown Aug 2017
Black image,
white heart ,
golden souls,
which once trampled on loamy brown soil.
Now in the blue sky ,on this day I remember your beautiful colours.
I miss the old school goodness.

To my fathers,
And father Fathers before me.
Down to the route of my lineage.
From west, east ,north and south of the black world.

Their voices remain melodious like the singing birds in calm forest.
Painters of rainbow,
Legends of time,
Flash back in history.

The Africa culture has always been a beautiful peacock,
One that captivates the mind of all men.

On this day, I take the oath to die as a black,
Nothing less ,I stand firm in my belief,
I remain unshakable.
I plant myself under the soil of custom and tradition.

I drink the toxic wine my ancestors left behind,
I promise to slay the roaming lion of civilization.
I remain a royal loyal soul on my fathers soil,
Not a ***** in the foreign land.

Africa the Joseph among his brothers,
When I die give my wealth of belief to generation to come, let my soul embrace the hug from the land of legends.

Black I came out of my mothers ****,
Black I will return to my ancestors.

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Chiara Lipowec Jun 2017
Lilac dreams,
Pastel skies,
All that fades
soon goes bye.
Broken hearts,
Darkened lights,
All that grows
soon gives life.
Emma Faith May 2017
it's not as black as people say,
more a pale purple grey,
silver clouds and tires skies,
teal lips and dark blue lies

it's a whisper in the trees,
a lonely boat amidst the seas,
pastel waves hitting the beach,
the golden sand just out of reach.

tick tock tick tock
the stars slowly decay
look up look up
the sky's been washed away.
don't let me be gone
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