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CA Smith Sep 2020
A vase on a pedestal
Put there only to fall apart when pushed off
I won’t be that anymore
CA Smith May 2019
It's springtime in the valley
In the northern half of Cali
My home away from home
I admire nature alone
Quiet contemplation
No degree of temptation -
To waste this moment or fret
For springtime in the valley, isn't over yet
With spring coming around and finally showing its face with some warmer weather, I thought it was about time to write poetry again.
CA Smith Sep 2018
So many labels
So many versions of this same conformity
Why can't we just be who we want to be
And leave the details up to me
CA Smith Sep 2018
Would be pretty nice right?
Something that's my favorite color
Mixed with a little extra white
A little faded
My colors are jaded
Just like me
Because I feel all mixed up inside
CA Smith Jul 2018
If only I could sail away
Live at another place for another day
Cast my problems into the sea
To just for once, live without worry
CA Smith Jul 2018
Running low on oil
Why won't it just extinguish already?
With such a small flame,
What's it good for?
CA Smith Jun 2018
Has a lot of meanings
But sometimes it is just a simple way
Of asking
"May I be your friend?"
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