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Isabel May 16
Robin you are
Bright confident and friendly
A burst of sweet song
Joyous and true
But sometimes what that means is
'Get out of my territory'
And sometimes all you want
Is for me to find you some food
He was well-named, though I say it myself...
The robin in the tree
Says with a chirp-cherrie
Spread your wings
And fly young things!
Thanks for reading!
At lanes end
where churches sit
black and white,
In rare afternoon
stillness, trees rigid
as statues shield
St. Peter’s yard.
Nations favoured bird,
the red-breasted aggressor,
gambols gracefully
across the gentle
arcs of ageing
gifting movements,
radiating elegance,
flitting from sight
in a burst of most
powerful flight.

© Richard Duffy. All rights reserved
Brief moments shared with a robin while visiting churches in Bywell, Northumberland, on an autumn afternoon cycle.
Robin Carretti Jun 2018
What makes me devoted
Not always getting promoted
In fine Robin, print birds fly
Not voting Presidential win
The polls are in we become
We are forced into things
To achieve what do we really
I believe in me
The darkness appear's in so
many forms stand firm with
Any specific term

But the beauty, Divinely terrific,
Goes with the territory
Shows the love and fury
Me my story the flower the
morning glory
Staying clear of guilty as sin
I as myself truly sincere
I am not about the win

love to write wearing the
pledge pin
Be innocent showing I care
But this world we must beware
All over the website things
that drive me
Perfume sweet fresh me
The Eager me
The singer is me
Not the jealous me
Over every singer I see
I am the Zealous me
I am passionate that's me
The avid card reader
The clicker far from the
A poem is the world hands
He is carrying me

On time or who cares
if I am late
Robin her wing lengths
To so many heights
That's why I love to sing
This is one of my shorter poems about me what I like and how
I see the world
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Listen as the robin sings
ever so sweetly by still waters

And here, she soars through
high and free and little by little,
her nest is formed

When I feel grey with each day
like winter, I hear her songs
and it's like I'm under a new sun

So never underestimate the power
of birdsongs! I am grateful to have
and hear it's special beauty.

Sweet Robin, born of Joy and
Spring and Summer.
Spread your wings, your
love and brighten the day
This one is dedicated to Robin Carretti! I know it's not the best, but I wanted to say thank you for all your kind comments. I've always been one who's not only super shy but also very timid and afraid of the world. It's become such a nasty place now... and it makes me smile that on HP, people are supportive of one another! We're all craftsmen here. A little kindness goes a long way, it may be the light that one needs that day.

So, Robin. I hope you like this poem!
I'm grateful for everything and everyone I have here and now.
It gives me the confidence I need to make a move in life.
Be back soon,
Lyn ***
CA Smith May 2018
Perched overhead
Oh so sweet
The mother robin gives her children a worm to eat
No worries of tomorrow
Only caring for today
The mother robin has no worries of what others will say
She takes care of her offspring
A small tune she will sing
For she is content in today
Not a care of tomorrow
She feels no stress
She feels no sorrow
Only today
If I could be like the mother robin
Oh! If I could learn from her!
My life could be tranquil
Instead of all these dips and turns
The road would be straight and narrow
Flying as straight as an arrow
If I could learn from the mother robin
Maybe then, my life could begin.
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