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Aurora Sep 23
Not by your GPA
Or what others say
For you are far more
Than what some people see

Measure your worth
In the number of smiles you’ve caused
The way that you light up the world
Luminating the darkness
Turning sad nights
Into the most beautiful day

And I know it may mean nothing
To read this from your screen
I just wanted you to know
That you are
more important
Than you yourself believe
Ackerrman Sep 20
Happy, drooping, yellow blossom over-
Hangs and peers drearily toward the dirt.
Leering with might, towering poor clover
Who trembles and asks, “How was one so hurt?”

Daffodil smiles a wry smile and chuckles,
“Young one, the tides of time meander, break,
Thrash the fearful boat until it buckles,
Naivety led me to this glum state”.

Clover sat in quiet contemplation
Until, “Daffodil, you are a victim
Of turning time’s sad manipulation,
Revere the present- make it your kingdom.

Startled, the proud, tall flower spoke no words,
Craned neck to the sun, drank plentifully.
At length, listened to the sound of the birds,
Saw beauty in the garden, presently.

“Colour, the wealth enriching this garden
Feels to me, a small boat in the ocean
Beating on against the tide- a burden,
An ill-fated, cumbersome devotion”.

A blue Jay sensed the trouble from the trees,
Made a detour from its usual way,
Beseeched the flower, hopped down to her knees,
“Not everything in this world fades to grey.

This life can be free and beautiful, Daf!
Grow so tall but you rarely see the sky,
Take a look in the endless blue and laugh,
The bright yellow orb will never need die”.

Languid flower feels the sun on his neck,
The rays passing through his delicate hands,
He cranes his head toward the ground to check
The answer does not lie in the brown lands.

Eyes as feelers pointed toward the ground,
A wriggling worm wraps around the words,
“Dear flower, you make a terrible sound,
Being so down, I have come to be heard.

The dirt that nourishes you so freely
Has God’s plan in every grain of soil,
The world is connected in every
Facet, in every beautiful smile”.

We are your friends, the life that cares for you,
So if you can’t be alive for yourself,
If you can’t find a reason to live too,
Keep spreading magic for your friends, get through.
One of three poems I have written concerning the life of garden flowers
Perhaps in loving you,

I have finally set myself free.
I'm falling in love with you more and more as the months pass, and it scares me to feel this much for one person.
Faizel Farzee Sep 11
They say life is like a box a chocolates
What a crock of ****
It kicked me down, I even tasted spit
Had me in a choke hold
Wanted me locked in a crypt
It’s what you make of it
Instead of throwing a fit
Pick yourself up after you’ve taken that hit

Out the corner I come
Rough and ready
I feel like steel
But just hot and sweaty
I’m putting it up
So you better make yourself steady
I’m coming at you
With a sharpened machete
I know it’s a fight
Things could get messy
I’m warning you now
Against me I’m not betting
I bet now you sweating
Scared and fretting
Believe me
My entire force you are getting

Life might be hard
It’s for you to spark
Your own revival
And not get lost in it’s dark
life can be a sometimes be a difficult task, remember you the spark,
that powers your journey
so don't give up or give into the dark
austin Aug 30
Here I present to you
A single deck of cards.

I cannot tell you
which card is on top
nor the second, nor third.

But if we flip one over,
One by one,
And stack them into a new deck,
soon we will know the face
of every single card.

So let's take some time to wander
through these dark, dreary places
And we'll sift through these cards,
Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces.
Faizel Farzee Aug 24
Rage consumes my soul like storms rising tide.
Angry waves constantly beating any hope of being…
God lost my blueprint to life it seems.
A thousand times I shout….
My lungs bleeds for me to stop…
A million times my fist hit the walls…
But still the rage continue to surge
I cling to the last thought that made me feel ….worthy….
Like an infant clinging to it’s mother in times of uncertainty…
As it endlessly battles the demonic darkness within me…
Clinging to life as I once did.
A ****** battle… internal struggle…
Do I just let go and let this raging monster within consume me?
I choose to fight!
Slowly a voice rises from the ashes of my charred soul….
Louder it grows…pounding away….
Drums of a battle on the brink of victory…
A piercing light rises within
As a phoenix rising from the ashes ....
drenched with the possibility of a new tomorrow…
A smile slowly creeps across my lips…
Like a new life rising from the dirt.
It’s then that I realize....
I’m alive!!
Sometimes our worst enemy is the thoughts within ourselves. We at times are our own worst enemy. Just as we have darkness within, we also have light. It is for us to choose which we one to consume.
Faizel Farzee Aug 20
Slowly it draws every last breath
every step  that we take
moves us closer to death
this truth we have to face
no matter what the evidence
it's an open shut case
live with no regrets
because your life you cant retrace
in this life we have a stake
live life to the fullest
no matter the odds or mistakes.
mistakes is there to learn from, pick yourself up dust yourself off, and just keep swimming.
Faizel Farzee Aug 20
Run like there's no tomorrow
Cry only to alleviate sorrow
Live like our time is borrowed
lets not cower
take this life by the neck
imprint you are not a coward
the hurt makes us stronger
punch with everything you made of
even sorrow we devour
churn it in our soul
then spit out flowers
let your flamed courage bring forth the rain
let it descend
It's a meteor shower
let this winged words take you higher
soar above the chaos
i bet life will seem brighter
we are all born as fighters
its for us not give up
in this world
with all the power.
Whatever the situation, keep fighting. We born fighters. it's for us to wake the power within us.
Elena Aug 19
Serene words
are like good seeds
planted in the mind.
Watered by the smile
that will bloom for miles.
Faizel Farzee Aug 16
I look for blue sky like the caged for freedom
Emotions of deep regret pours to poison my weak existence
How do I fight these poisonous demons
These demons caged singed to my broken past…
Is there truly solace for the weak
My battles scars screaming my name from my subconscious mind
Bleeding from my dreams….
Am I truly free or will the curse of friends lost befriend my shadow for eternity
Have I not given enough
These darken thoughts a constant reminder of who I truly am…
I am…
I fought with a scythed blade forged with the love of family
Like the shining light of ten thousand fire flies your smile lifted me from me
You… are my guiding hand from this bottomless existence
With every breath I take,
I pledge to you my past and present lives
You are my savior….my eternal love
My salvation
There is one person in this works that can save one from one's self. I please every essence of me to her
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