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Like sodden fleece
on gathered sheep
clouds trundle, dark and low.
Across the sky,
and sun's white eye,
they flock where seagulls go.

I kneel ashore
where dune meets moor,
the wind beneath my scarf.
With pen in hand,
I sketch the land
and, on its pall, remark:

"This autumn day
of ***** and clay
yawns grey and baleen wide.
It makes me miss
spring's briny kiss
and summer's sequined tides.

But as I mourn
and brace, forlorn,
for winter's coming wight,
my soul is soothed
by nature's truth:
'Day always follows Night.'"
Sparrow May 8
My soul hunts cheap justice
Over the plains of carpeted floors
Beyond the savannah of desk chairs
Away from the huts of curious minds
and the shine of polished nameplates

My eyes seek cheap justice
Looking to the sea of masked faces
A mountain of guilt stands in between
An avalanche of shame crashes down
Forcing me back to my silent retreat

My heart finds cheap justice
in a kind word, or maybe four?
Or in an arm around the shoulder -
Maybe a smile as wide as the Amazon.
Priceless for me, an expense of your gesture.
Funny how one small gesture from one person can lift you up amidst all the other horrible things and people around.
Aiden Phelps Apr 23
I know what you’ve been through
And I know you feel like no one listens to you
But I want you to know that I’m here for you
I want you to know that you’re not alone

You get by day to day
Working the same nine-to-five

You’re looking for an outlet
To escape this reality obsessed with time

Those long days and long nights
You spent laying there, restless
Like you’re barely alive

Like driving down a busy highway,
You lay there with thoughts racing in your head,
You’re unsure of which path to take.

As you watch those you love speed past you,
You wonder to yourself,
“Is there more to life than this?”

You may feel like you’re stuck,
You may feel like you can’t get out,
But I’m here to tell you it will all work out

Leave the troubles of yesterday behind you

Remember that everyday is a new day

Just remember
I’ll be there to catch you
When you fall

I’ll be there to pick up the pieces,
Put them back together
And make you whole

Just remember that whatever problems you face,
You are not alone.
After taking several years off of writing poems, I found my footing today.
Do not cement the bars of your own prison around you.
When will you wake up, and realise that your reality is false?
Restricted to what you have so far been taught it is.
Your potential is unlimited;
You are not your body,
You are infinite energy,
That infects whatever you do,
who ever you encounter,
whatever thought crosses your mind,
You can choose what type of energy you are.
Are you love?
Wouldn't it be uplifting to infect everyone and everything around you with this energy.
Wouldn't it be difficult to find darkness to hide in in a light filled room?
The moment you believe your energy is out of your control, is the moment you sacrifice reaching your ultimate potential.
Just a little reminder that you can achieve anything you want to in life, it starts within :)
Grass grows greener
Air smells cleaner
          After the rain sanitizes the earth;

Heart beats higher
Smile grows wider
          After the tears sanitize the soul.
The song doesn't need me
the melody knows where to flow
free and wild, what will be
just where and how, it goes

Resounding in heart and soul
rhythm rhyme and harmony
the joy of rock, and roll
forever wild and free

Spirits rise, and fall
but not today my friend
wails and cries, with no deny
music won't bow, or break
or bend

Raise up your heart
grasp what cannot be held
do what you can, playing your part
fight being dragged off
too ****
I don't know where I would be without music :)
Isaac Mar 23
do u ever
want to tell
how proud u are
of their happiness

isn't that weird?
While you live, shine
Have no grief at all
Life exists for a short while
And Time demands its due

Walk above sacred paths
Touch all the hearts yonder
Youth withers as a black garden
And Death lingers like storms

Play about flower fields
Sing of stories and melancholy
Elysium awaits our perfect unity
And Serenity rests all eternity

Ride along lonely carriages
Romance shall ring faux prosy
Heaven yields a warm immortality
And Love awaits above - for you and I.
Based on Epitaph to Seikilos.
jack Mar 8
Begging, pleading, wishing to see another day,
Harder and harder as i start to sway,
Blood rushing to my head,
The demon inside me craves to be fed.

But i won't let it win,
Head up shoulder back key to beating this sin,
I'll battle until my final night,
Because this is my dying fight.

Everyday is something new,
I feel stuck as if in queue,
Tired of the same routine,
Waiting for the day i'm eighteen.

To be free.
To be alive.
To be me.
Stay alive.
fight against yourself all you have to stay alive my friends someone is watching over you.
KT Torres Mar 1
At one, the concept of a bed is not quite there yet, but comfort never leaves
At three, one toddles into the sheets of their parents with no intention of sharing
At five, one begins to dread getting up for school
At seven, friends get one through the morning
At nine, one still complains about waking up so early
At eleven, minds begin to change
At thirteen, one lays in bed during the morning in a cloud of self-consciousness
At fifteen, one tosses and turns with thoughts of homework and that cute girl at lunch
At seventeen, one stares at the popcorn ceiling contemplating the future, threads of some unknowable as heavy as lead intertwining the possibilities
At nineteen, one can bend under the burdensome troubles and be sequestered to their comfort at home
Or lift the hulking sheets, Atlas, and go on. Go on to the complex, enigmatic world and return when one is done.
There is so much life to live, and yet we have many reasons to stay in bed.
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