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Spadille Sep 2020
Let me tell you a story about a woman
A woman who stood still when the earth shook violently
A woman who didn't drown when she swam a wave filled ocean
A woman who had her feet flat on the ground even when she was at the middle of a hurricane
A woman who was given many reasons to give up but still decided to go on and hope

This woman is my mother
The mother that I dearly admire
And I forever will be fascinated by how steadfast she is
Finish what you started
You have it in you
Don't let this opportunity pass
Because you're feeling blue

Good things come
To those with tenacity
Go about your life
Sure and steadfastly

Keep a firm hold
Keep chasing your dreams
Nothing can keep you down
Move ahead full steam
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
When others behave negatively
towards me,
my compassion is steadfast
for myself and others
because I am aware
that only with a compassionate attitude
can I achieve
joy and happiness
for myself and others.
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
When people accuse me
of being abnormal
because I think for myself,
I steadfastly continue to think for myself
as I am aware
that thinking for myself
is the only way
that a unique me
in my unique situation
can achieve
my own unique joy and happiness.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When Destiny
brings danger and difficulty
I aspire to be steadfast
in optimistically
striving to achieve
my joy and happiness.
blackbiird Dec 2018
You taught me to dance in the storm
even when I couldn’t feel sunshine approaching
and in the chaos of my heart,
You calmed the waves within.
and I kept dancing wildly with You beside me.
A little hope for those who are scared to take that first step. Just trust.
Talia Oct 2018
I'm out of the ordinary.
simply put, I'm an outcast.

Baa, baa, I can see your savagery
and your pure illusion of remaining steadfast.

Yet I'm everything you've ever dreamed of!

Baa, baa, I can see right through your façade.
So stop trying to ****** me again, love.
you cheated on me twice.
I'm not falling for that one again.
Danielle Jul 2018
Selfish needy human that I am.

My false courage and determination.

Standing among the wreck;

The mess I seemingly created.

Confusion robs my judgment

And I stand lost and alone,

Until the pieces begin to fit.

But I will stand strong and steadfast

As this world tears apart.
CA Smith May 2018
A house on a hill
With firm foundations
A treasure box for memories
A sanctuary when life chases after you

The winds hit hard
Yet the candle in the lighthouse does not flicker
To steer sailors away from the rocks
The flame is true
Guiding home those who are lost

Determined to the end
A never faltering promise
To be there, no matter what it takes

I am for you
My love is true
My arms are open
And you will be accepted, no matter what
Solitude Man Feb 2018
Highs before beloved biles
Bliss followed by bitter sweetners
A paradox
She loves her beloved
And he loves her too
But she fears that he looks into her eyes to see only what is easy to find

Does he see her?
Does he have the patience to read her?
Inbetween the lines of her cries
Elegantly striding down the ailse of her heart
Yet knocking down her priceless art

Her complex heart and complex mind
Begs him to look deeper in
Shes scared and scarred
Her insides need more love
Because beloved highs and lows make her juxtaposed.

Her fear pushes him away
But the look in her eyes screams stay
Soothe the worry lines away
A task not everyone can bear
In beloved highs and lows.

                                       -Lily Bajo
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