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Dec 2021 · 655
It is what it is
Tina RSH Dec 2021
Winds blow, a tender breeze
tempests howl and bones freeze
Life is what it is

Like tidal waves in great seas
up and down with ever no ease
My dear, life is what is

It drops you to your knees
Your heart encaged and squeezed
I wish it weren't, but oh life is what it is

You beg to succumb and appease
the life that smells like a chronic disease
yet it yields not, for life is what it is

If only there was a moment to seize
to breathe, free of all maladies
How I don't want life to be what it is!

Ha, it is what it is!
High above or in seven seas
it is what it is, my dear.
It is what it is.
Aug 2021 · 666
Lament for a lost love
Tina RSH Aug 2021
a whisper in my ear
crack in the bone
How did we
come to feel so alone?
past the love
past the bridge of our dreams
I moan so loud
a girlish scream
in this dream
you feel so close
How come this is
the path you chose?
An empty shell
of a man
By my side
all went as planned!
it's all your plan
to set me on fire
You do it as if
it's your only desire
Here's the thing
I've meant to say
How did you
come to push us
Jul 2021 · 859
The 3 am wound
Tina RSH Jul 2021
All gone now
and you're nothing
but a wound
cracking open
at 3 am- unsolicited

-Farewell, my beloved! Is there a farewell at all?
Every kiss you blew me
was a kiss goodbye
Every inch of skin
that caressed yours
was a vow
I bestowed
to love you
forever and ever more.
And the wine in my veins
says shut up! He's gone
And the cigarette smoke
takes you away from me
And all these men I toy with
they are nothing like you.

I've missed the train
of my thoughts
I sit back
and gaze at them
from afar
taking you away
I call out your name
but there are no words
I am stuck in nirvana
or else-
in sheer garrulous void
without you.

Who opened this wound anyway?
I'm sure it was open
from the scratch
I just couldn't feel it
bleeding me away.

Only a caress away
but I'm a *****
in your eyes
a ******* ***** *****
with no feelings
I can defend
my dignity only
before the strike
of midnight
that breaks my heart
spills my ***** feelings
all over my face
I love you
but it's dark at this hour
and you're too ******* blind.
I have been inactive on this website as of late, yet I have been scribbling poems here and there, you know, in notebooks past midnight, on my phone at work. Today, I came acros this one and boy it hit close home.
Apr 2021 · 1.5k
Dear old lover
Tina RSH Apr 2021
I have had to dig my heart deep
with the shovel of your cruelty
buried our memories with stifled weeps
and in that,still, I find a kind of beauty

Some say I'm a slave to love, to others I'm only a fool
Neither know to have loved alone is a rare gift
For my heart is an engine and love is its fuel
with my feet on the ground, not hovering nor adrift.

It is with grief now that I bid you farewell
but who says in that there is no charm?
Our times together now in another time dwell.
A time that can cause none any more harm
Dec 2020 · 304
Woman of beauty
Tina RSH Dec 2020
Like the footprint of rain in the gaze of sun
The ghost of a torrent, now has come undone
Woman of beauty, barely 22
This woman could be me or could be you
Feels the depth of earth like it is her womb
This nasty world of men diggin' her tomb
What a waste it is brimming with bliss
When your noose's disguised inside a kiss
Love comes and it goes, just like the wind blows
She falls in love but here come its woes
Woman of beauty, barely 22
This woman could be me or could be you
Sells her heart to strangers and thieves
Numb in the chest, She's no breath to breathe
Like the footprint of rain by the edge of shore
One moment she was and then was no more.

Tina RSH
Oct 2020 · 422
Tina RSH Oct 2020
600 feet up in the air with you
Battling gravity tooth and nail
"No strings attached” you say

While my soul has already nestled  
in your arms
There comes an incoherent yell  
Of an old friend from beneath
Her alarm attempts to tickle my ears
Yet I’m held to your heart too close
To care for anything
Other than the melody of your pulse
"No strings attached” you say.

Aye- agreed!  
What holds us together is a chain
you must know.  
Looping itself around us both  
With each twist we take
In your whirlwind of passion
Every tiny particle of space removed
Locking us together- as one
“No strings attached”  

You murmur into a deaf ear
Hurling my soul out of your lap  
At long last.

600 feet downwards I’m shot
Like a bullet out of a ruthless gun
Landing in wrong hands  
and wrong beds on my way
in mid-air,suspended
In dreams spinning

Now I’m fumbling in my heart  
for the rusty chain  
That held us together  
The old friend too yells “No strings attached”  
My chest is empty
You must have pulled at my heartstrings..
🖤 :)
Jul 2020 · 157
Hey friend..
Tina RSH Jul 2020
If I were in pieces Could I grab the phone
and give you a call?
Would you wipe away my tears or care about me at all?
Would you hear my pain if someone dragged a blade across my heart?
Would you stick my pieces together before I fall apart?
Would you for no reason hold my hand and say it'll be okay?
Is it too much ask? Would you like strangers to just stay away?
I don't know you at all but I wish you picked up the phone and said hi.
I've been with too many people who called only to say goodbye.
Sometimes I read this from the dying passion in their eyes
Sometimes from the awkward silence and often from their lies.
Will you sit through my grief long enough that it turns into a smile?
Will you, Will you for once tell me I am strong even though I'm fragile.
I'm in the telephone box now dialing random numbers on an imaginary list
praying in my heart someone like you can still exist.
Apr 2020 · 575
You are there
Tina RSH Apr 2020
You are there-
At the heart of existence
Crawling in memories
Surging inside the branches
of my aortic archway
like a cascade of wastewater
sending the last bits
of exuberance away
into exile.

You slither beneath
a pile of hopeful dreams-
the rash and folly of youth
Their hearts ripped apart
by your front fangs
Your voracious tongue
splashes my depth
and dips its venom
in my flowing pith-
pleasure. .

So you are there!
Everytime I look for breath
in my creaky chest
but find only cigarette smoke
drifting away from 'your' lungs.
There's a glow at night
that of the firefly in me-
I guess, or the end
of your seventh cigarette
I cannot tell.

Nobody sees you these days
But you are still there.
I always sense your mischievous fingers
and ecstatic half-open eyes
a moment before I realise
You are really gone.
I am quite satisfied with this one, honestly. An actual precise expression of how I feel.
Mar 2020 · 493
Tina RSH Mar 2020
Words were worthless when our whimsical wishes got vanquished by distance, draining dreams of us together. Darling! We didn't dare draw an inch closer. Catastrophe came, crushing us to the core..covid! Covid! Consistent callous company for months on and on flying far in fantasy, fingers flailing and fumbling for a faint trace of reality in which you were absent, folly! The agony and ache in every atom ate away at me as acid on iron. Ah! La! Love again, loses my lavish language, leaving lips ludicrous, lying, loquacious and the tongue tied, terrified to tell the truth..Darling! Dare me to delude you for I am desperate to devour you in this dream; Delusion! Delusion! Bare bitter bold brutality crushing the dream, crashing hard in our core..covid! covid! Dear! despite it all, don't doubt the divine dream, don't doubt that I love..
This is almost a letter to my lover, but also a note to the whole world and particularly those having to suffer the forceful distance.
Mar 2020 · 153
A tribute to Enrique
Tina RSH Mar 2020
I wandered the world
and I wandered with no aim
Everybody's colours changed
but yours remained the same
Their fleeting sparks of joy
was the pure love they used to claim
You thrived for a simple sanctuary
while they all fought for fame
they took the award
and we took the blame
An award for playing pretend
A blame for having no shame
It seems we lose every time
but we can always play again
play like the wounds have healed
play like it'll be a fair game
And in a room full of kings and queens
I would still call out your name
To tell you the world hasn't seen your kind
stay the same! Stay the same...
I was struggling with bouts of depression the other night, almost giving up. But a friend sent me a poem addressing a powerful woman whose love was omnipresent and I knew the universe wanted me to read it.

I wrote this piece for Enrique tonight and he told me afterwards that he'd lost his job and that he was hopeless..and how this poem helped him carry on.
Sometimes I think we're just vessels.
Feb 2020 · 684
ode to my loved ones
Tina RSH Feb 2020
Mother! Mother! You doubt my senses
I have barely lived two decades
pulling thorns off my heart's delicate petals
I am scythed around the stem
and smothered deep in the roots
Riding these tidal waves of breath for survival.

O senses!
O senses!

Darling! You said my love was irrelevant
but to this day I celebrate it, watering
dried daffodils on the green outskirts of your shirt
to savour your scent of six months ago
Each drop of sweat on your face
as you dug a tunnel into my very soul
and took over this fleshy frame
O irrelevance!
O irrelevance!

I have trudged a dozen miles in the horizon
barefoot, bareskin, bare minded
Bathed at the gracious hand of sun
in the endless sea of love the earth sold
at one heartbreak per drop.

O earth!
O love!
It's the first poem with a better wrapup than others imo. Had difficulty finding a proper name because ughhh too many feelings to fit in one phrase we are.
Feb 2020 · 147
Tina RSH Feb 2020
You come to me in hunger
preying on my flesh.
I nuzzle your weary feathers
Now they feel robust again
And fly you high to the sky.
I am not your food dear.
There's only so much of me I can give away.
Feb 2020 · 201
Midnight wail
Tina RSH Feb 2020
Come, tug at my rib cage-
reach inside and take yourself
Sometimes the wound reopens without warning and starts to gush out old painful thoughts and emotions. Is it just me? yes and no. We've all loved too hard at some point, we've all spent our precious feelings for someone who couldn't care less..
Jan 2020 · 126
Prayers of a broken lover
Tina RSH Jan 2020
Baby I pray you find peace among the broken pieces of your mind.
That which you claim to be whole

I pray you never have to torture anyone's heart
To console your own tortured soul

I have stuck my love together with glistening tears
and bear you no ill will at all

Sweet baby of mine, I pray you heal
from the black pain you projected on me like nightfall

Be safe baby and I pray you find peace  
for in the cage of your heart there's a door to release.

By #TinaRSH
And now life has shown its cards..and here I am..all broken and tattered with a heart that loved too much.
Jan 2020 · 113
Midnight musings
Tina RSH Jan 2020
You cannot **** a dead man.
Nor can you break someone
who is already into pieces.
Jan 2020 · 180
Tina RSH Jan 2020
Morning is such a desperate lover.
How else could she make
you meet her if she didn't
steal your dreams at night?
Jan 2020 · 136
From safe distance
Tina RSH Jan 2020
I wanted to stay
and bellow out from
the depths of my heart
how very much I loved you
****! But I knew our demons
would blow the horn to
another ****** war if I did
I love you darling, very much so
only.. from safe distance.

Jan 2020 · 346
Corpse bride
Tina RSH Jan 2020
Clink clink clink! Out thou comest little genie
Broken is mine heart, not one time but three
So grant me three a wish and may that be
Fly aloft and take these ****** tears with thee

Mine keen eyes captured by the hands of doom
guts wrenched in light of mephistopheles' gloom
A dark solo rider in hue of a hero assumed
Beguiled the young heart is now encaged, entombed

Lo! Take the glass heart and travel afar
Drop it where hungry vultures and eagles are
Pour my light into his blackness like a shining star
Pour it to the end of his every remaining cigar

seek me then in the lands of madness within
Resting as the corpse bride I always have been
Dec 2019 · 825
Tina RSH Dec 2019
No, poetry is not written in books
by scholars. It is etched upon
Lips that shape the sweetest murmurs
and bellow bare bitter truth
frantic as a madman, poetry
Held up with bra straps
and masked beneath an underwear
Hot, Succulent, lavish
Just that feminine, poetry
With all the morons who aim
to grasp it through stories
of a man and his lost love, poetry
is windswept hair and hips in motion
and twilight tears that flow like an ocean
poetry, with its complex simplicity
is a woman who reads bible in a *******
and wears bubblegum skirts to funerals
Tasted, embraced, kissed, licked, felt,poetry
can never be read..or understood.

Tina RSH
Sep 2019 · 1.1k
My beloved pain
Tina RSH Sep 2019
My dear old pain is in his death bed
and mourning comes in a haste
sits by my side, sheds some tears
Pats me on the left shoulder
Time flies by, old fellow
and we have to make it quick
so brisk do her tears trickle down
the weight lifted off her chest
by the invisible hand of time
the foe she shuddered to confront
But I hold my beloved pain by the hand
plant a mouthful of dry kisses on his lips
those he splashes with his tongue
Those that fan my fire with urgent pleas
But the scent of his evaporating blood
collaborates with the callous grasp of mourning
and the two unlock our burning lips
Now ruffled with the absence of my beloved pain
I stand back, to bid the mourning farewell
and dig my chest deep enough to bury
all the love I had for the gone soul
of my beloved pain..
Sep 2019 · 201
Tina RSH Sep 2019
My blood is sacred for it waters
the burning drought that surges
the barren outskirt of my skin
It ignites the grave of every dead muscle
killed for shooting a wide toothy smile
across my unquivering lips
It tells long forgotten tales
of all the women I used to be
but failed to see,with eyes shut
vomitting tears of self disdain
and a widespread rash over my skin
My blood is a red flag of relief
from a heap of decapitated veins
and the sardonic cold inside each *****
Every drop, a stifled scream for help
a pitiful plea to be noticed
And a scar-let seductress
waltzing across each arm
In the fading light of room
and the dying music of my heart
but my sacred blood still shines
it spills like barrels of wine
down the outskirts of my barren skin
and from each tiny particle
rises a woman that says "sacred"
Mar 2019 · 358
Quartet for an old love
Tina RSH Mar 2019
From whose eyes shall I reclaim my lost self?
While it is you,old love, that their eyes reflect
Your words having me well under curses and spells
Telling of slippery youth and the world's defect

whose rickety mind shall I enchant to distort
To revive the shape of you again, my sovereign?
You stabbed my back and now I have fallen short
of welcoming hearts of realms distant or foreign

The night is an ill bed for my jagged scars
But I doubt if my dear self was stolen by stars
You sailed on my tears and sealed my lips
And I promised to desynchronise your warships

As I was busy cleansing my tears off you
I knew forever gone was a half of me or two
Mar 2019 · 361
Lost souls
Tina RSH Mar 2019
Many words I despise to praise
and smiles forcefully produced
palms on their eyes, fretting
to eye the truth that tastes so bitter
but mixed with glitter looks just like gold
to the bare eye.
I dare not say
I fret to speak
what truth lies buried in their chest
They'd run a thousand miles away
and shriek at the top of their lungs
to rip that chest apart
dispose of a piece of art
but never hear these words..
Easy to forebear lies within lies
sweet and sinister, like robbing a maiden off virginity
far better to taste, way easier to digest
than relinquish your heart to her fresh love
That is what they desire, not so deeply
And I haul myself to write for a sea of lost souls
and rivers of forgotten tears as mine
whose owners please to shroud
from what's indeed all human
to see with heart, and devour with ears.
This goes to all of us. Whether you've had an emotion or not, if you've ever felt pain and wondered how to react to it, then this poem is yours.
Mar 2019 · 356
A loser's melody
Tina RSH Mar 2019
If life were a hundred years
I'd lose my name at the hand of time
and travel to the end of the world in advance
at the scoching border of hell I'd dance
to the delusion I was fooled to suffer
and glance back once more
to see I cannot ******* lover's lips
or let the majesty of a butterfly
steal my attention for eternity
I'd watch the gloom strip me off my shell
close to the border of hell
and ask if all along it were mine
can I then succumb in peace
break a ******* with God
and deride the masquerade he hosted?
that of which he always boasted!
But time and time again puts me to bed
with a mouthful of uncertainty
about the end of this entity
which I believed was me
or whatever me could be
life can embarrass time
and cease to age inside the corpse of years
or wilt the petals of a feisty poppy
That is the burden of those whom life endears
For that I sit here and wonder
why indeed did time go under?
Feb 2019 · 859
Never old love..
Tina RSH Feb 2019
Never arrived the day I could call you by your sweet name
and hear it echo through my soul
Or let the sound adorn every inch of air
Every weary day casually strolled
by and by bleached my hair
Never arrived the day I could pass by your house
and await a signal that you are there
It is unfair, and very unfair
That I know not whose arms stole your attention
from me, your devoted slave with no redemption
Never, Never arrived the day I could die for you
and prove that fools as such can exist too
I continued to live an ashen life till the end
Never did you love me back, never old friend! .
When wine brings back all the memories..cheers!
Feb 2019 · 719
When they slept..
Tina RSH Feb 2019
I have long desired a night undisturbed
full of sleep and coherent dreams
but that the sun arrives faster than light's speed
leaves me wondering
if there is ever an end to the war
I battle throughout weeks, months,
and years and years on end
After all I am easy to bend
like a daisy at the hand of storm
sways, unyielding, entrusting the wild current
of passion that breaks her back
I strike a match to see with blind eyes
how far this night, intemperate, will extend
And who shall have removed my footprints
when dawn breaks to swallow
every secret I whispered to this dusty road
and crushed beneath my feet
They say day is a neat deceit
for those who believe black is evil
and I hardly think it untrue
with stars ****** off their shine
to magnify the glory of darkness
when my body hits the matress
I can feel it quite as it is, darkness
but in no shade of beauty or grace
as if I never had any stars to sacrifice
with love their inborn proclivity
there indeed is no sincerity
in the way I am deaf to the sound of dark
A Beethoven masterpiece, the starry night
Such starless of a night this life has become
Or is it that life is still there?
handsome and fair, with his head in clouds?
My pinstriped eyes fail to glimpse in a crowd
the warmth and glow of this flame
of dark, this grand grand enchantress
Behind prison bars the war goes on
with no light to clear the mess...
Yeah obviously another piece on indomnia and depression. No this is never going to end..I always wear it like a coat..
Jan 2019 · 443
Truth in haze
Tina RSH Jan 2019
The beauty of life is
hazard turns to malaise
and sorrow takes over momentary joy
A subtle means to destory
eternity with all its glory
and **** the hero in a happy story
oh life is far beyond a tragedy
Easy to mourn over with a requiem
or a second chance for sins to be redeemed
It is the omnipresent alchemy
through faint traces of a raindrop
and a rose that wasn't meant to die
life is tasteless truth inside a sweet lie
That mother death will take us with her
Her promising voice never bitter
Oh but not all that shines is glitter
Life is you, tied in a loop of rusty chains
Forever willing to bear the optional pain.
Jan 2019 · 371
Divergent nights
Tina RSH Jan 2019
People have a way of living in my head
long after they're gone
In the dead of night
At the darkest hours of day
A vampire will incarnate from his grave
and shrieks so loud the sun takes refuge
behind heavy curtains
And every dream disappears
But I hope for tiny stars to shine
An interval for silence
short, short, short as it may be
To prove the people in my head are ghosts
and vampires live in hell
There is no hell, alas, outside my head
nor a graveyard beyond my heart.
If so, one's precious moment is when they're gone
To bed, or to the sky...
But the people in my head never sleep
or die..
I feed them with a mouthful of tranquilizers
and they howl even more.
What if I am the one howling in my head?
One can never say for sure..
Dec 2018 · 355
Before I slept..
Tina RSH Dec 2018
There came a tapping on my eyes
A muffled voice, an urgent plea
to wash away the tranquil ignorance
and replace it with turbulant daze
O the effect it had on me..
Had the world gone black
for two days or three
I would've thrown a late night party
invited every star one could see
in the ***** of sky, at the hand of moon
and their shiny reflections in the black sea
But that my grey dreams come true
in the wake of sun's ascent
to turn its golden rays to dead ashes
leaves me without a single clue
if there's a dawn to marry the end of this night
If it's what I'll always be through..
Does it ever sound like the darkness is never-ending?
Dec 2018 · 467
For the sake of love
Tina RSH Dec 2018
For the sake of love
Let us build a fortress anew
and forget the ruins we used to dwell on.
Reveries that made us linger
more than we were supposed
promises made,
Tears shed,
And hearts torn apart.
Let us imagine the next chapter has arrived,
to paint our bleary minds pitch black
or a promising white.
Since dark is a vivid variation of light
And innocent eyes will take note of it.
We need to talk to lilies more
and see the devil in each sip of champagne
swallowed without a taste.
We need to cry more, and write of love
to quench the hell that echoes our pain
thrice more than it ought to...
Opinions on love?
Dec 2018 · 523
Tina RSH Dec 2018
There was a time I wanted to go home
Rainbow acid pop in my grip
and grilled chicken in my gut
a power to pull my lips sideways
for a wistful smile.
I lie now at the base of a grave
sharing my chicken with worms
and snakes!
And snakes with their ugly fangs
rob me off my pop
and the evergreen beauty I thought infinite
Lost in my eyes
gone with my tears.
The fair land of my heart
barren of any light to harvest,
And I'm degraded through the mocking
momentum of life..
If there was any path to home at all
One to the rainwashed windows
and one to the tender fall
I would go back and stand tall.
Left to the hands of time,
Right, it is lost! There is no path at all..
Home is where you feel you belong to. Home could be a state of mind, a feeling, a person..What is your home?
Nov 2018 · 620
Beautiful mistake
Tina RSH Nov 2018
Spoonfed a mouthful of soft poems,
the pangs of unthanked love numb your heart
to fortify against the abrupt attack of truth;
That one feels is a weakness,
or if he does speak of it is a fool!
This is but an unhinging maze
to soak the mind in waves of guilt and despair
stagnant as a melted nightmare...
And thus, the heart believes it
only to begin to freeze forever more.
It is odd that I'm not as much inspired by my light side as I am with the dark one. Have a read and  find out..
Nov 2018 · 248
To be a rose
Tina RSH Nov 2018
Once uopn a time, a lonely loving rose
bending with the wind, gentle in each pose
The meadow was green, and the sun aglow
Not a sign or gesture of pain and sorrow
Parakeets would sing and the rose flushed
Till the weary winter brushed past with a rush
And she stole anthems from love birds
A sigh was the last sound the meadow heard
young rose with all its roseness fresh and red
cut with its roots haunted as a captive held
To her doomsday she hauled, past a willow tree
Past that feigned majesty she was ordered to be
What about the blood ****** off her petals
Our mushy rose beaten like heavy metals
Soon she whispered to the cold ears of winter
What of it now, and passed with one last whimper.
Oct 2018 · 255
Tina RSH Oct 2018
Old friend, we lost it all!
We went our separate ways
While rain pummeled the rooftop
and mellow autumn wind caressed a poppy's cheek.
We drove home together, but felt far apart.
As if we never knew each other..
And the bond between us severed
As the lumberjack uproots a tree,
Merciless and mandatory!
Old friend,
Although I still hear the rustling of paper from your chamber,
Your heartbeat seems to have stopped
And your congealed blood reeks of hostility.
I sit here, hiding my head in my bony hands
Which you would hold as we fell asleep.
We were children at the time
innocent and whimsical.
We were captives of our own little kingdom
Funny how our fortress tumbled down
and we chained ourselves to the ruins that remained..
This is not how our stroy should have gone.
Tell me if there's anything I can do other than cry, miss those days
or pour my heart into a poem you'll never read...
This is among the very first poems I ever wrote..
Oct 2018 · 354
4:40 AM
Tina RSH Oct 2018
At 4:40 am I sat alone in my bed
and embraced the thought of you
that rapped me gently across the knuckles
The night seemed distant now
and the dawn took years to arrive
The dawn of a new gloom
The dawn of my end
The black hand of sorrow
That pulled me out of each dream I made
to keep even the faintest smell of you alive
You weren't there to hold my hand
or to be sorry.
At 4:40 am I thought of you much
and the front wall swallowed my sobs
love was the last item on my shelf
It was coagulated and nasty now
I picked it up and placed it by the door
Perhaps the approaching sun could burn away
all the impurity, injustice and adulteration
of what we held in high esteem
and kept sacred with our illusory reasoning.
the thought of you faltered into a tear
and I knew our story was at an end.
Goodbye my lover.
Oct 2018 · 234
The monster
Tina RSH Oct 2018
I wish for the monster to be hidden
forever, lest anybody else be bitten
as I am, but that is no matter, la!
my blood succumbs to its venom
my ruptured veins and invaded serum
His black hand draws a smile on my lips
It takes a second or less until it flips
into a torrent in my eyes to wash away
every happy feeling I had during the day
But what if someone counted every scar
sustained and found this little girl bizzare?
Let the sleeping monster lie and never speak
outside this verse, lest they call you a freak.
On bipolar disorder and how it's affecting my life these days.
Oct 2018 · 327
The boatman's call
Tina RSH Oct 2018
Pearls keep descending from the sky
Rocks so taken over by the constant tedious attack of waves
with their greyish hue
and fierce fists
The abrupt slap of time
The thunder's wheezy cry
and the pending of a rusty boat say
the boatman's approach was due
but three hours have passed.
The bank is retired
and the moon burnt sands retreat
into the heart of ocean .
sharks feed on fresh flesh.
in awe of a blue tang's suicide note
My lover and I are sailing to the moon
to hunt down stars.
Sep 2018 · 441
The sinner
Tina RSH Sep 2018
I tread on faith
and face my maker,unmasked and ruthless
with the sad hat of the mad hatter on
Where is my little apple?
I did not ask to grapple
with griffins and Sphinxes
to win eternal wisdom
I am the poor wretched hag
hard to grasp or fathom
from the nearby village
who had but a slice of bread to devour
Where is my apple?
Somewhere in the depth of a valley
or at the heart of a volcano?
Are my broken wings supposed
to cease fire or fly higher than the sun?
Give me my apple, pampered idol!
And go boast of your majesty.
Sep 2018 · 304
My rainwashed eyes
Tina RSH Sep 2018
I prefer to sleep all day long
You see, keep my eyes closed
Than stare at this multitude of ants
following the taste of something sweet
Where are you? In a hopeless dream I had
as I wallowed in the bitter reality
of your absence..
your absence..
your absence..
I will live to dream you are here
I hope those ants keep away from you
Lest you be bitten..
Lest you close your eyes.
-Tina RSH
Sep 2018 · 430
On the run
Tina RSH Sep 2018
Walls! Walls! Build ten thousands.
Wolves, Wolves on their way
Wolves without a prey
Blindfolded by hunger
Drink your tea, water the flowers
and go build walls!
fortify your chest with ferocity
for a fight tooth and nail with the foe
wolves! wolves!
Ready to consume your heart's nectar
and get drunk.
Wear your armour and hit the road
Vultures fly close to your head
and wolves are on their way.
Drink your tea
and keep your sword at hand.
On treachery in friendship..
Sep 2018 · 985
cast away
Tina RSH Sep 2018
Pulling at opposite ends of a rope
we put in our best effort
we both won the contest, darling.
and bragged of our power.
I have nothing left at this hour
Except for a rope around my neck
made out of your honeyed voice
confessing love over and over again
Alas! choking is not much of a choice
a dancing derelict dream in my eyes
along with each cell in my heart dies
Poor wretched foolish ghost of mine
now revolves around your house
like a twitching old mouse
to make sure you drink your tea
Every afternoon, but you
Still, unbothered and lowkey
As if the wind took away some dust
off street
And I, gone, with bones and meat.
At some point I regret stepping out of my solitude..
Sep 2018 · 289
The mascarade of pain
Tina RSH Sep 2018
The delicate delusion in each moment
There is, the trick of life
imminent omnipresent agony in each living system
Human, or human not.
We are bound to break.
We are bound to suffer.
Till the truth taps his mask off
and we drop dead in dignity
Still blind, burning.
So what of it now?
Aye, dear life?
Our skeletons turned to dust
Our hearts no longer beating
What was this mascarade all about?
Sep 2018 · 294
The beauty in pain
Tina RSH Sep 2018
In the beginning, there was skin
fresh, soft, unblemished, unnamed
bound to be clad by blooming blue rose
baby bud bearing but thorns in its heart
Drifting along to kiss every inch
of that ****** beauty with grace
And there came the first scratch
Thirteen drops of blood
A drop of tear
And a full stop!
Congealed blood! Evaporated tear!
In the beginning there was no scar
but a tender rose to teach pain
pain with all its notoriety
and calamitious cloud of nothingness.
scars tiptoed towards the chest of skin
Now nourishing, naming each narrow path
No blood, no tear.
Thus, as a woman's womb gives birth
to hold up this tipsy life,
pain is a must.
Aug 2018 · 314
Tina RSH Aug 2018
This is where I stand.
Intrinsic beauty in each drop of tear
that splashes my eyes.
Pride in my unclad figure
like faith in a benign tumor
Behold the majesty of surrender
as I severe ties with a talking mind
that feeds on attention; evermore
Since I stand,free of giving.
Behold! I no longer am
the hands you can shake
or the lips you can kiss
My peers envy those tears
they cannot cry.

Tina RSH
Jul 2018 · 434
she fell
Tina RSH Jul 2018
Those elastic hands
having but coupled a river of tears
and wisps of yielding smoke
to begin with
a life
unknown and unblinking
like a pair of dead eyes
and play pretend
or pretend to play
for watery dreams
and smokey must-bes
and ought nots
somewhere in line with a broken smile
and a misty sense of senselessness
a spinal cord snapped
so did million daggers shoot out
from each vertebra
tears flooded out of her ears
and smoke forced the air
out of her lungs.
She turned away from the dread
so she could rest her head
on soft shoulders
and yet
none could bear ever the weight
of her sorrow.
Now both lungs dead
eyes closed
lying on her bed
she carries her weight with a finger
and carves out eyes on her forehead
she swallows light to linger
forever in her chest
as a heart
nobody would give her.
Jul 2018 · 827
Scream for love
Tina RSH Jul 2018
Once a stubborn streamline
through solid eyes of a stone heart
now beaming to the cracked heart of glittering glit
broken china
torrents pump out of unadjusted dreams
once clear and aglow
once for a reason battling
now battered war veterans, each
oh my shattered existence!
oh my evaporated blood!
Those lips of sincerity
which blessed soul is to kiss
and rob the truth away from?
O my wretched flesh! Speak
And tell of the fractured bones
countless nights of moon watching
and sun hugging awaiting his scent
that never arrived.
Burnt burnt throat of mine
and rapturous moments of his.
Aye God! Send justice.
Jun 2018 · 402
Tina RSH Jun 2018
If insanity is a crime, I am on for a death penalty.

If dreams belong to a third world, I am definitely not earthly.

If man is to partake but in all societies, I doubt my species.

If hearts are closed to love and close to feud, I am so hollow in the chest.

And if it is truth everyone claims to own, I am most certainly a liar.
Jun 2018 · 316
Ill fated dreams
Tina RSH Jun 2018
Every breath I take reeks of calamity
I start counting the biscuit bunnies I had yesterday.
which sadly reach up to eight.
Not my favourite number at all
I look like an exploding fireball
but despite that everything is dark
and ruddy.
like the insides of a trash bin .
My hands are clammy,
throat, a jammed highway of emotions!
If I used ten thousand oceans
as ink, and a million deserts as parchment,
I would be unable to describe my pain
for it was born a torchering antagonist,
a piece of congealed blood in my lungs
and my breath reeks of calamity.
On anxiety disorders such as ocd and panic attacks, social anxiety and depression. All of which I've suffered from (still struggling).
Jun 2018 · 324
The Gunshot
Tina RSH Jun 2018
Like resistless air torn by a bullet
Life unmasked itself in a baby
innocent, playful, illiterate...
for half a second or so,
and ran!
Past Mother who, amazed by your giggles,
called you mon âme!
Past father; arriving home
to say goodnight,
and a quick wave before bed.
Past school days and holidays,
taught to eat books and ***** information
lost through thorough knowledge!
Aye! Aye! Black cats and red eyed bats.
Past the lustbird who made love
to your left ear and slammed the other
Life passed your very black hair and set it white.
Seems like the bullet hit sharp in your chest.
And now a baby cries bald..
May 2018 · 460
Warfare and Peace
Tina RSH May 2018
I asked God his majesty wether I was worthy of the breath
That comes and goes warranting no continuation
He asked what I would gain over a sudden death?
What dreams I yet had unfulfilled, What sleeps I had yet to sleep
To let the weary night beam in relief, and the day twirl
in the excitement of awaiting fortune, and to take a leap
toward the untamed sun, for a heap of mercy.
He knew all I had deprived my sight of, to flee like birds before a bear.
For life in all its solace is no forebearing, but erupts in discourtesy.
So I embraced an eye and kept weeping
for the breath in my lungs was worth keeping.
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