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Jul 2021
All gone now
and you're nothing
but a wound
cracking open
at 3 am- unsolicited

-Farewell, my beloved! Is there a farewell at all?
Every kiss you blew me
was a kiss goodbye
Every inch of skin
that caressed yours
was a vow
I bestowed
to love you
forever and ever more.
And the wine in my veins
says shut up! He's gone
And the cigarette smoke
takes you away from me
And all these men I toy with
they are nothing like you.

I've missed the train
of my thoughts
I sit back
and gaze at them
from afar
taking you away
I call out your name
but there are no words
I am stuck in nirvana
or else-
in sheer garrulous void
without you.

Who opened this wound anyway?
I'm sure it was open
from the scratch
I just couldn't feel it
bleeding me away.

Only a caress away
but I'm a *****
in your eyes
a ******* ***** *****
with no feelings
I can defend
my dignity only
before the strike
of midnight
that breaks my heart
spills my ***** feelings
all over my face
I love you
but it's dark at this hour
and you're too ******* blind.
I have been inactive on this website as of late, yet I have been scribbling poems here and there, you know, in notebooks past midnight, on my phone at work. Today, I came acros this one and boy it hit close home.
Tina RSH
Written by
Tina RSH  F
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