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Tina RSH Jan 2020
Baby I pray you find peace among the broken pieces of your mind.
That which you claim to be whole

I pray you never have to torture anyone's heart
To console your own tortured soul

I have stuck my love together with glistening tears
and bear you no ill will at all

Sweet baby of mine, I pray you heal
from the black pain you projected on me like nightfall

Be safe baby and I pray you find peace  
for in the cage of your heart there's a door to release.

By #TinaRSH
And now life has shown its cards..and here I am..all broken and tattered with a heart that loved too much.
Meg Jul 2017
We met in 5th grade from a dare
You and I both had strawberry colored hair
I had blue eyes, but yours always reminded me of jade
You told me you'd always come to my aid
Remember when you told me who you were born to be?
And we both got on the topic about becoming free
You would let me call you late during the night
But if you were caught up too late your parents would bite
They weren't nice to you
I remember the day you came to school with your entire face blue
For years I wrapped myself around your traits
Drowning myself in the ***** feeling you gave off
Soon you realized how difficult my disorder was
You told me our fight had to do with me being the cause
For the first time I saw the crimson red I remembered you spoke of before
You found out and from then on you swore
We were too close to be torn apart
It felt like the only true thing connected was our heart
We both dealt with bullies and people who didn't understand why we wanted to be different
We could hear all the whispering
They didn't phase me and you
But as we neared 7th grade, everything turned blue
I then introduced you to her
You seemed happier than you ever were
I remember seeing her cheat on you
You told everyone you had to leave school because of the flu
If I had listened
If I hadn't created such a distance
I wouldn't still be seeing the crimson red
The obsession that you left behind for me to spread
Lavina Akari May 2016
i am not a human, i am a mirror.
i have no identity, there is no 'me'
do you like what you see?
grace Sep 2015
dried blood bonds your jeans
to your skin
bright red gashes
where scar tissue had been
ripping fabric away
for beads of blood to bloom
head in your hands
on the floor of your bathroom
0 days clean
the relapse into madness
knowing you're ******
from the first tally
stinging showers
and red bathwater
drowning yourself in
symptoms of your disorder
red becomes a drug
pain becomes a solace
stuck in a cycle
of destruction to calmness

0 days clean

is an end

of a beginning
poem about what it's like to relapse
pixels Aug 2014
The jingle-jangle of pills,
in a bottle, now in the trash.
The honey-sweet scent
of liquor in a glass.

The eye-searing shine
of an untouched blade.
The Cheshire cat grin
of a boy who doesn't know my name.

Should come with a CAUTION sign.
tw: daily struggles.
Rachael Marie Apr 2014
Built in my mind
Who are you who seems so divine
Driving out everything dark
With you I take part
Why do you seem so real, when I cannot see
When people ask who I am talking about, I see me
How is it that you appeared
At one of the moments I thought death was near
You are the one who never says goodbye
You are the one who shares my eyes
Me and you make a pair
Everyday we breathe the same air
What I know is for us to learn
Too touch you is something I yearn
Talking to myself against all odds
You my friend, right my wrongs
No matter where you go you always see.
What is within, what is the best of me
Through your invisibility.

— The End —