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Shakti Asana Jul 17
I will fight for you
I will write for you
sing my song
for you
for you
I will sing my songs of healing,
sing my songs
my true love...

I will write for you
I will fight for you
In my heart
in my arms
you belong.

I have a right to you.
From several lifetimes through
to this one where we met, and love began


I will write for you.
Will you write me too?
Will you use the same words now as you did then?

Will you fight for me, as I fight for you?
Fight to hold onto the joy we share.

Rest now, my love.
My darling, my dove.
Aphrodite has nothing on you.

Rest your head, my weary prince.
Let me take off my dress.
And hold our hearts together until we melt.
Completed naked, wrapped in a bright yellow sheet, with my energy rising. So grateful for the gift of words, but so aware of their failings. If you, reading me, resonate with these words and with my energy, then we are in alignment, probable soul mates. If you find my words ****, unappealing, or judge my writing maturity, then we are simply not in alignment. It means nothing about you and nothing about me. Go thy way and drink from a well that is more fulfilling. I am healed. I fear no rejection. To all who read this, I love you. I love you. I love you.
I want to see the dreams you have of you and I when you sleep,
Confessions you wont even admit to yourself outloud because nothing exists if it only exists in your head.
I want to know the things you think i already do,
They seem more like given truths rather than things better left unsaid
Sing to me the poetry you write me in your head,
so i know there's truth to the madness in my own rhyme.
I didnt know another tune could be so familiar
Never expected to pass someone and see a mirror where his face should be
Never thought it would be a place id see.
May be
You are right

It will start
A pale moon light
To the new rhythm
Of the same old beats

There is a time
Nerves get amused

Then after
Genre: Clinical romance
Theme: TGIF || A better Human Project
You are
My kind
That is enough
To defend
Genre: Romantic
Theme: The same wavelength
Sobbingsoul May 15
No matter how far
My mind and the body
I find me and you
At the same place
In our burning hearts
Where our eyes
First Locked
Soul united as one
Fell in love
For eternity
This endless journey
Goes on and on
Beyond this world

Sobbingsoul May 16
Empty space in my heart
Can never  be filled
With anything but you
Nothing compares to you

In your absence
I am always feeling blue
You pull me to my deepest core
Making our soul unite
I realize
Our connection is so strong and true

Maddie Rea May 7
I can’t even think to for the words for you, so many so little time..

I’m sorry: for being even a blip in your existence

For taking you away from your course

That I’m leaving a stain in your memory

For wasting as much time as I already have

You’re sleeping next to me tonight

That I won’t be your sacrifice

I won’t be able to give you our demon spawn

That I allowed myself to love you

I say you’re the most beautiful I’ve ever seen

I’m so ******* stupid

For absolutely loving our ***

Because I accepted you with ease

That we have a divine connection

I couldn’t help you help yourself

The others before me hurt you so bad

For not being able to give you the world

My emotions get out of hand

That sometimes I just don’t understand

I have shown you a different light

This will be our last fight

It’s our last night

But I have to stop there because you would tell me I’m making it about me or not trying to understand you

But tonight I will be selfish and I will say my side even if no one sees this

I’m so happy I got to fall in love with you even if you, as you say, don’t love me

You are the best I will ever have in bed; you hold me all through the night; our *** is unreal, the way you can make my body feel

You listened when no one would and wouldn’t when everyone could lend an ear

I haven’t had any serious nightmares since being with you but I’ll lay it out right I have nightmares every night

You make me feel unstoppable, I never would have felt that without you

The amazing things we seen and the earth shattering things you allowed me to dream

The way you made me scream acting out my fantasies

Purple spotted skin from the **** you were not into; including ******* on me

Feeding into my multiple personalities, allowing them to learn how to love and it’s ok for little Maddie to be

Letting Maddie roam free, mushroom hunting and ******* me

Telling me you actually enjoy my poetry; making me feel motivated and free

I love your soul and every personality including Zero... even if he wants to **** me

Nights and days in the cemetery; that night you grabbed my back, the nap that could’ve lasted an eternity make me believe

Most of all showing me that this reality is just another dream; coming to know me you know how I exit my dreams

So I’m sorry to say this will be our last memory because tonight I will finally give into my urges to bleed

I don’t intend to die but sometimes I can get a little extreme and hopefully tomorrow I might wake to a dream within a dream

I wouldn’t get my hopes up though because it will probably just be a cold reality
My God, My Fallen Angel, My Eternity. I love you more then I could ever imagine loving another. I truly hope your my twin flame, to meet again in another life, waiting for eternity to be your wife.
Maddie Rea May 6
This depth and darkness the hollowness that comes with you separating from me

How do I explain my love for you complete and whole

Your my fluid I’m your ground

Walking the path paved with daggers will our steps ever stagger

I’m not sure our feet are so calloused

Are you ready to take this flight with me

We can lose it all but I’m ready

Medication not needed

Fate now in our hands

Are you ready to step off this cliff

Lightning green flowing to me red string over coming you

Our power combined we are the true divine we can stop time are you ready
Sobbingsoul Mar 28
Inside of me
Lives part of you
In my breath
Your fragrance
Filling my essence
Lingers forever
Neither I see you
Nor I hear
At times
This pain
Hard to bear

Sobbingsoul Mar 27
Hold me
In your heart
I will
Keep you
In my breath
Lock me
In your eyes
Of ours

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