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Meg B May 17
I must’ve known you in a past life
You feel so familiar
Even when I didn’t know that I knew you
I knew
There was something in the way
The warmth radiated from your skin
Caramel macchiato I drank you in
The baritone of your laugh
You were so familiar
Yet we had just met
Your silhouette
Was one I had seen before
But not in this lifetime
Were you mine in another one?
Slipping through my fingers like silk
Always one grasp away
But you’re never gone
The way you remain like the rain
Soaking grass in spring
And I’m thirsty for you
For endless nights talking in darkness
Till light came in again
And never running out of words
But even as we spoke it felt so deja vu
Don’t I already know you?
How do you know me so well?
Like your code is written into my cells,
I feel you on a molecular level
Your soul intertwined in mine
But never fully actualized in this timeline
Years and years come and go
But your “aww” and chuckle never fade,
I hear it like you smiled that way you do
Like it was yesterday
Time a construction that doesn’t function
In the realities in which I know you
I have known you
You’ve been mine and I yours
In lifetimes before
In present, eyes closed I manifest
My me’s and your you’s
Subconscious whispers traveling
Through time and space
Dimensions unknown
But I know
It’s you and you know
It’s me too.
tenielle Apr 30
dreaming of your embrace,
blind to the sight
of the inevitable burns
you have been cursed with
through my touch.

we love like the sun
and the moon.
a beautifully
hopeful love;
a despicably
fruitless fate.
we knew it would burn
Swoo Apr 6
Even as a statue without being hand crafted by the architecture she would mach it. Molded in a sway like detail, whoever designed this woodworks would be amaized howmuch she perfectly blanded with it. A melody of nature's rhythm flowing from her hair to her shoes. She was a sensational feel.💋🌹❤️😍📳📳📳🙏🏾 Off the woodworks -Swoo
This's a summary of time

Minds in sync
Hearts in sync
Souls cohere
Dopamine surge
Gaze synapsed
Luscious air
Blush and smile
Silence heard
I was there
You were there
And in the very moment
It was us
With all being

I am you
And you are me
In knowing you
I have known myself
This is all

I want to show you
What you've been missing
All the possibilities
We will reach
To the places
You've only heard of
All the way
And the journey begins
Bridging forever

That simple
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: I was, till I met you
Author's Note:I believe the possibilities living in the land of certainity.  In the subtle movement, the only conscious thought that holds  is to honor your presence.
I want to believe you are mine, as the fellow in the journey of hope, binding your divine soul to mine.
I empower you.
You empower me.
Lyss Brianne Mar 7
I have always been weary
of putting names in my poems
in fear that I will never be able to take
my confessions back
but when is a good day to tell you
that I have loved you in every lifetime

In the past we were entangled in each other

One life we were shooting stars
another we laid lazily in fields of wildflowers
a love too strong to explain through words
so we didn’t speak
instead you embodied the beauty of spring
a way to remind us of those April days
when nothing existed outside of each other

We hid our love behind buttercups and daisies
maybe that’s why I love to bring you flowers
to feel the flicker of a spark we shared
in a lifetime so long ago

In another lifetime we read quietly together
over coffee in smoky French cafe’s
we underlined passages
that we would read each other in secret
our love withstanding a time
when it was criminal to look at one another
with the type of love we shared

I don’t know if I have ever loved you loudly
there are no muscle memories
of me shouting your name from rooftops
or unapologetically holding your hand
without fear of repercussions
—even now I don’t know how to form the words
“I love you”
without looking around to see who’s listening
even after all this time I love you in secret
I still can’t put your name in my poems
but i promise in one of our lifetimes
I’ll write your name in every poem
and tell you that I’m in love with you out loud
someday the words
won’t feel stuck in my throat
but I hope that’s in a lifetime sooner than later
In your eyes I see it all, in your smile you make me fall.
Fall to the depths of the deepest ocean, when no man has tread ground.
I'm wrapped up, tethered and by your love bound.
It's not pretty clear to me how you're really feeling, but I know from where I'm standing I can see that you could use some healing,
I'm here, my arms are open but I know you have to do it alone, just know I'm one call a way and you know there's no place like home.

Coz when you need me just close your eyes and I'm there, reach out your with your heart and I promise I'll appear.
Feel the wave of energy and my unconditional love and believe and have faith that we're guided by above.

It's destiny that brought us here every life we spent together, you know we're meant to beat the patterns, learn the lessons and handle this stormy weather. None of it can beat us, nobody or nothing, I can't stop my heart yearning from something so deep within.

It's all been divinely guided and I see that now it's crystal, it's about remembering who I was, letting go and discovering the metaphysical. I had to face my shadow do the work and start a new, I feel the fire that burns in me burns bright within you too.

We are forever burning brightly together no matter where we are, you make me feel safe you are my guiding star.
The same cosmic dust, the other half of my soul, when I think of you I can't  help but feel completely whole.

So my dear mirror I thank you for reflecting me so I had to look really close and accept who I'm supposed to be.
I am beautiful, I am powerful I am tough, I learned that no matter what I come across I am enough.
I am creative, I am intelligent, I am so very strong,
I had put myself through so much for  way too long.
I am courageous, I am smart I am so very brave.
I am worth enough for my soul I have to save.

So come to me in this realm we have so much we have left to do, I've travelled so far across the cosmos and I'm being pulled so magnetic to you.
Your lips belong on mine,
Your hand in my hand,
Those shivers down your spine,
Our universe to expand.

I have waited thousands of years and I think you know it too.
To unite and never part again our karma to renew.

My twin I love you.

Trish Feb 3
The love I gave was not enough to make you stay
With fear of commitment and pressure on yourself
A clear response to leave long-term talking stage
Relationship at the wrong time with the right person—
Rather a splash of cold water of trauma to uncover

Separation is a necessity to be our own better version
A hope that we both know could possibly happen
Let everything go as it is and trust divine timing
If the universe says we are destined for one another—
our love will last for a lifetime without definition

For now, I know my love it must have been tough
Someday you will hear me say to you dearly—
"The moon is beautiful isn't it?"
My recent thing with someone makes me think that it could possibly a wrong time with the right person, or it could be not. During the quarantine, I spent too much time on witchtok and the common definition of twin flame struck me the most. Which I ended up using as my main theme and ended it with a Japanese poetic way of saying "I love you" which is
Megan Jan 19
its difficult being without you
in ways i could never have thought of
in so many i am grateful
but in others i am destroyed
its you,
in the shadow of my psyche

maybe i found happiness in your smile
or the way you made me feel grounded,
the way you touched my soul
losing you is not easy
losing you is like leaving part of myself behind
but its that part i need to let go of
and in the act, i will grow stronger
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