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Rivers flowed from my eyes
Into the seed within my heart
I nourish the seed with the well of love
right now I am in a drought
I long to soak in water through my soil
I long to spread my roots through this dry soft land
I long to sow truth
this is my intent
I long to rise up and bloom
I long to open my petals and taste the sunlight
I yearn to bask in the warmth of your rays of love
until we meet again I sleep and dream of you beneath my petals
Shakti Asana Jun 17
Wait for me.

I will make it worth your while.

I dream of you

Your face lit with the afternoon sun

Coming into my arms

Smelling of freshness and wonder

To hold your hair in my hands
To taste your lips once again

Wait for me.

My darling.

The more I tried
to pull away
The harder I crashed
into you

And that's how I knew
That's exactly
how I knew
Taz Apr 8
Sun kissed skin
Honey brown eyes
This woman, I idolize
She is a wonderful surprise
Day in, day out
This angel,
Makes my heart beat out of my chest
She is nothing like the rest
Unique & sweet
Loving as can be
Like I said before, she is an angel I adore
In this world I could ask for nothing more
For her in my arms
My lucky charm
My other half, I may say
I cherish this woman every day
Intoxicating smile that catches you at hello
Her vibe keeps you feeling mellow
A kiss that sends chills down my body
A feeling I will always miss
A feeling that puts me at bliss
Her hugs so warm & safe
The sad world, is not so sad when she is in-front of me
In fact, the world absolutely disappears
Nor the good, the bad, or the in-between
Leaving two souls falling whole
Never wanting to let go
Hand in hand
Hearts in another
I fall for her everyday
Feeling like summer I may say
When her passionate side comes about
Almost every emotion I have screams out
****, yet lovely
Her intelligence is my key
A mind so beautiful, I am blessed to see
Fiery, fierce spirit
No other woman could even get near it
Determined to the bones
This woman feels like my home.
Written By: Lauren Dolbow
JW Feb 7
you burn me
yet you soothe my wounds with your words

i set you on fire
and then lead you to the river

you are the flame
offering the light to find my way

i burn you
and abandon you in pain

you set me on fire
then hand me the oil

i am the flame
you try to escape

we destory
to build back up

together we burn brighter
our fire shining bloodred

together we create a flame so high
it swallows our surroundings

we stand in the middle of the ashes
and look at each other
a couple of days after writing this i talked to this person (who doesn't know about this) and they said to me: "we tear each other down to build us back up" - and we stood in the middle of the ashes and looked at each other
S Bharat Dec 2019
Twin Flame

Thou walk abreast
And take me to thee
I forget the rest
For thou art with me

I listen to my name
And thy whisper to me
I sense thy flame
For thou art in me

Thou offer me love
And fill heart with glee
Thou art my dove
For thou art but me

S. Bharat
The first day
I saw you
was the day
I found home

A home
where I
can feel
safe and
at peace
for Lewis
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
You deserve
Gives up

You deserve
The One
Who embraces
Your soul

You deserve
That One
Keeps you

You deserve
The One
Who listens
Who replies
Who feels like home

The rest is
Upto you
Genre: Observational
Theme: What you deserve || For your honesty
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2019
You are welcome
To stay
In the thought
And be there
In the verses
As long as
You like

Even if
You leave
I will seek clauses
And scribe

You will still be
With me
All the time

Being Alchemist
I may have to build a bridge
Leading towards you
And have that patience
For a karmic timing
Gravitating towards us
And, you will know why?

At that moment
What will you do?
Will you be the same?
The only answer
You will be left
To listen to your soul

Welcome home
Where you meant to be
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Welcoming the muse
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