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KR Sep 8
Everyone is not meant for Greatness
Why can we not simply live?
Is life not to be enjoyed?
The simple things get overlooked
A simple happiness gets shunned
Why do we have to push?
We push our lives away from comfort
We push our loved ones away in a quest for one moment of light
We compare and contrast our lives
When did we stop being people?
People with sparks behind our eyes
People with a heart in full bloom
People where we all live in the sun of the day instead under the covers of night
We are no longer drops of sunshine, honeypies, and daisies.
We are zombies, vampires, and wraiths.
Do not shun kindess
Offer a smile and look up at the bright new day
I sat down with a stranger and offered conversation. He accepted but looked at me like I was crazy. I just like friendship and hospitality. What is wrong with that?
Paris Apr 8
I’ve had this feeling deep inside,
That I will get left behind,
I feel I need to run and hide,
But I know I should be kind.

I try to distract my self,
From all the stress and tears,
It may not be good for my health,
But I continue to cover my ears.

I keep telling myself it’ll be okay,
That the voices are not here to stay,
That the demons are here to play,
And that it’ll all go away.

I smile and laugh so no one will know,
All these horrors will come and go,
I will continue to keep it on the low,
And learn to let my emotions flow.
Anna Apr 3
This is not a fantasy book.
This is not a story were the girl gets her prince and the boy slays the dragon.
This is not a story with a wicked witch or magic shoes.
This is real life.

The girl paints on a smile and the boy drinks away his fears.
The dragons are our deepest darkest thoughts.
The wicked witch is our crippling depression.
the magic shoes are just shoes we wear to make us seem like we have life handled.
This is real life.

This is not a movie where everyone lives happily ever after.
This is a world were some people don't even live.
This is a place were people are just surviving.
This is real life.
Sometimes our journey seems like a fairy tale but for the majority of the time it is filled with pain,stress, and anxiety.
Show me...
There are so many thing about you that people don't see
They try to show you their issues
Compared to what some people go through, their "issue" isn't really an issue at all

You want to scream, shout, rant, rave
Anything you can do to make them listen

They don't care
You try to be open
To be honest
...They Shrug it off

I guess what you have to say isn't that important to them

That's it
That's the breaking point
You let it all out

Show me!
Show me how this isn't so bad
Show me a time when you wanted to slit your wrists and make your suffering end

Show me!

Show me a time when you were stripped away from your family
Show me a time when you were placed in the foster system at, not even, two years old

Show me!

Show me a time when you felt unloved......unwanted
Show me a time when you found out two of your closest friends are suicidal
Show me the scars on your wrist from each time you tried something

You can't!
You don't have any

Show me a time when you were ripped apart
Unable to figure out who you really are
Show me a time when your parents tried to kick you out at 16
Show me a time when you felt so lost all you could see was the darkness

Show me!
**** it!
Show me already!

Show me a time when you woke up crying from a nightmare
Where one of the people you love the most was the person who caused your death

Show me a time when you would just sit in your room, alone, and cry until you felt sick
Show me a time when your closest friend stabbed you in the back...multiple times

Show me!
I'm begging you
Show me!

But you can't
You haven't experienced it

Show me you know what this type of pain feels like
Show me you know how it feels to cry yourself to sleep for weeks on end
Show me a time when you almost lost who you were
Show me a time when you almost gave up everything you believed in

You can't
You don't know what I'm talking about

Beneath the surface of my harsh exterior, there is a girl
And she is struggling

She is fighting a war the only way she knows how
She is breaking apart
Trying so hard to put herself back together...only to be broken again

See how she feels through her eyes
See things the way she does

For her
It's dark

That's how she feels
She struggles to find a silver lining

But if you don't look past the surface, you will never know

You will never know she's breaking
You will never know she's falling apart
You will never know the battles she fights daily

You won't know unless you look beneath the surface
When you finally do, let me know what you find
Most of what is talked about in the poem has happened in my lifetime, as well as to some of my friends.

"Don't judge my story by the chapter you walked in on."-Unknown
Katie Miller Mar 28
I'm sorry... is this not "real life"? I must have walked through the wrong door. You see: I walked through the door that had the word "reality" engraved across it's chestnut wood. I walked through the door that had the burning handle so hot it branded me with the truth on my palm when I turned the ****. I walked through the door that was jammed shut with the stuffings of lies that I've told myself for the past how ever many centuries. I walked through the same door that you did, seemingly, since that was the only door that I saw. So how, excuse me for asking, is your reality any more "real life" than mine? You tell me that I should be preparing for the "real world" but how is this not real enough for you? If this isn't the real world than how does anyone survive real life. Just because we're kept in an institution that shoves unnecessary knowledge down our already tear-choked throats doesn't mean this isn't real. Just because we don't know how we feel about the crazy world around us doesn't mean this isn't real. Just because you can't seem to respect us like we respect the rest of you doesn't mean for one second that this isn't real. I sincerely apologize if you've been put under the false pretense that I'm living a fairy-tale because I'm not. I sincerely apologize if, this whole time, you thought that I was writing the perfect dream poem of love for myself, because I wasn't. I sincerely apologize if you saw me and thought that I was some fantastic princess who smiles and sings to birds, because I don't. I don't understand how you don't think this isn't real life because I certainly do. So does the girl who doesn't even want to live anymore, this is real life to her and it hurts her. So does the guy who just killed himself because he can't handle the academic rocks that settle in his stomach when he hears the words "high school" or "homework". I certainly think this is real life, or are the lines on my wrists just plots to another princess story you were told when you were young. Are the scars just the structural integrity for the castle you dreamed of as a little kid with pointed roofs. I certainly think this is real life because tripping into love and falling out again hurts us just as much as it hurts you. I certainly think this is real life because my stress is just as heavy as yours it just goes by a different nickname. Call it academic or peer or life but stress is stress and my threshold has a different line than yours. Don't tell me this isn't real life just because your fire-breathing dragon breathes fire that burns brighter blue than mine. Don't tell me this isn't real life just because your hair has to be longer to let down and to climb up. Don't tell me this isn't real life just because you're prince-charming took longer to rescue you than mine did. Because I am my own dragon. I am my own ladder to climb. I am my own prince-charming and I'll save myself from this life. Because this is real life, and if it isn't, then I'm never going to make it.
I hate when people tell me that I should be preparing for "real life" as if high school love, anxiety, depression, heartbreak, and heartache aren't real enough. That's why I wrote this. Ta-da
Behind the scenes
In the closet
It’s all the same
I’m stuck
No one supports me
The real me
The one I can only show friends
I don’t want to hide it
Not from my family
But I have to
They wouldn’t understand
They’d just say “I’m being selfish”
Or “I don’t understand”
But I’m not dumb
I understand everything perfectly
I know who I am
And who I like
No one can change that
Hopefully people will accept me
For me
Maybe I won’t have to hide
I can finally be true
Unlike most people
It’s relaxing
Finally knowing
Who I am
The mystery is solved
I know me
Who I am was finally
I wrote this about me realizing that I’m a bigender pansexual.
everywhere we go it’s numbers that control us
the number in our bank account
the number on our test
the number on our scale
everywhere we go we let that number decide for us
the number of likes
our number of friends
why should a number decided if we’re happy?
ᏦᏗᏖ Feb 23
It is so crazy how much I can invest in someone.
How much love and affection I constantly give.
How much time and effort I hand out whenever they’re upset or in pain.
My question is who is there for me?
Who will give me the same amount of love and affection I constantly hand out for free?
I’m not Oprah.
Who is gonna give me the time and effort I deserve?
I’m not a ….
11.22.18 - 2.22.19

This week marks
three months gone
of thousands of months
I plan to live

The day I gave myself
to the comfort of my True Father
instead of to the discomfort
Of a Blade.

I now ignore that sense of lust
for the sight of my own blood
the addiction I found
in spreading lies across my arms

I've given up the sense of calm
I found in watching my skin heal again
Reminding me that I was utterly human
yet somehow invincible

Except I wasn't...

Every time I glided a tool across my arms
or my thighs
or my stomach

I was shoveling myself
into a deeper hole
And while I was at the bottom
Someone was at the top
Filling it in,
not knowing that someone...
That I was inside of it.

As I cried tears of hurt
With the person who cared,
Someone handed me down a ladder.

But I had to choose to climb out
I had to decide if I wanted to stay in darkness
Or release myself to the light...
not the bad light that you see as you die
but the good light you see when you discover
that you are noticed and you are loved

Because isn't that why this whole thing started
Because I felt invisible
Because I was not just one of many
but I was the last of many

Self harm is a trap
That wraps you up in the cold
But you never get fully warmed
Because you're always losing blood.

I'm three months separated
From the act of self-hatred
But I'm always just three steps away
From being right there again.

Strength. Determination. Love. Self Love.
Those are the things that keep me in check.
Mother, Brothers, Friends, Students
Those are the people that keep me safe
And warm... the real warm
Not the fake warm that comes from being wrapped up
In a nice thick blanket.
But the real warm
That could make your heart swell
Even when you're alone.
3 months self harm free
Navpreet Kaur Jan 26
You see them under your bed
When you are standing
In front of the mirror

It's just up to you
If you want to fight it
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