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Ormond Oct 27
Under fish scale skies—breaks the sun,
In myriad eyes, beamed longing across
Stupendous arcs in highest procession,
As we make our way in glittering dream.

Under quilted clouds, in rains we swim,
Wrapped in fibers and whim, a webbing
Embrace and steeples of mind to shim,
As we enter the waters from a shooting.

As child we ask, 'do we return to whence
We came, or do we end, after days, time,
Thru sorrows and bliss and sleep but lent,
Balm for us to bear loss of spent dream'?

Under winking stars and full faced moon,
We sing our songs writing a story loosed
And pray our hands, to a feather will turn,
As we make our way thru glittering dream.
Hate is so hard to conquer, every single day
When half of my hate is sent my own way
Love is hard to acquire, when I lack a face
That keeps the pride to tie my own lace

I cannot wake up in the morning
With a valid reason
So, I bide my time adorning
My mind’s acts of treason
The seasons fly

And I will be conquered
Like a fly
Beholden to its scroll of anatomy
Dissecting its brother
And niece

And now I careen
Cajole myself
Into callow hedonism
Shallow as it may be
It is profound in its posture
And depraved at a glance

I will conquer the palms
With every ligament that moves
With every rotten tree groove
While my mother approves
I can only improve
My lonely psalms
The Qabalah balms
"When music fades, worlds live not long."

O'Bryan, Zacharias . Seven Poems and Songs from Spirit Thorn VeraVoz LLC. Kindle Edition.

Music suspended...
ether vibrates
melancholy lilting echo
notes strung together as beads on necklace

   sky to earth
Notes into raindrops
songs into dew
   fall on the grass and rose petals
   Look closely
   look again
   yes, again
     in that single fluid crystal drop
     hidden mysteries and revelation
   éclaircie - rendu plus clair
   (clarified made clearer)
     light through the prism
     golden ray passing through the single crystal drop bursting into color
     luminous fragments embedded as one filtered to reveal diversity
        So we as humans are
   one light
a thousand ray emanations particles
born of the            drifting,
falling to earth...

Ever changing yet part of the One
      that is ALWAYS
         the same
The last line to this just struck me...
Starched thoughts written in poetry, cold in it’s sober sensation, internal landscape inside flushed emotional states, it's a bullet in my soul.
A kiss to part from my past, it’s fatalistic but yet I have not forgotten it. I’m a slow burn shimmer, unveiling with my beauty and value.
Vaulting now, open when wanted for I never need to now.
Anya Sep 23
When you're little
and learning to grasp reality
Invisible friends
and fairy tales
are a common thing

But when you grow older
Do you actually grasp reality
Or are the mystical fairy chimes
in your head
just replaced with screaming?
This poem took a darker twist than I'd usually use but I wanted to test the idea out.
You baffle me with your many moods,
your stormy tempers,
your quirky outbursts,
your melancholic whining,
your calming melodies,
your soothing caresses,
the white turbulence that froths at your flustered soul!

Sensual colours of creation shimmer in your depth,
every drop carries the colours of your depth,
in the depth of your soul, you trance in stillness!

Your mystic charm mesmerises me,
I become a vestal drop that celebrates the mystery
that unfolds in your soul’s stillness!
Raindrops have long returned to their nests of ethereal clouds.
Few stayed here,
diamond drops scattered on
the white pearly glow of my bougainvillaeas,
immortalising the beauty of a mystic's smiles.
Dry grass smouldering,
smoke spiralling up the sky,
nostalgia solidifying in the heart
like rocks of scoria from boiling lava.

An eerie feeling oozing through the pores
forming drops of cool soothing light
holding me in its albino hands.

The colour of light –
is it phantom white, or
a potpourri of sensations?

I remember,
in my tender days
all colours were red.
An effervescent cherry-red radiance
coloured the passions of my heart.

Seven Seas confluencing in the soul,
water throbbing in the expanse of the sea,
sky emptying its azure desires in the sea,
stillness at the heart of the sea –
a placid cauldron of pure life!

That day I met myself -
the mystic in red radiance!
Andrew Sep 2017
Your physical contact makes a mystical impact
And your eye contact leaves me barely intact
So when I see your indifference I want to attack
The emotions my brain has foolishly stacked
But new information enters
Around you it's centered
To you I'm indentured
Mysticism is endured
On the end of your lure
There is no magical cure
For the thoughts you deem impure
So you drag me through the water
Morphing me into your unwilling otter
I'm pushed beneath the surface in your wake
I'm trapped in the penitentiary of your lake
By the spells I'm bound
In the **** I've found
Where my mind is a barbaric battlefield
Those I'm attracted to hide behind a shield
Those attracted to me I've buried in the sand
In between the two lies no man's land
Where a wandering mystic travels
I live in fear of his arcane gavel
That judges all things
Dematerializing kings
He searches for someone to elude
His magic bubble blocks the crude
Yet I'm magnetized to the magician
Who holds the key to my ignition
And although I'm just a misfit
I traverse toward mystics
Eureka Merton Aug 16
He is the sweet fragrance of a rose,
Smelt everywhere all the time
He is the Jasmine Breath
whose source cannot be found

I was a child...Searching for Him,
searching for this Source...
This intoxicating source of Love
I am pulled inside by its everpresent aroma

I swear this is what Infinity smells like, before it is birthed into form!

I could not find Him,
The source of my drunkenness
So I sat, defeated
With tears of sorrow and longing.

When The drop of love hit the ocean within,
Without warning, I heard a knock at my heart door
When I opened it
He said Hello!

all creation became a reflection
of the Flower of my Longing-
And the Source -
my Self
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