Ormond 7h

He walked through a wood,
Answering the trees,
Like some golden roustabout,
A Sophocles among nightshades,
Willows and the moving waters,
Wilderness wandered with he,
Wild in the sun as a freckled
Red headed lassie.

White butterflies waved their flags,
Surrendering to the murmurings
Bespoke in the sorrels and sores,
Waves of mumble wept into the winds,
Sands underfoot hushed by with him,
Birds above dreamed of no landings,
He could hear each word in their songs
Warbling in the briars and time poured
Its draught, fresh and dear as the first
Unearthly sunrise.

Quills be dragged over young tattered pages
Until dries off red ink, trapped in the cages
Stop constructing walls for the ocean's siege
Let flow, before witness thy dam's breach

Mystic904 Oct 9

Learning never ends
No matter how deep we dive
No one comprehends
A mystical path, everything's alive

No ordinary tends
Before has not abjured the hive
Exists a tomb in each bend
Meat from the fat one may rive

Scarcely a trend
At the end, shall he then thrive
Time, no one spends
In the state, one in a million may arrive

Mystic904 Oct 5

Ashamed when put their mistakes up
Flour needs water to strengthen it's parts
Hardens the belief when it bakes up
Appreciated is pure struggle in the carts

Mystic904 Oct 3

Dil em tang shuda azi dunya awlay che kunum
Purson maikunum, ini aale now che kunum

Naona ika thur nako da chaye janum
Faqat, aftiden da chaah,awlay che kunum

Heart's feeling full of this life, what to do?
Asking others, to these newbies, what to do?

Dip not fully the bread, you shouldn't do
Drowing in the well, now asking what to do?

c. Teeri


Botal Khuli Hai Raqs Mein Jam-e-Sharab Hai
Woh To Khaliq Hai Banda Parwar Hai

The bottle is open and dancing is the glass of wine
He is the Creator and the Benefactor so divine

Sari Duniya Ka Rab-e-Akbar Hai
Mera Sarmaya-e-Hayat Na Pooch
Ek Saqi Hai, Ek Sagar Hai

God of entire creation He is so Great
On source of my life, what can I state?
Cup-bearer is One & Sole, and so is the bowl

✒ Translated by ℐamil Hussain , Sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Mystic904 Sep 24

Metals when combined, turn into alloys
Men with exceptional perspectives visualize
Retinas uncover hoaxes, merely fake toys
Say witnessing the mirage, awakens realize

Mystic904 Sep 16

The burial isn't worth to pour our hearts in
A place to learn lessons, not an exhibition to live in

Down your head for the Truth and dive in
Why afraid? committed a greater sin?

Take the chance, relax and sit in
Shy? In front of The Lord ye believe in?

Its okay to make mistakes the time period you live in
Go down on your knees, pray till you breathe in

Cry till create floodings of sin into the trash bin
The chest shall open then to let the light in

Repeat and repeat the process to feel in
Divinely power which the veins fill in

A step closer towards the Eternal Truth...
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