Vexren4000 May 17

The bracken stretches,
Its many arms out onto the land,
Puffing up and attempting,
To outgrow his brothers,
Vying for the sweet light,
That only the strongest may indulge in,
The succulent nutrients of sunlight,
So that they may survive,
For yet one more day,
To hopefully,
Drop seeds,
To compete all over again.

Vexren4000 May 14

The lemons, sour,
In their unique sort-of way,
Ripening upon the lone lemon tree,
That stands atop the verdant hill,
The hill that looms behind,
The home of the simple farming family.
Standing watch over the serenity,
Afforded by the lack of urbanization.

Vexren4000 Apr 24

Only statues,
Parts of faded fables,
Forgotten by humanity.
The statues of societies,
Decaying and folding to moss and mold,
Not yet gone,
with nature chipping away at it,
The water eroding it,
One of the humans few,
Worthwhile contributions.

Ormond Apr 18

Crow in the sun so black,
You are blue, a dark shining
On the green innocent lawn.

Crow in the sun creeping,
On land you are awkward,
In the sky you are blotting.

Crow in the laze of the day,
Your eyes are unbalancing
In the gardens overgrown.

Crow in the sun so black,
You are shimmering dread,
On the green unkept lawns.

V Anne Apr 17

i wanted to learn your thoughts. like an astrologer studying the stars. seeking answers in the mystic. the unknown. to observe in pure adoration. i wanted to tattoo my name across your skin. a mark with a meaning. and memory. but you are tattoo shy. and you do not believe in the power of the universe. you do not commit. and so, i left. full of too many unanswered prayers. wishes gone un-granted. i left. maybe you were not supposed to be my next adventure.

Ormond Apr 12

Under fish scale skies—breaks the sun,
In myriad eyes, beamed longing across
Stupendous arcs in highest procession,
As we make our way in glittering dream.

Under quilted clouds, in rains we swim,
Wrapped in fibers and whim, a webbing
Embrace and steeples of mind to shim,
As we enter the waters from a shooting.

As child we ask, 'do we return to whence
We came, or do we end, after days, time,
Thru sorrows and bliss and sleep but lent,
Balm for us to bear loss of spent dream'?

Under winking stars and full faced moon,
We sing our songs writing a story loosed
And pray our hands, to a feather will turn,
As we make our way thru glittering dream.

Vexren4000 Apr 12

As the dawn breaks upon the kingdom,
Spiders retreat from the shine of the sun,
Dangling precariously over forest floors,
Looking for a pest for prey,
The castle glinting in the distance,
Built almost as if the woods had grown around it,
The ivory blindingly shining in the light.
Accents of gold and silver,
Run as veins across the great structure,
And as I stand here, Awestruck,
a rain of arrows begins to fall,
As the castle has detected an interloper,
And extermination is a must.


What should I compliment ?

The glory of your charming eyes
The royal
P  o  s  e

Your adoring cheeks
Your glowing hair
The divine lips alike
Delicate petals of a
R  o  s  e

✒ ℐamil Hussain


B u t
With you
I am so deeply and
So passionately
M e

✒ ℐamil Hussain

Ormond Apr 7

The mind awakens
Light of meditation shines
Sun on the water

The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.
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