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Dinamus Aug 2021
Writhing like a worm
Spent too much time
Basking in the sun
Baking my bones
In a bed of leaves
Laying with the stones
Buried like a seed
In pieces like the sky
Split by the clouds and breeze
In a dried lake of red
Where I rest my head
Danica Jun 2020
Falling inlove is a metaphor thing
-it's dangerous
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2020
Gift me with song
My darling flute-player
Gentle stirrings
Musical stimuli
Rouse the heavens
To extraordinary flight
Take me to the throes
Of immorality and back
The jetstream of which
Will glisten like gold
Upon your sacrificial lips
Tina RSH Oct 2018
Pearls keep descending from the sky
Rocks so taken over by the constant tedious attack of waves
with their greyish hue
and fierce fists
The abrupt slap of time
The thunder's wheezy cry
and the pending of a rusty boat say
the boatman's approach was due
but three hours have passed.
The bank is retired
and the moon burnt sands retreat
into the heart of ocean .
sharks feed on fresh flesh.
in awe of a blue tang's suicide note
My lover and I are sailing to the moon
to hunt down stars.
Malak S Jul 2018
I met a boy in a man’s body.
I saw sadness in his eyes and experiences wrapped around him.
He marked his skin as a reminder that no matter where he wanders, he is still in search of home
At times, when his eyes met mine, I felt like he could see right through me.
Maybe, no matter how many times his eyes met mine, he couldn’t tell what my mind wanted and what my heart needed.

I met a boy in a man’s body.
I felt like maybe, just maybe, he could save me.

I met a boy in a man’s body.
He wanted affection and love wrapped with a pretty bow, but I was nothing but disheveled gift paper.

I met a boy in a man’s body.
He captured women in timeless frames and their beauty transcended, translated into eternal flawlessness.

I met a boy in a man’s body,
But he didn’t let me in.
He opened the door just wide enough for me to look in.
I am not aware of the ghosts that haunt him in his sleep, nor the ones that keep him up at night.
I’m hoping he introduces us one day.

I met a boy in a man’s body.
He had a kind face & strong arms,
Capable of holding me together when I break, when I won’t seem to mend.

I met a boy in a man’s body.
He met me, a girl, in a hollow one.
We shared a few worries & sorrows that made us into who we are today.
They parted ways, unaware if they were to ever meet again.
Self explanatory really
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