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Laura Nov 2018
How tempting would it be
To be able to put it all in a jar.
All your words and your laughter.
Your smell and your touch.
So that I could open it once in a while
When we’re too far apart.
Just to feel a little closer.
Laura Nov 2018
One morning I woke up and decided that it was time.
I let go of all the hurt and all the tears, of all the sorrow and all the hopes you left behind. I took off my old skin like an old dress long forgotten in the corner of the wardrobe. I stood in front of the mirror and put on a new one. A brand-new dress shining in the colours of expectation and wonder. Made from happiness and self-love, sewed with curiosity and love. I walked down the streets and saw people looking at me, asking where to get a dress like that. Everyone has a dress like this, I said, it’s a dress for new beginnings.
Laura Nov 2018
I gave you a part of me.
I gave you one of my most important parts.
I gave you my trust.

(and all you did was crumpling it together and tossing it aside.)
Lily Flower Oct 2018
Pearls keep descending from the sky
Rocks so taken over by the constant tedious attack of waves
with their greyish hue
and fierce fists
The abrupt slap of time
The thunder's wheezy cry
and the pending of a rusty boat say
the boatman's approach was due
but three hours have passed.
The bank is retired
and the moon burnt sands retreat
into the heart of ocean .
sharks feed on fresh flesh.
in awe of a blue tang's suicide note
My lover and I are sailing to the moon
to hunt down stars.
Malak S Jul 2018
I met a boy in a man’s body.
I saw sadness in his eyes and experiences wrapped around him.
He marked his skin as a reminder that no matter where he wanders, he is still in search of home
At times, when his eyes met mine, I felt like he could see right through me.
Maybe, no matter how many times his eyes met mine, he couldn’t tell what my mind wanted and what my heart needed.

I met a boy in a man’s body.
I felt like maybe, just maybe, he could save me.

I met a boy in a man’s body.
He wanted affection and love wrapped with a pretty bow, but I was nothing but disheveled gift paper.

I met a boy in a man’s body.
He captured women in timeless frames and their beauty transcended, translated into eternal flawlessness.

I met a boy in a man’s body,
But he didn’t let me in.
He opened the door just wide enough for me to look in.
I am not aware of the ghosts that haunt him in his sleep, nor the ones that keep him up at night.
I’m hoping he introduces us one day.

I met a boy in a man’s body.
He had a kind face & strong arms,
Capable of holding me together when I break, when I won’t seem to mend.

I met a boy in a man’s body.
He met me, a girl, in a hollow one.
We shared a few worries & sorrows that made us into who we are today.
They parted ways, unaware if they were to ever meet again.
Self explanatory really
Débijonne May 2018
my mind a controlled chaos,
my heart an organised mess
beautifully painful are my emotions
i arguably acquiesce.
with my naturally strange company,
you’ll learn to deal with what life brings;
like the sad joys and sweet agonies,
with all the huge little things.
typically weird sometimes.
awfully good at acting natural.
i like small crowds in order to be myself
somehow, it is weirdly normal.
i’ve never told a lie, i am a liar.
i always busy myself with nothing.
i care deeply for humanity but
oftentimes, i loathe human beings.
my past experiences make me burn in tears,
i drown at the fire brought by
the aftermath of my unpleasant years.
so to protect myself,
i hate to love and love to hate.
just same differences, they create.
Lexeigh Evans Mar 2018
She's only yours until she not.

Everything beautiful can't stay forever so soon enough like a rose it rots.

All though there were so many guns that were being fired the only ones being hurt were the one's who shot the shot.

You expected her to stay at your side like a pet.

Treated her like a slave as I recall you saying you have no regrets.

You said you loved her but she sooner or later couldn't hear a thing because after the shots were fired she figured it was all a game.

She put all of her time into you like she was a reckless teen at an arcade.
She spent all of her coins and soon enough she realized she never once was repaid.

She thought she had your heart in her hate filled life that was the only thing she ever thought she had won.
She loved you so much and she thought you felt the same until you were the one behind the gun.

Although she hopped on one foot through a spike filled cave, and across the world then through dungeons, she came only to hear you once again call her name.
She still loved you and like a new song on the radio she was your favorite until a new one came on.
The static between the stations was I guess to far to reach because he said that their love was too far drawn.

Even though he had tricked her so many times, when she got in her car finally and changed the station she never again pressed rewind.

He was really confused because he thought he already had every one of her dimes but when she left the arcade he noticed not one tear did she cry.
Lexeigh Evans Mar 2018
Maybe it was the look in your eyes
Or the daring, cold air.

But everything about the moons light made your skin look more fair.
Your lip’s feel more soft, me more vulnarable
And your eye's  making these nights more rare.

Our small glances made me simply feel high and by the looks of the obnoxious smiles that we had, we both adored this night.

The trees grew a loving snare and that's when the stars  hinted me that you my love, still cared.

But the cracks in these old streets whispered to me, reminded me of my heart's oldest tear.
Everything went black for a moment then I woke up, the world tilted, and my blood pressure flared.

Looking at my given up hand sideways across the cold ground I realized all this was, was everything I hoped for fooled into a dream.

I got up yet my feelings took a shake, I loved you it seemed.

As soon as I felt something was missing, something was gone. This "something" was different to... I soon enough noticed that the thing that was missing was you.
Lily Flower Feb 2018
Star, Scarred, barred from gleaming
beaming to the world, seeming
as if light has the ultimate might
to shower the glassy body with power
of being, seeing the present as it is
or is not, but cut off from the sky
Star marred, far away from home
roams, the sky in wanderlust and sorrow.
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