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Tina RSH Apr 13
I have had to dig my heart deep
with the shovel of your cruelty
buried our memories with stifled weeps
and in that,still, I find a kind of beauty

Some say I'm a slave to love, to others I'm only a fool
Neither know to have loved alone is a rare gift
For my heart is an engine and love is its fuel
with my feet on the ground, not hovering nor adrift.

It is with grief now that I bid you farewell
but who says in that there is no charm?
Our times together now in another time dwell.
A time that can cause none any more harm
Ariel Wadyese Feb 2020
He’s been going through these phases.
Because everyday he lives his mind changes, rearranges.
Swear it’s just like a seed,
oh yes it’s growing indeed.
But unlike Adam and Eve,
he keeps the fruits on the trees, sheesh.

His mind’s been neglected for a minute,
started reading all these books and yet that still ain’t fix it.
Trying to figure out the world, the universe and the pearls.
All the beauty in the matrix can be found in a girl, or a diamond.
The stars and constellations of Orion,
yes it does get deeper think we need a little silence.


Swear he’s been going through these phases,
because everyday he lives his mind needs homeostasis and patience.
I think he needs it for his phases,
each year I age it’s like I grow a couple faces, replacements.

For all the egos he was raised with,
with mad foundations Neanderthals couldn’t “cave in”.

“cave in”.
“cave in”.
A poem about the progression we all go through in life through the lens of an analytical mind. R.A.P. ( Rhythm and Poetry )
John McCafferty Jan 2020
Aspire to respire
Find a frame from deep beneath
Calm the calling to concede
Push beyond lessons learnt
Grown in ways
which blood can't reach
Silent whispers in rhythmic beat
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Danielle Nov 2019
there's no one quite like it
the voice in your head
it tells you you're pretty
than tells you you're dead
there for you in silence
there for all the pain
it picks up the pieces
it cut out of your brain
sick with the flu and gotta wake up at 6 am.
Hannah Christina Nov 2019
Sea of rubber, storm of rock
Ponder endless, mudslide thoughts
    Until I
cannot see

Batter, torment, carry, pour
Solid things are shifting shores
I cannot hear

Sighs are monsters, out from under
Mud is made of every mutter
Thunder fades into more thunder
    Avalanche demands

All of what you thought was peace
deserts to deserts underseas
the grains of sand
climb past  your knees

    and now i cannot think

I used to hide from walls of rock
  or shrink into a corner;
    at least
    is solid set
I forgot about this one and completely re-wrote it today and I had the best time playing with the structure and sounds.
Jay Sep 2019
Don't you think we'd be better off,
Just tryin' to tie it all up in a knot,

Can't you find a better way,
If you got a word or two that you need to say?

Yeah I don't think,
It's healthy,
To be stuck,
So please tell me,

The answer,
To our problem,
Is to not fall,
To the bottom.
keep on movin up friends
Jay Aug 2019
I'm tossin' around,
I feel like a clown,
The world's rollin' over me

I'm goin' to town
I keep fallin' down
This atmosphere's killin' me

It's been a long day
And the night is gettin' longer

I ain't no alley cat
Or a black and white striped robber

I need to go to bed,
So I'll wake up in a morn,
With some pepper in my step,
Feelin' like I've been reborn
But the clock is tickin' by
And the well is gettin' dry
So let's all go to sleep
For a while.
blues blues blues, I'm feeling blue
Ron Conway Dec 2018
Love is a dance ..two..three chance ..two romance ..two..three
Hearts beat so fast ..two..three vast ..two the last ..two..three
Movement and rhythm split light through a prism becomes something more
Temperature rising the future devising becomes something more
Love is a dance. Take a chance Life enhance ..two..three
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