death doesn’t scare me anymore
there are worse things

empty has no hope
deserts are formation
breath is shallow
cold is paralysing, heat without relief
utter exhaustion

death doesn’t scare me anymore
there are worse things

empty has no hope
eddies progress in formations across the ground
scratching around in the earth
rivulets of dust fan out across the surface
grinding and polishing the soul

death doesn’t scare me anymore
there are worse things

empty has no hope
profound nothing
only pain makes this real
but it is fleeting and empty seeps back in
there is no self-worth

death doesn’t scare me anymore
there are worse things

this lesson has been hard
it has been lonely
the empty has been necessary
there is no point lower
now the ground is stable

death doesn’t scare me anymore
there are worse things

empty has no hope
tumbling through a wash cycle of dust
and nothing
I have already died
been to my own funeral
mourned my passing, grieved for months
walked through a valley of half-life in shadow
and have come out the other-side

deserts are lessons
and I am not scared anymore


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Tashea Young Dec 2016

Has the close of day ever have you morph into something you were not meant to be as if you were Optimus Prime.
And The darkness strikes you like Evening skies strikes the earth at 9.
And like a scared baby you whine?
And you become Depressed like a prisoner who screams for help from the bars they are locked behind.
Trapped in box space in a moments time whose senses are growing blind as The negative thoughts chills the spine.
Dont be The Inmate Whose thoughts put you in a place to be confined.
Go to Your that happy place In your mind
and Reverence The One Who is Truely Divine in that peaceful place of Shrine.
Because The battle for right choices begins in our minds.

Inspired by

2 Timothy 1:7 - For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
Bethany G Blicq Dec 2016

My friend said

that only the tigers survive;

I ask,

what if a tiger helps all the others survive;

will the tiger remain as a tiger;

will the tiger still survive?

I will find the answer.


Maybe my friend was right,

Maybe tigers cannot help anyone.


To get to the top,

You have to be ruthless and brutal.

I am not aiming that high,

I am just aiming to help others survive.

Written in 2016.
Bethany G. Blicq

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Bethany G Blicq Dec 2016

This was originally a blog post. The poem portion is below, but the poem is part of a story. Read on dear friends... URL to the original blog post and story is BELOW the poem.


Icarus had wings
Made of wax.

He flew towards the sun.
The basic premise.

He got too close.
He stayed too long.

His beautiful wings melted
And he fell down.

Nobody got a chance to ask him
If he regretted the fall.

He lost the chance to spend
The rest of time

Loving the sun. Loving the sky.
Loving his flight.


My wings were made of love.
The basic premise of my story.

My wings took me too high,
Too close to my own heart,

Too far to go back,
And I was too convinced I could keep going.

No distance was too far.
No fear too daunting.

The sun was hotter than I ever imagined.
More beautiful, inside and out, than I thought possible.

The sun burned me and tried to take my wings
Along with my soul.

Maybe it was not the sun's fault,
But the earth pulled me back and away

And my wings were lost
For a long time.

I might have been burned and scarred and broken,
But I survived my fall.

If anyone ever asks me if I regret it,
I would say no. Not one bit.

There may be nothing in my life
That I am further from regretting...

Though I try to push those thoughts away
And be grateful

For what the roller coaster
Of my life has blessed me with, during all of the highs,

And the lessons it has taught me
In all of the lows.

It is just like Frank Solanki said
In one of our conversations;

"Love brings with it
All sorts of joy and pain.

But it is an inseparable part of it.

The joy is a mountain.
Pain is just a molehill.

We focus too much on the hill
And forget all about the mountain.

That is not how it should be."


The only thing that ever did more damage to me than loving my ex,
Was loving the world.

The only thing more disappointing
Than realizing that my ex was a liar and never cared about me,

Was realizing that the world is full of liars
And hatred and violence and pile upon pile of shit.

It still surprises me that any one person
Could have such an effect on me.

Not so much surprising that waking up to many harsh and cruel realities
Could have such an effect on me.

My lesson is that it was all worth it.
It is all worth it.

Every day, knowing I will never be more happy or more sad
Than I am and have been.

Every day, missing someone and wishing for closure.
Begging for answers.

Every day, praying
That the person you love is happy.

Every day, digging deeper and deeper
For a truth that gets uglier with each passing second.

Every day, more horrified
By humanity.

I guess it was all a bit too much too handle, all at once,
And I was close to giving up.

I was close to slamming into the ground,
At full speed.

My heart was so heavy.
The pieces jagged and bloody.

At the last moment, when there was no hope left,
Was when I finally felt free.

Free from every desire, and every worry,
And every bit of pain and suffering.

I had nothing to lose.
Nothing to gain.

In that moment, my wings came back,
More magnificent than ever.

My heart
Became lighter than a feather.

I look back on that moment as the exact time
I decided to chase all of my dreams.

To stick around and use up every last remaining minute of this life
On something worthwhile.

To love life no matter what,
Because the good parts would not exist without the bad parts.

That is especially true in this case,
Although I meant in general.

Maybe I would never have fallen in love  with that man
If we both had not seen so many of the bad parts.

It was the moment that I took back my will to live,
And my will to be courageous and loving  and ambitious.

It was the moment I decided that no matter how hard my life or anyone in it
Pushes me down, I will just get back up again.

Maybe that decision was bold;
It seems it has been tested over and over ever since then.

"The meaning of life is to fall down seven times,
And stand up eight times."

Written in 2016
Bethany G. Blicq
LexiSully Nov 2016

The robin wakes to magnificent streaks of color across the sky,
But was too busy hunting worms to notice what was up high

She flies through emerald trees dancing in the slight breeze,
But dismissed it as nothing different than what she normally sees

She tends to her vibrant blue eggs as they get ready to hatch,
But fails to notice the importance of the batch

She sinks into the nest in the moonlight, just shutting her eyes,
But wait, what is way up in the sky?

Why, it is a shooting star, glistening and shimmering high above,
She smiles and is suddenly overwhelmed with God's love

In that moment, she realized that life had a meaning,
It was so much more than the hunting, working and cleaning,

It was meant to teach slowly through every new opportunity,
Until one day she and God will have complete unity.

Timothy Langley Jun 2016

A mindset of duty will make you survive.
A posotive outlook will help you to thrive.
A heart that is happy may one day turn sad.
A heart that is joyful will always be glad.
Joy is not a feeling, but a choice to be made.
Joy is a choice you must make every day.
A life based on feelings can have ups and downs.
A life based on mindset is constant and sound.
Joy does not mean that life will be easy.
But it means that in hardships you still can be happy.
Feelings come and go and change.
But when you find true joy its there to stay.

Here are some observations i have made in my short eighteen years on the earth and i hope to take my own advice through out the rest of my life.
Kelsey May Daly May 2016

In my youth, I came across an intoxicating friend
As quick as tiger, my friend emerged to my best
Never one without the other, permanently in my hand
My best friend guided me through life, momentarily erased the problems I had
My best friend unlocked my happiness, then allured it in a jar
Only to be released in vehemence, which mutated into truth
The truth haunted my family’s soul, I moaned secrets of antagonism never to be told
My mind went to war, my friend was getting old
but I was in too deep and couldn’t let go
I craved it’s company, the feeling it gave
But it lead me to destruction, depression and hate.
The people that cared, begged me to release
But it was out of grasp, out of my reach
Soon they let go, something I was cripple to
Now I was the one, shadowed by the truth.

As I tumbled down the lane, with a bottle in my hand
I was immune to pain, felt no blood in my veins.
Goose bumps replaced the ragged clothes that barely covered my skin
A ghost blurred my vision, but opened my eyes to sin
I only saw a jigsaw of contention, a forest of grief
Then I blacked out, my once best friend killed me.

I awoke in a daze, but new life set ablaze in my heart
The ghost floated away, and at last I saw the light
The shadows dropped and a refreshed beginning was in sight
The alcohol was no friend of mine, it stole my time to realize
I gazed at my friend, and softly smiled
This newfound enemy was condemned to die
With a smash of a bottle, a break of a heart
A splash of disease, a pool of blood
A life soon to be forgotten and a new life soon to be remembered.

About my dad
Ilhan Kacapor May 2016

The hammer always hit the nail on the head
Everytime they met the hammer attacked but the nail never even thought about striking back
The nail let the hammer feel strong around him
And even talk shit about him
The nail let the hammer be a hammer
Let him hammering while thinking he was better
Because the nail knew what was really going on
He knew that nails are not among,
tools who are just used once and then they are gone.
He knew he had to keep a chair together,
to keep a house from falling apart making safer so he knew he did matter

On the other hand he knew that you can hammer with anything,
you didn't need a hammer you could use many things

You can use a spoon a book or a stone
And when you are desperate soon you will use your foot or even your phone.
So the nail let the hammer figure out on his own,
how hard it is to hammer when you have nothing to hammer on.

Ilhan Kacapor May 2016

The old apple tree was happy...happy and strong
He was proud that he has stood in the same spot for so long,
and has been mastering the most devastating storms
while standing tall and always letting leaves sing their favorite song
about how fortunate they were to call the apple tree their home
praising him for surviving all these decades on his own.

One day a man passed by
picked up an apple and straighten his suit
bite in the sour apple and choose to forget his manners and be rude by being unappreciative and throwing away the fruit.

But the apple tree kept smiling eventhough he surely did care
but he knew that life was never fair
So he never let a pair of uncaring people create out of his happiness great despair

Once a leaf asked him how he never lost fun,  
how he kept shining like the sun,
no matter how many bad days he had to overcome

The apple tree smiled and said: "Jusz look and humankind,
look at them for a minute and count how many flaws you will find.
They fumble through life not knowing what to do
Then they stumble over small obstacles on their route
Later they mumble how they never did what they were supposed to
And at the end they crumble because they realize how an unfullfilled life can feel cruel.
I always knew why I am here,
never felt empty never experienced that fear
The only thing is I had always to stay at the same place
unlike the human race who posseses the unmatched ability to move through space
but never utilized it worrying about the problems they wexistence

So how can I not be happy knowing the true meaning of my existence
They eternally talk about brofliance and think that they have to stuggle to get excellence
And now just imagine them knowing what they were here for,  how fast they would expierence the purest form of resiliance

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