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Turned 29 yesterday,
Celebrating on my own
For the very first time
I made arrangements
for myself
With balloons, songs
and a yummy cake!
And with all these,
I realized,
I can love myself too!

Despite the
love-hate relationship
with my own self,
I owe my body and soul!
They have been through a lot
From the self harm
in every possible way
To the
low phases
and pitfalls.
And I feel grateful
that I am still alive

With so much more of wisdom
Through the journey of life
Every changing as a whole
From happiness,
joyfulness, escasty,
And love -
To the
trauma's, loss,
heartbreaks, failures
Loneliness and depression!

I am now learning
to be on my own
From distraction and noises
all around
To shifting focus to oneself!

And with all of these,
Now Murphy's law
makes much more sense!

And now
With a the shifts of focus
I know that somehow
I can contribute
to this vast world too!
The support which I keep getting from God and all around immense and I am equally grateful for this life no matter how much it hurts!
Lovelyn Eyo Jul 11
There are many keys to a door
Without the keys
you can't secure-keep
Or open to great possibilities
You're yet to reach
Do your best in the present
To get the key of the future

Education is Key
to the door of a great future
The basic necessity that bridges the gap between the poor and rich
I may not be rich today
But with this key
I will be rich someday
invest wisely in education
Don't let this precious gift
Be a deprivation
For with it we'd be
Key-Leaders of the future
Education- my pride
is the KEY

We all need this key: tis A right and The right
Lovelyn Eyo Jul 11
I have a dream
Where your dream
Is mine
My dream your dream
The dream of never -giving up
I shall never give up
You too never should
And together we live up
Be lit-up
Stand up
For this dream
To stand and stay real

Dream big, no matter the struggles, fight positively to attain your dream
Sophia Li Jul 8
I never believe in luck
just a miracle-
when you work **** hard
Sophia Li Jul 4
sometimes, need the warmth of the sun
sometimes, need the cool of the shadow
The Beauty within is-
just guess it
Chiquita Jun 18
Living life is like walking in a rush Bush.
Somedays are made with roses and sweet fragrance,
Filled with Joy and laughter.
Somedays we trample over the torns,
Leaving us heartbroken and sad.
Most days are made up of both,
Though the torns rip you
There are some Roses to heal you.
Roses or torns, we were made strong enough to walk on both.
As people say, "life is not a bed of Rose's."
Sophia Li Jun 7
love is a boring thing,
i like flesh and bone better-
that sounds more human being
Sophia Li Jun 3
Of course
I love life
— so much sadness
— so much happiness
make me sleepless
Every poem is Poem Of Hope -
From before it sits there to the final finesse,
From the slow motion stumbling and lope,
All clumsy arms and gangled legs,
To the heads-up "I Am Here" of its very first breath.

Every birth is a Birth of Hope -
Pushing upwards into the light however dark,
Crying out in joy and anguish both,
Life is poetry in a blazing arc,
From the first "What Am I?" to its fading spark.

We are Children doing childish things -
Daubing the pages of our lives with words,
Living our days in moments filled with meanings,
Every second, every hope, denying the absurd
As the last "Who Was I?" goes unread and unheard.
When your head's in a vice
And you're screaming at the world
Don't think because you're loud
You are actually being heard!

If life is on your case
What is the point of decibels?
Just be glad it's your head
And not, of course, your *******.

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