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I put my hands in my pockets,
Whatever can be found inside

I found it!
It was a child in a small red house,  and then an apartment, and then in a lamp...

3, 2, 1,
I Am the Genie.
You wished for my health,
You wished for me to stay,
And the last wish
             You gave it to me!
But I am not your genie...
I belong to the child,
To the past, to the future... But most importantly,
To the wonderland.

Take your hands out of your pockets!
Jordan Ray Dec 2018
The genie was in the bottle against his will.

Forced to lurk in the darkness and brush his leathery skin against the cold brass walls that are now his prison.

At any given time, he might be freed for a few seconds to grant another ****** ******* their wish.

Feeding their gluttony until it gets the best of them and they run out of wishes.

Sending the genie back into his pit of despair, each time they had used him.

The friction from their hands burned almost as bright as the fire burning in **** that will be waiting for them.

3. 2. 1. None. But the genies work is never done.

Constantly passed between stranger to stranger, putting a real meaning to "stranger danger".

The genie has seen more faces than years, and not one thought to wish the genie to be free.

Too greedy to see the needs of a desperate being, maybe one day they will end up in a bottle too.
Maria Monte Jul 2018
A genie came to me in my sleep
And asked me what I wanted most in the world
In my heartbroken drunken sense,
I said "look into my heart and see"
"A broken girl with broken dreams", he replayed

He said he'd give me the man I need
But when you came, you were a wish come true
You wore your heart on your sleeve
And tucked your insecurities behind your ears to show off your grin

"I like you", you shyed
Like a little boy confessing his love
"Love" was a strong word so your heart chose what it could handle

"I like you", your lips curled into themselves, nervously quivering
Your arms were extended out to take all of me in

It broke my heart
I tucked my heart under my matress and danced with my insecurities
I could never love someone like you
I could never bear to lose someone like you

You belonged among the stars.
So that anyone could look into you.
Your heart, your soul, and your beauty.
someone as illustrious and radiant as you
should light someone else's skies

The genie gave me what I wanted
But I see now I don't deserve it
He had played the best game of trickery
And that was betting your heart on me
He loved me too well. I couldn't play the genie's game.
Is a genie blue?
such myths are unclear.
Will a genie grant your wishes?
ridiculous or pure.

In a bottled prison,
will a genie stay?
lounging in cramped conditions
will a genie grey?

Be mindful what is wished
watch each word that is missed
Genies tend to twist a promise.
magic fogs ellipse

Dizzy are these questions
certain I must be,
before I set to seek
a genie just for me.
I was given a word and asked to write a short poem. My word was genie.
Genie Dec 2017
I’ve lost the bond of a loved one during the journey of finding myself.
I only have myself when I’m not fitting in.
How I’m not giving in to what’s socially acceptable or the traditions when there’s only so much I can give.
I’ve always been an observer but as a child I kept expressions in.
Putting on a stoic face as my depression grows within.
I thought of this just as temporary but then the approach begins again so once again I’m just a kid.
Yearning for that old relationship with my mother and the comfort of a home.
But I'm too different from the rest so I come off as complicated, I’m alone for not being a clone.
Can't find happiness of my own,
I've never felt so obligated.
My mind never focuses on that.
Not merely since everything in my environment has my mind on different paths but never fulfilling anything.
Never accomplishing what I go after, how I drop everything I pick up.
My failures seems to come back to back from one another playing *** for tat.
Most things that come to me never last.
Unless it's a dark mass or anything traumatising I'm trying to get passed.
Feels like everything in this world is robbing me but I always see it coming, it's unmasked.
Mohamed Nasir Nov 2017
She's a crazy blonde and she's funny
She can do no right and she can do no wrong
An astronaut and a 2000 year old genie
In a bottle and somehow they've to get along

Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman are the stars
Of the show hilarious in awkward moments
"Is my master upset with me?" She always asks
Yet coy when he can get whatever he wants

Winks and nobs transformed in the blink of an eye
Appear or disappear "your wish is my command"
Or "master I'm at your service." She'd say but sly
Pony tailed girlish genie often can't comprehend

Master's orders disobeyed as he acts a fool
Uncorrupted innocently gazed hands in my chin
On deserted island genie ******* clad beautiful
I was too young to know to wish for to imagine
Original Black and White 1965 tv sitcom that I enjoyed watching so much.
Julie Grenness Oct 2016
In our land of golden wattle,
I'll unstopper a bottle,
Uncork a magic genie,
Appearing cute and teeny,
She looks quite delicious,
Granting us three wishes
For Oz, quite ambitious,
What'll we wish for today?
In this magical genie way,
First, let's wish for full employment,
Then, an end for our youth deployment
In the Middle East, futile beast,
Last, we'll all wish for global peace,
Our wishes the genie does release,
I shall unstopper this magic bottle,
For our land of golden wattle!
Feedback welcome.
I am a hurricane,
All roaring, blind rage
And swirling, soaring highs.
I destroy,
I make the waters rise up
Like Noah’s Flood,
And I won’t tell you
Not to be scared.

I am the genie,
And I promise
Never to take an oath I won’t break.
I lie,
And play games
You don’t know the rules to,
And I’m the one who’ll tell you –
Be unafraid.

Let me show you my world,
Let yourself get swept away.
You wished for me;
Here I am.
You can find more of my poetry at
Breeze-Mist Jun 2016
I rubbed a lamp, like the stories
The genie inquired of my wish
Pausing for half a second, I said
"My first wish is to be fearless."

My second wish, I made days later
Making sure I could come up with the right phrase
I told the bottled phantom "I wish
For acceptance and peace through man's race."

For my third and final wish
From this realm of infinities
I asked that I could have the power
To travel anywhere that I please
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