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rig Jul 15
‘i wish to be highly successful in every endeavor i undertake’
no, just the one
Sophia Mar 16
I told the genie i wanted my family to be happy.
Then I started fading.....
Shelby Majaiya Nov 2020
I sit before this bottle trapped in paralyzing fear
Remembering a prophecy once told to me in a previous year
An Oracle once said to me that upon my endeavors I'd find a Genie
To not be fooled and that I must think freely
That I'd be her master but really her servant
To proceed with caution and be vigilantly observant
That she'll try to trick me into falling in love
And under her magic I'd be blindly trapped of
That she'd look like the woman of my dreams far more beautiful than a model
But you can't marry a Genie even if you polish the bottle
It's been over a century since the last time she was active
From the bottle to which she's eternally held captive
That I wouldn't ask for my wishes to be made real
But instead with her I'd attempt to strike a deal
I tried to throw it away
But it found its way back to me
I tried to move away
But its like the bottle only followed me
Seems I have no other option but to fulfill this prophecy
With that lingering fear that she'll get the best of me
Tina RSH Jan 2020
Clink clink clink! Out thou comest little genie
Broken is mine heart, not one time but three
So grant me three a wish and may that be
Fly aloft and take these ****** tears with thee

Mine keen eyes captured by the hands of doom
guts wrenched in light of mephistopheles' gloom
A dark solo rider in hue of a hero assumed
Beguiled the young heart is now encaged, entombed

Lo! Take the glass heart and travel afar
Drop it where hungry vultures and eagles are
Pour my light into his blackness like a shining star
Pour it to the end of his every remaining cigar

seek me then in the lands of madness within
Resting as the corpse bride I always have been
Millie Jun 2019
How could it get worse?
I asked
And provoked the genie of life
Bobcat Jun 2019
I'm searching for a genie at the bottom of every bottle.
But three wishes will only last a little while.
So I'll just sit and sip on my own sorrow,
But you know I'm still going to try again tomorrow.

I'm searching for some rhyme or reason,
Why I'm still here in this mental prison.
Maybe so I'm forced into self-reflection.
But you know I'm stuck in this misdirection.

I'm searching for a mountain at sea level.
Hardly a man and more of a scarecrow.
I look like a person but I'm **** near hollow.
But you know you're a mountain and I'm just a pebble.
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