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Tina RSH Jan 18
Clink clink clink! Out thou comest little genie
Broken is mine heart, not one time but three
So grant me three a wish and may that be
Fly aloft and take these ****** tears with thee

Mine keen eyes captured by the hands of doom
guts wrenched in light of mephistopheles' gloom
A dark solo rider in hue of a hero assumed
Beguiled the young heart is now encaged, entombed

Lo! Take the glass heart and travel afar
Drop it where hungry vultures and eagles are
Pour my light into his blackness like a shining star
Pour it to the end of his every remaining cigar

seek me then in the lands of madness within
Resting as the corpse bride I always have been
I was just granted three wishes
This will be my very

<                     >
<                                >
<                                >
<                     >
What do you think?
To be continued
Willow Trees
Millie Jun 2019
How could it get worse?
I asked
And provoked the genie of life
Bobcat Jun 2019
I'm searching for a genie at the bottom of every bottle.
But three wishes will only last a little while.
So I'll just sit and sip on my own sorrow,
But you know I'm still going to try again tomorrow.

I'm searching for some rhyme or reason,
Why I'm still here in this mental prison.
Maybe so I'm forced into self-reflection.
But you know I'm stuck in this misdirection.

I'm searching for a mountain at sea level.
Hardly a man and more of a scarecrow.
I look like a person but I'm **** near hollow.
But you know you're a mountain and I'm just a pebble.
Mae Hoek May 2019
Imagine the best day was yesterday
And you can't get it back
But then you find
A genie in a bottle.
He says hello, gives you three wishes
I think of the day past
If I had those wishes
not would I dare
wishing for that day
over you
rgz Mar 2019
You told me
only a genius
could love a woman like you
well, would you believe
MENSA just called for how I feel about you
I can tell you think it's really hard to do
I'm falling and
it's got you feeling pink and blue

I'm your genius, do you see?
I've got everything you need
Lined the q's and checked the p's
I'm the genius that you need

I'm your genius, your Elon
your René Descartes and
wherever you are
I'll be there my darling
appear from thin air
swift as a starling
I've done all the maths none
results in us parting

I'm your genius, do you see?
I've got everything you need
Oh my god, please tell me
I'm the genius that you see

Your genius
Measuring distance between us
all the walls have been breached
to make sure we can reach us
A complex solution, it might take a genius
or it might be so simple
we just never seen it

I'm your genius, do you see?
I've got everything you need
Oh my god, can't you see
The genius you need is me
Inspired by this masterpiece
Patrycja Kozak Jan 2019
I put my hands in my pockets,
Whatever can be found inside

I found it!
It was a child in a small red house,  and then an apartment, and then in a lamp...

3, 2, 1,
I Am the Genie.
You wished for my health,
You wished for me to stay,
And the last wish
             You gave it to me!
But I am not your genie...
I belong to the child,
To the past, to the future... But most importantly,
To the wonderland.

Take your hands out of your pockets!
Maria Monte Jul 2018
A genie came to me in my sleep
And asked me what I wanted most in the world
In my heartbroken drunken sense,
I said "look into my heart and see"
"A broken girl with broken dreams", he replayed

He said he'd give me the man I need
But when you came, you were a wish come true
You wore your heart on your sleeve
And tucked your insecurities behind your ears to show off your grin

"I like you", you shyed
Like a little boy confessing his love
"Love" was a strong word so your heart chose what it could handle

"I like you", your lips curled into themselves, nervously quivering
Your arms were extended out to take all of me in

It broke my heart
I tucked my heart under my matress and danced with my insecurities
I could never love someone like you
I could never bear to lose someone like you

You belonged among the stars.
So that anyone could look into you.
Your heart, your soul, and your beauty.
someone as illustrious and radiant as you
should light someone else's skies

The genie gave me what I wanted
But I see now I don't deserve it
He had played the best game of trickery
And that was betting your heart on me
He loved me too well. I couldn't play the genie's game.
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