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Paul Butters Jan 21
Sing out long and loud
Feel the joy around
Spring is on the way
Dawning of the day

Dawning of the year
Daffies nearly here
Thrusting through the ground
No longer earthbound

Bluebells and snowdrops too
With crocuses coming through
From bulbs hidden in the soil
Life is on the boil

The rhythm of life is changing
Always re-arranging
Looking to the summer
For winter made us glummer.

Looking forward with hope
Rose tinted telescope
I can hardly wait
For now I just anticipate.

Paul Butters

© PB 21\1\2021.
Inspired by "Times Like These" song, originally by Dave Grohl (of The Foo Fighters).
MØ Fitas Dec 2020
Alone she goes in the woods
- dark robes covering her womanhood -
No other thoughts shaping her angular face
But the will to burn Autumn leaves.

A fire set on the auburn ground
- a muddy dough of death -
Begs her coming as flame rise high
And smoke signals the way.

No tears no loud cries
No regrets nor fears
The wish to burn away her past
Stronger than the waving of spears.
Let me unbotton
The scarf of the feelings
Behind your chest
The layers of mirage
That filled you with mist
The fetters around your *****
And let me try
To break your shield
On the rips of truth
On the lips of the lightening words
In the middle of the night
I want to creep so deep
And reach your glass of thought
That keeps you afar
At the doors of the facts
To watch your limbs
Striding the moon
And beam with pleasure
In the eyes of the young
So tightly clung
To the sides of the river
That springs in your heart
With dispatch
That is born in brains afresh
To start from scratch
Poem by/ Hassan Mohammed Alemrany
Beckie Davies Oct 2020
I listen to Ani DiFranco  
When I want to be inspired
She fills my tortured soul
With lyrical fire

I listen to Ani DiFranco
When I want to hear wisdom
Any given song
Is a musical politics lesson

I listen to Ani DiFranco
When I want to be inspired
She fills my poetic soul
With lyrical fire
some poetic words for my hero
Kenneth Gray Oct 2020
Are you blind? Can you not see?
I do this **** without a thought
I do this **** so effort
Less - ly
Like an old man
sittin in his rockin chair
Sippin on some green - tea
Like I'm speedin down
The highway just free to be - me

Can you not see? Writings like an ***** and it functions like a heart - beat
Boom boom - strap your ***** in and find a comfy *** - seat
Boom boom - my writings all be formin when I'm walkin down the **** street
Boom boom -  Ima be lol'in as my fans line up - boom boom - for a meet n greet.

Do you finally - see?
Its like a mean grean hulkish transformation Ima straight beast.
I be smashing competition like
Michael Jordan - its a straight feast.
Hulk smash! Its a fine treat.
I be swishing all my buckets as they
All be kissin my - feet

It all comes without a thought and
Comes very natural- ly
like a virus - coursing through my veins like a musical dis - sease
Ima sneeze... Achoo!
And pass it onto others - as much as I - please. ***** freeze!
Ima infect the world with my
Musical. - ******

Now that I've laid my piece
While sippin on some green tea
While ridin so free
I hope you finally - see -
Ima straight beast.

I've heard alot of people say I write with a style that sounds like it could be music. So I took that idea and ran with it. This was more of a just-for-fun type of thing more than anything. I like it at least. I read it as rap 😁.
GRAVE27 Aug 2020
Being nice is not nice
You will need a vice
To roll your own dice
Who says it feels good when being nice

Hate it when it happens to you
Guess I will never know you are true

I don't care
I'm never gonna
GRAVE27 Aug 2020
I've been her before
Long time ago
Saving those lore
But no one ask me more

I wasn't the only one
There are others before me
Who turns word to wand
To be powerful as they may be

I've always one to believe
That writings tells story
That beyond these reef
There's something I should see
Rescel Aug 2020
You searched the world for a lullaby
and found it in their screams and cry.
Your greatest art was death itself
and your melody was their beg for help.

But let's go back to your story's start,
when you still didn't have a monster's heart.
Let us go back to your innocence,
when your world was confined behind your backyard fence.

You once had been a young good boy
but with a family like those broken toys.
Your parents' fights were your fairytales
and your bedtime story was your mother's wails.

You'll go to school with hidden cuts--
black-blue bruises from your father's bat.
And though they tried to be friends with you,
their happiness was your source of blue.

Until one day, you found a cure;
her name's Emily, a bliss so pure.
Her smile, your happiness; her eyes, your stars;
her hugs, your haven; her tears your scars.

You learned to find the sweet from the bitter,
hoped that maybe there's a happy ever after.
You've buried your heart in darkness' grave,
not knowing that soon enough, you will be saved.

Yet fate won't let you get away;
peace and joy will never stay.
Your precious one, they took and ****--
Emily's dead, lying cold and still.

The pain you've buried for many years,
the darkest past, your endless tears
the rage you've buried brave
came crawling back out of its grave.

"Evil is good, retribution is fair!"
Goodness became something you don't want to care
Justice you'll bring with bloods on your hands
Farewell to the angels, by the devil you stand.
Killer's Tale
Madeline Greene Jul 2020
I wear my mother’s face like she did hers and she did hers and she did
Pass it to her daughters with the hope that they would carry it with pride,
With the knowledge that a thousand women breathed and lived and died
To give their children half a chance for something more than
Lives of nursing cleaning raising children
That would grow to do the same—
More than another round of the everlasting game
That chooses only newborn players with soft skin and open eyes,
That only ends when all is lost and the final player dies,
The game that steals our bodies, shears our hair, dyes our skin,
That steals away our pride so that some lesser man might win.
Tina RSH Jul 2020
If I were in pieces Could I grab the phone
and give you a call?
Would you wipe away my tears or care about me at all?
Would you hear my pain if someone dragged a blade across my heart?
Would you stick my pieces together before I fall apart?
Would you for no reason hold my hand and say it'll be okay?
Is it too much ask? Would you like strangers to just stay away?
I don't know you at all but I wish you picked up the phone and said hi.
I've been with too many people who called only to say goodbye.
Sometimes I read this from the dying passion in their eyes
Sometimes from the awkward silence and often from their lies.
Will you sit through my grief long enough that it turns into a smile?
Will you, Will you for once tell me I am strong even though I'm fragile.
I'm in the telephone box now dialing random numbers on an imaginary list
praying in my heart someone like you can still exist.
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