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BLD Oct 2023
why does it seem as if everyone has left me?
my hands quiver as i verbalize these thoughts
and the sweat from my palms dampens the page --
my vulnerability has become difficult to manage,
despite my mind's intent to remain good-willed
and my heart's discontent with the language misunderstood

friendship does not require ideological consistency,
and to believe otherwise is a detriment to the love
we are fortunate enough to experience in this life;
intellectual supremacy equates to the patronizing rhetoric
embedded within the elitism of the morally superior --
your grim clouds turn our progressivism dull

i will say what i need to retain a friend,
but the judgment within is a grudge untouched,
a ghastly bruise that never seems to mend --
you do not get to determine the language i speak,
the words i weep, or the healing i seek
when a bond so potent is forgotten so easily

to question my morality is to question my identity,
and those who know are the ones to see me grow
as i flourish from the bounds of these restrictions
and inch my way upright, stronger than before,
disallowing my words to be misconstrued,
a prohibition of the trauma i continue to elude

a Leo is loyal like the lioness of a pride,
gnawing at the flesh of the ones who betray --
grudges maintained in the chill of the winter,
a midnight breeze toppled an unchanged core --
it is not a star, this dim light retreating above,
merely the fading memory of our platonic love.
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2023
A thought of you
A poet picks up his pen
Genre: Observational
Theme: And write beings
Descovia Aug 2022
The sun got me feeling defeat
I cannot get any relief
There's freaking no love in these streets
Mind over matter, it matters to see
every single one of you eat.
Be comfortable to make your bread and cheese
To death with my inner peace
Before I spell another lie, let it be
I'm going through gears to stay solid, to not crumble!
My name is not to walk on, it's not stairs or concrete.
You can run that on REPEAT.
I may lose focus of topic but I stay on beat!
Sad how some of you look at other or myself
as a piece of meat!
I will give anything for my beliefs.
An arm. A leg. Shoulders. My head.
I promise my son he
got nothing more to lose
other than his baby teeth.
Let that sit and sink in your heart.
I hope all of this hits hard and deep.
I have no issue with Karma
I will be ****** all honor
Before you dread another soul to reap.
Resisting Everything Accepting Peace
It's all a matter of what you perceive
I rather give love for, the universe
returns everything you put into energy to receive
I got enough people living out here
thinking they should call it quits and leave.
You could remove Excalibur from the rock
and bring the evil down to it's knees.
You know what it felt like
Running out of clues
When the Blues seep
and we thought we lost Steve!?
Your family won't be only ones devastated
You better in the name of all GODS
YOU BETTER believe!

Descovia Jul 2022
I am fighting feelings
that been confined.
There's no escape
from the prison
within my mind.
My thoughts
shaking and breaking
every single line,
I have to walk on...

Breaking the chains
Connected to the hands of time
Lost in story lines
Conversations in darkness
Talking to myself
speaking with shadows
I am losing my all
inside the confines of
my magically mystical messy mind
Who Will You Call Now?
Should I go after every bad soul alive?
Don't try it. It's not wise kid.
All for you. I'll make a way for me.
I'll give anything to save these lives.
To bring more endless possibilities.
Tapped into variations of magic
Normal eyes cannot see
Lyrical conjurer. Adjective assassin.
I'm simply following the creed
Compared to your favorites
I'm basically, taking the lead
Made promises in blood
I will maintain before
it all goes in vain. From now, til the day I leave!
"We are suppose to save the world!"
Never follow the sheep.
Don't buy into promises
you cannot afford to keep!
Live your dreams!
In the wake of any ray
from the light of life
I refuse to die in my sleep!

For it's known
It's not easy being me.
It's not what you see on tv
Trials and tribulations
Progress through poverty
I am living for peace.
No force alive can deprive me
of my desired liberty!
I am down on my last whim
I do this for them
I'm going for the GOAL
Please, get out of the way
If you barely reach the rim!

I rewind and enlighten minds.
I call upon the power of the great divine
Provide deities and entities
as a guide with clearer signs.
Nonsense aside, I'm all for the grind
Don't judge me unless you
know what my scars define!
I'll defy every impossibility
in a matter of time.

It's all a sign
Cannot allow the demons
conquer your mind
Whenever it's cloudy and dark outside
the sun will always be back to shine
You light is keeping every pat of me alive
I promise over all, you will shine
it's all just a matter of a time!

My light it burns
It does not shine unless
I am by my son.
I am the fire. Surrounded in smoke.
I am in a trans red eclipse.
Energy pounding in my heart and throat.
I feel the heat of the sun.
The light in me
has much more to become.
I am lost from all
but over all I still have hope!
I feel myself breaking.
Sorry, for every promise that I broke.
My heart goes to the beat
and it's pounding hard like a drum.
Careful how you tread in this lifetime
cause for right now, you only have one
Understand the walks of life
because you have to crawl before you run.
Your value is priceless, remember that
with anything else is said and done!

It's a slow processing on how one
must maintain the balance between his or her's light and darkness.
Both are needed in order to have a stable reality.
Pick your poisons but use in moderation.
Too much is good is bad for you.
Over indulgence in the bad is never
good enough for you.
Jay M Oct 2021
Down, down, into the river I wade
Pan in hand, search for the gold of the land,
Little wages am I paid

Day to night,
Don’t say, don’t fight
Pan or pick, it’s better than a stick
To find the find the gold, beautiful and bright
Road to riches and delight

I pan and pan
And dig and dig
Even if it is for a lazy pig
At least it all goes to plan

Day to night,
Don’t say, don’t fight
Wouldn’t want to start a nasty plight
For the rich man's delight

Back is killing me,
But I’ve gotta let it be
Gotta keep it bold
If I wanna find that gold
And bring it right on home

Into the mine with the pick my friend made
To find the glittering gold
Long hours I work, little wages paid
For a little thing to be proud and bold

- Jay M
October 25th, 2021
Writing pieces about different things in history in my Creative Writing class. Today's prompt was the gold rush, and how Chinese workers were massively hired, and sadly considered expendable. The goal was to write a lyrical or narrative poem, based on the given prompt.
I'm a candle
Set me ablaze
It's quiet
I know you'll cave

A drop of water
Plummeting to its death
Shadows scream and chant
Draw your last breath

Step after step
It's not getting closer
One moment I'm here
Sometimes I'm not so sure

I've lost track of time
There was a scream
The voice of an angel
Tearing at the seams

A vision of light
Begs me to decay
It takes two to tango
Only one can be saved

Eyes of fury, the first woman
Wrapped in skin, draped with rage
She choked on words, fell to a crawl
Held me close, told me it's my fault

Towers built of sin fall to pieces
I'm chasing after my lungs
Build me up and watch me die
I'm the butcher of goodbyes

Aspect of chaos stuck in glass
Scented of generations past
I had legs, knew where to stand
Before me was the folly of man

Time after time
He follows his dream
As above, so below
It's not what it seems
I was asked to write about spaghetti but this is what came out, I had a hard time writing it but any feedback is appreciated
Paul Butters Jan 2021
Sing out long and loud
Feel the joy around
Spring is on the way
Dawning of the day

Dawning of the year
Daffies nearly here
Thrusting through the ground
No longer earthbound

Bluebells and snowdrops too
With crocuses coming through
From bulbs hidden in the soil
Life is on the boil

The rhythm of life is changing
Always re-arranging
Looking to the summer
For winter made us glummer.

Looking forward with hope
Rose tinted telescope
I can hardly wait
For now I just anticipate.

Paul Butters

© PB 21\1\2021.
Inspired by "Times Like These" song, originally by Dave Grohl (of The Foo Fighters).
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