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Looking at you, ten minutes or more
As you did look, let out vacant stares.
I tried not much, just stood my ground
In such intricacies, love; I disappeared
How elegant you seem, without trying
Too much; the red in lips, awestruck !
The hair in a bun, in an all perfect black
Apparition of your being, it is flawless.
Dear, I am smitten in such hues you don
The reds and blacks and whites and on,
The due in dots, and cells eloping out.
Imagery adding _ layers to your form
Who then, be, creator to your frame ?
A bold tryst in stolid magnificence !
Who then, birthed such countenance,
In contemplation, I just wither away.
For a moment now, for a moment till
Let me just bask, let my soul fill
And in beauty, won't it, I consume.
Refuel my heart, for the dry dunes.
Let me just stare, as you do stare
In art that brings you, alive
Let me just stand, deep in thought
And offer you a thoughtful bouquet.
Did I say what they said I said
Some I said, not all
If I said the things I'd said
I'd have no time to play ball

I said some things I think I said
Some things came right from me
Some things I said, I wished I said
But those things, let them be

I said some things I said I saw
Some say I didn't say
Some things I saw, I didn't see
I just looked the other way

Some things I said I didn't say
I know, because it's true
I said some things I said I saw
The choice is up to you

There's things I said, that people like
Those things, I know I spoke
The other things I didn't say
Were just written as a joke

If I said the things I said
And you like them, say them too
But the things they said, I didn't say
Some are old, but most are new

I know I didn't say as much
As people said I said
There's more from me, I didn't say
At least that's what I've read

So, sue me if I say I say
Some things I said, but heard
I know it wasn't me that said
I don't know all those words

So, if I said the things I said
Instead of going out to play
I ask you now, to tell me please
Exactly, What'd I say
Jordan Hudson Apr 25
Watch my back to check my block
Watch they mad they hate my walk
Confidence is what they wish for
I gain life they pull the cord
Don't give up ***** you live great
Won't back down kids all just hate
I get rich and the bad boys break
Buy what I want and the poor just pray
Aye, the cash what you gain
No man's the same, we all seek fame
We all want cash and a life with change
We all have sins, we all have brains
Mistakes, life is a game
The chance to proceed so low
Stuck in a grave from a hole
We all dumb what do we know
We just see what we believe
Life so full, life so large
Life what got us all scarred
Scared us to death, makes us all die
Yes we know why, why we all try
Even I, think I know
We compete and slash men's throats
Stab for **** and gain their hoes
Take their boats, their cars, their foes
Fight and thrive and beat them down
Leave town and live lives we chose
Live dreams and then we take that road
/ The wound /

Nobody's home
Room silent remains
A deep wound on the body bleeds
Which will eventually leads soon to an end
Memory of an ivory holding the mind
Still awake
And then she'll hear the man's mourn

"I have told you this before, you know... " -
I spoke, "Sing to me the song of Calimir,
just like the times where we were
dancing among the trees"
And so he did
His hands for a last time the harp embraced
His voice quietly was signing and so
My soul was dreaming of...
And the eyes I hardly kept open
Now are closed

And then suddenly he stopped
"Don't be afraid. I was just listening
And wandering through
the places we have been to." - I said,
holding tight his hand
"Please, sing it again, my friend
I want to know where he went
After he lose his faith" - then added
The man's smile was a gift I gladly took
His eyes I quietly look
"I shall sing as long as you can hear,
As long as you're here with me, my dear.
I shall never let our memories disappear
In Lethean,
I shall play for you as long as you're near." -
then he told me with a single tear on his eyes.
"I shall no die yet,
It's just a wound of a spear"- I said
"Now sing me the song again
And do not stop even when I close my eyes
I shall listen. For you I shall be awake,
For you I shall live"
And so he did
He singed while playing on the harp's strings...
Shawn Dec 2019
How is it so
that you play me
like fine
piano keys
tuned to a melody
that only we
can read
Music so divine
settling in my mind
resting on my soul
a rhythm so bold
and tempting
Your hands
ring my cymbals
as sounds
that resemble
rock my hips
and a bass guitar
guides my lips
to meet with yours
where we score
a beat unmatched
Is that you
on my walls
like a flute
notes staccato
and true
as I open
to receive
treble clef
there's nothing
but to receive
your striking
as we both moan
ah, sweet
else Oct 2019
Hundred miles of country road,
Wind blew gently and it snowed,
Icy mountains here we stay,
Whisper softly all the day,

Playing pebbles at the noon,
Tracing patterns on the moon,
Forming shadows from the ray,
Singing loudly if we may,

Rhythm echoed down the lane,
Ripples dripping down the stain,
Starry skies we count array,
Dozing off to sleep away
else Oct 2019
I sat awake on the back seat
Stared at the window, harnessed heat
As the lamp-lit city whizzed by,
The untouched dusk still in the sky.

Closed my eyes as it gently swayed,
Then listened to the silence fade,
Speed cushions, the quiet highways,
The sleepy tires, its steady phase.

I missed the constant compliance,
Radio waves' static silence,
The roads rolled on, no fuss or rush,
An empty mind, all my thoughts hushed.

They were asleep, no sound of day,
And on the car's back seat I stay,
As urban cat eyes shine, blink fast,
A few more hours to home at last.
else Oct 2019
At night, under the dim darkness,
I found, the world’s best tranquilness
Under wafts of water and soap
Folding clothes, dreaming about hope.

Opened the door, felt how snug, warm,
The fabric’s touch was on my arm
As I folded each piece with care
And slowly roll socks, pair by pair.

Ballads, dolce, I am entranced.
Cantabile, as my hands danced
To the guitar's riff, the drumbeat,
Sweet heartbeat, beneath their heat.
Have you ever felt that peace when singing and folding laundry? Haha
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