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Zywa Apr 14
Tell me what to do

about my fear of those things --

that may be hidden.
Aletheia = unhiddenness, truth

Collection "Between where"
Man Jul 2021
is it right to follow the law
if it is not right?
is it just to dole out justice
with a lady liberty lacking sight?
when so many are the disenfranchised
and the majority of wallets, tight
is a moratorium ending
harming or mending?
where is the break in our dark
someone illuminate rational light
for the contrast is stark
between those who laze
and those who fight
Anggita May 2021
yesterday my thoughts lost in the pines
i heard a rustling of leaves crooned
the sunlight sheepishly trespassed between the thick branches
and I stepped forward, and I slipped
then I stood up seeing the hollow
it was left ajar
although undeterred, I was afraid
of uncertainties thrilling my veins
suddenly my body flitted like water roaming in a drainway
my mouth spoke an unknown language
of pain
and ache
unfamiliar faces cherished my appearance
it was vague, not that dim
and they said I was born.
neth jones Mar 2021
vagrancy forms the pupil
loitering firms a study
a passenger of the seasonal influence

believe in the homeless
the pigeons and the litter
lovingly observe the unhandled gaps
in our gathered mouthings

believe in big babies
believe in display
the posters
the money bleed
that we are sincere to
and the signals that thread us
to one single box

invited and isolated
on vacation
and vacated

inattentive pupils
RJ Jan 2021
is the death so dearly wished,
final words upon your lips?
leave the world, fatal breaths,
cross thy heart and lay to rest?

the shining glimmer in your eyes,
blotted out: a cloudy sky.
the warmest hearth, stomped out cold,
the ****** of a soul of gold.
I wrote this poem during physics class.
Jonah Jan 2021
Where is my soul?
I am empty inside
Where is my heart?
I am empty inside
What are those feelings
You are talking about?
For I do not feel them,
I am empty inside

There is a void where my heart should be,
A black hole inside my chest.
It´s eating me from the inside,
Choking me every day.
I cannot understand your love,
I cannot understand your happiness,
For I am, and always will be,
Empty inside.

Inject me with poison,
I won´t feel the pain.
Set me on fire and watch me burn,
For there is no food for the flames.
The sun won´t warm my body,
The snow won´t make me hurt.
For my body is numb,
For my mind is screaming,
For I am empty inside.  

Your pain is raging,
Like an ocean at war.
Brutal in its force,
Peaceful in its wake.
My pain is creeping,
Lingering and never truly gone
Like the scent of rotten flesh in the sun,
Impossible to ignore.

I am empty inside,
For I do not feel them,
Those feelings you are talking about.
I am empty inside
For my heart isn´t there any more
I am empty inside
For my soul has disappeared
I am empty inside
And I don´t remember who I am.
xandra Dec 2020
this is a test
to see how this works,
and if
this will still be here.
and if it's not, i guess that's
just how the world is supposed to work.
but it's still here,
so i don't really
know how
to process this now,
i suppose.
i doubt this is a metaphor
and even if it were,
i have no subject it would be for.
but i think we both know that it won't be for you
Dereaux Sep 2020
I remember
something vague
from a distant past
which I can't place yet
here in the present.

A story in my head
filled with fun
and intense happiness
not a scratch on my crystal ball
everything healthy,
nothing broken.

An era has passed
a love perished
the piece has been written
but I don't like the ending.
bloodKl0tz Sep 2020
i cant remember what it felt like to be a child

there are vague grasps at a feeling

of security, not yet shaken
in adults who are able to know and to do and to decide
I was wondering if there would be a chance you would contact me and talk about what had happened to us, that maybe we could see each other and maybe by then I’ll have what I need-closure. Maybe by that, I could find acceptance and finally say that this is the reality and I have to face it. But I know it won’t happen. I know you, you should have done it earlier, at least?

I’m still waiting for your message. I’m still holding on maybe we could work this time again or maybe we could sort this out but I know that the more I try to connect with you, the more painful it could be since you already cut me off from your life and I don’t want to become selfish to your decision. To be honest, everything is still not clear to me. Maybe because I didn’t get the answers I deserve, that I still lack your explanations to the point I’m wanting to see you so we could settle this out, and maybe by that I could finally have the courage to say my last goodbye. I’m wanting to see you- to make sure you’re okay, to hug you for one last time, and to tell you I’m thankful for everything.

Maybe we could see each other again, for the last time. And maybe by that, I would finally feel the freedom and assurance that it’s over.
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