Lily Flower Apr 4
When rain drops kiss the face of earth
When the skyline shakes with mirth
When coffee fills up a white cup
And four year old Ben craves a lollipop
I die to put a we
at the beggining of our endless road
And make all the little "mine"s
great Ours.
sitting here like a relentless toad
begging, begging of God
for all roses to sing ballads
For my blood to be the ink
of your pen to write
why those nightingales sighed
at my ailing sight.
Or why
the rain stopped
and I wept instead.
But, believe it or not
Sweet love!
God lost his power
over natural elements
birds, ants and mice
As your love had me lost
more than twice.
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Lily Flower Mar 24
Undo my buttons
and let the soul breathe
for the body to freeze
or scorch! I am done
with each attempt to see
with wistful bras
and weeping knickers
Sulked by sore heads
that lay on pvc pillows
And aluminium beds
Mouths that drink blood
chew mud
Lips that never kissed the moonlight
Eyes that never waved to the sunbeam
All talk of love to redeem
this mass of jagged insanity
“La vie est un sommeil,
l'amour en est le rêve."
Undo my buttons
and caress all the scars
it took to believe
I am as dead
as my cigars.
Lily Flower Mar 11
The story goes: A sad poet sat
beside the unpolished fireplace
immersed in the dying fire
and began with would be heres.
Such tragedy choked me when you set off toward the horizon.
And I knelt gasping, gasping for breath.
Begging for a last look, before death.
I burned in depth.
You spat flowers, moving away
giving a shadowed smile
And an empty love letter.
I dearly wished for better.
There was no better.
There however, was an end
to the rise and fall of my chest
I bet you thought it was for the best
Funny little rationalisation of men.
Funny little fragments of the heart of women.
Twenty years of solemn dysfunction
and morbid melancholy.
Darling! Listen to my ifs and buts
silly and dramatic cuts through my throat.
Believe! For a moment watch close
my insane heart would still beat
if you were here, by the fireplace now
I could make a perpetual vow
to speak your soft heart only.
I hate confessing I feel broken and lonely.
But I'd do anything
And I'd do everything for you.
to come back and do
all I thought impossible
but possible with you..
Lily Flower Mar 9
How does it feel, walking the rainwashed streets of London?
I hope your hand is comfortable in your pocket,
Or a hand you chose over mine.
On the dining table we never dined
"together", its warmth froze in my heart.
The soup always went cold
and I counted every single bean
Never seen, or tasted before .
I binned the beans and bid them farewell.
I went back to my cold bed
and felt my head explode
and felt my body twitch in need
in need of you.
Oh honey! Lest your soup go cold
Lest you count your beans.
I ate the trashed beans and beamed.
How could I trash the green of your eyes that spoke through the beans?
I think I'll leave the empty bed for sale
It's a free life in jail
without you in my veins.
With me in your dustbin
As London sky rains.
This hurts beyond reason. It hurts that I never got to be with the man I deeply loved, because of distance and disease. This hurts that everything's ruined..
  Mar 7 Lily Flower
To die peacefully at old age
Is a fortunate privilege indeed
It's quite heartbreaking to see
The suffering, as the purries we feed
When soul snatchers are summoned
To collect the soul
Their arrival does alarm
There are no bright lights but clouds of coal
The heartbeats jump and jerk
At times the eyes open too wide
When it's time to go,
You can not repel or hide
I wish they go silently in their sleep
The much torture of the epidemic diagnose
And the so called cure antidotes
While everything is fed through tubes in nose
The nights become much darker
To welcome the path to the death valley
How I wish, we could give our lifelines
To the ones we are so close to very
Just for them to live a bit more
How I wish, I had a genie lamp
To grant the wishes for green health
And erase all that is meek and damp
Here I sit in the hospital,
By my mom's bedside
Out of five critical admits,
Four have lost their loved ones side
Tho, the life seems numbered
It is my mom that got through the night
Tears after tears I break silently
So long for the will to fight
I pray hard and ask God
To spare her for sometime
Just a little more
To see her precious everlasting smile
I don't know how I will pull through
As I am just a small canoe
Trying my best to shore the wrecked ship
O' there is so much, left to do
The night owls hoot over the roof
Not a good sign I guess
As I dismiss the negative feelings
Coz within me, my brain is a mess
There are many more things going on
Everywhere in this world
Time flies, and loved ones gone
Expiry their dates, and so are called...

Lily Flower Mar 5
On the count of three, my journey begins
Through soft silence touching my bare feet
Three: Too much noise in my rucksack to carry
malignant, cancerous, deceiving on the contrary
Swallowed by silence and my rucksack is free
Damn that constant pain I had to endure!
Two: My heavy eyes search for an end
at the far end of the sea.
My eyes fallible and fed with grandiosity.
The sea sniggers.
A sudden closure.
One: The journy pulls me through like magnet.
Not that I feel ready.
Not that I feel.
Not that I think.
Not for a moment of certainty I move or blink...
Lily Flower Feb 28
I open the wooden door to my derelict mind
To see myself crawling on the wet playground of dreams ,‎
Where I have dwelled in, ever since you left
I clutch to an old photo of you that broadly beams 
It seems, as though millions of years have passed 
The first furtive gaze into your almond eyes 
The piles of midnight letters I could never send
Oh darling! Love deep buried in your heart lies
Like a dying ember in the arms of an antique fireplace ! 
I trace back to my past, when I had you close at hand.
My foolish mind devoiding the agony of your absence 
As for this tyrannical solitude I had never planned
I stand on a deserted island fenced by a sea
Of swimming monsters, that aim at my very soul
They, in quest to bite a piece of me ‎
And I, in the depth of this dream,roll and roll...
~Tina RSH
Old poem for an old lover and friend. ahhh! where are you now..♡
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