Tina 1d

Slightly ajar 
The door to my soul 
Before, Slammed shut! 
And now shaking hands with illumination 
All too well do I smell hope 
Blowing with a gentle breeze 
Towards these feet that carried no zest 
All too careful do I listen to this heart 
tantalisingly tickling  my ribs
And seducing my chest with each move 
Up, and down it swirls. 
An invitation to a play of life
Renouncing with each breath I take 
Eternally I do not exist 
But for now. 
The wind is soon to pass 
Over the greenlands of joy
Oh how too sweet it caresses my cheeks. 
And makes love to my eyes. 
I could give my soul to you 
And leave the door open 
Forever more..

This goes to everyone who is in need of hope. My dear friends out there battling mental demons. I love you. And this poem is yours.
Tina 7d

Trace, Trace, trace! Give me a trace 
Of his charming scent that once blew my way
And lounged on my nostrils. 
I have been blind ever since I lost my eyes 
To his spectacular sight. 
Grace! Grace! Grace! None has his! 
The midnight intruder trespassing my mind
A dream! He too feels.
My solitude is unholy and he is the Saint
To break this curse. 
Embrace! Embrace! Embrace this shattered heart
That once belonged to a zest chest 
Since I'm too cold to even move
Envelope my soul and carry me to your heaven. 
2:09 AM 
Tina RSH ©

I think I'm in love with someone. But I don't have the courage to tell them. Because I think way too low of myself and that for my mental health condition, I'm under the impression that I should forever isolate myself, love people distantly to stop hurting them.
Tina Jul 15

I was an unshaped sculpture, wet, raw and transparent.
As is death behind a fallacious smile.
I knew nothing of intemperate stars
That appear every night, And fade in a matter of hours.
To reappear on a nightly basis.
Till there is no night anymore.

Perhaps my vision is blurred
For all these packs of little gifts I receive everyday pills.
Pink, bone-white, orange and blue.
Wherein witches, no singing, scream lullabies to my ears.
But so does this world seem to fade in and out
Till there is no night anymore.

I look for lost meanings in a rose bucket like a life-long challenge.
I look for drought in children of the sombre clouds in my neighbourhood
That lay on the storm-beat shrubs as midday approaches.
To cover up the clumsy repetition of early mornings.
But oh darling! One day there is no night anymore.
Flirty gestures, handsome men and outbursts of tears
Will turn to ancient words in hardcover manuscripts.
Through which we continue to live a dreamlike life!
Dispensed from life itself and made to live in a glass box.
Transparent, still, with bloody reeks on its windowpanes.
And the blood stains remain, till there is no night anymore.
9.02. 17

Tina Jul 13

O floating cloud! 
Take me to the end of the world
Deposit me on a solid piece of ground
My fists need to bite every inch of dust
My arms need to embrace the thin air 
And declare their nothingness
My hidden tears need overflowing 
And this thorn in my throat 
This thorn in my throat  
Scratches my voice
Blood pours out of my words 
And I breathe in a touch of silence 
The antidote to a dozen cries 
I cannot withhold
I am one with the serenity 
Of a frozen lake, 
And The tranquil  ‎blackness of winter nights
O floating cloud! Be proud!
I have no wind to carry me anymore.
Tina RSH ©
7:23 PM

Tina Jul 10

I have travelled from the lands
Of an unknown master that used to be you.
To a distant destiny, a residue
Of silent tears I shed past midnight
For the absence of you.
My throat clogged with screams.
My lips apart for expected moans
And eyes tight shut!
Crying over the absence of you.
The Absence of you
In a world so empty of light
And full of must-dos
Spinning in my head
Lies an imperfect dream
Of holding your hand
In the morning dew.
Tina RSH ©
14.04. 17

Tina Jul 9

I could rest my head 
On my deathbed 
And say oh darling
I die more alive than ever
I please to spend innumerable days
Inside this coffin, 
As the gleaming sun shines 
From my chest 
And burns every bone 
Tightly sticking 
To this temporary structure 
A million times! A million times! 
I went straight to the bottom 
Travelled the depths of this sea 
And saw no more than solid darkness
Deafening,blind, heart-wrenching; hazardous
A sea of dead glee.
But a chest of untouched hope
The only treasure I stole 
Emptied in my veins
Seething with my blood
As I lay in my deathbed
Tina RSH ©
12:15 PM

Tina Jul 9

Alas my vicious mind overrides this place
Of sheltered freedom and tacit grace 
The magnificence of moments each passed by, poor
As a holy tidal wave,depositing debris on the shore 
I stood aimless mourning over the bygone landscape
That in my head crumpled and slipped through a gape
A foremost scar on my veins, coloured black 
An outraged bull, ready to make an attack back
Eve! O Eve! 
Here I dwell so secret on a perished soul, withdrawn 
From the miraculous bliss I found moments after dawn. 
The Elixir of bliss slipped through my fingers to fade. 
My weakened feet have no more road to wade. 
Eve! O dear Eve! 
Cherish this perished soul with your divinest love 
Seal my eyes, heal my wound, and let me hover above. 
As shiny stars are the jewel of night sky,
Give your love to make my heart glorify.
© Tina RSH

Eve is a representation of God, or the inner self.
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