Tina Jan 12

I came out with a little something
To tantalise the world with
I put on a magician cloak
And a top hat to top the world
There was that mind blowing show
At 7 pm each wednesday.
I sold people embroidered lies
And bought their colossal blunders
Yet, none could feed the hunger I carried
In the pit of my stomach
Or the thirst that would wipe out my barren eyes
Till some intruder having planned before
Broke in to the show, blasting the door
As audience fled, my cloak caught fire
The top hat descended like acid rain
corroding my magic into pieces of wood and wire
All gone and I stood watching
How my utmost dreams flew away .
Two tinsy droplets began dancing on my cheeks
The hunger that ached my stomach for weeks
Muttered: Voila!
And the intruder had left with nothing to say.

Tina Jan 10

Those derelict dead
ends of the soul
that bear mad
houses on their
All Nazis who came
back from the war,
the war that killed
sixty million cells
in their brains.
They came back for
love, put roses
into their guns and
shot like a madman.
There they dwell in
lonlely lonley
Within their own
Ceasing to feel
life pass through,
As the starving
walls hold out
their hands, for
the food that was
never given.
Tina RSH

Tina Jan 10

Let us get out of
this augmented
little world
Mankind was
solitary from the
word go
Creating a roughly
meaningless charm
It is meaning I
yearn to seize
beyond this verse,
more so
When words fail to
paint the void I
As I watch each
moment pass away
I sit grieving for
a year or two
Before there comes
the unexpected
sharp dismay
And subdued
There is air beyond
my lungs
And love in the alr
And infinity in
And meaning in the
dreams man ceased
to follow.
Tina RSH

Tina Nov 2017

My throat clears out a path 
To leak a stream of infidelity 
I cannot seem to swallow
But Someone might have put
A ten ton catastrophe in my chest
Or blown a black balloon, big and hollow 

With no catalyst can I digest blind eyes 
To the truth I gorge with my heart 
To the secret pain in which I wallow 

Be it a poetic nest, or a loser's hole
I escape the demons who run the head
And let my nightmares run shallow

In accordance with those whom I mistakenly labelled as "friends "
Tina Oct 2017

Let the child breathe and the warm air flow
This tragedy needed an end, we were too young
To shoulder a battle devoid of arrows and bows
Pity our play, meant short, already took long
We lost precious blood to tie up a loose end 
Rewritten distorted meanings of sadness and pain
Bitter Loss over gain so we could make amends 
We fast fed the pain, all we felt left, the main
Let the sweet lemonades drain and burn away 
We played possum to ourselves and died for real
What killed us was a trick, what kept us at bay
Was the solidity of death that couldn't be healed 
Yet, by some misfortune  I kept an eye open
To see these corpses walk every now and then. 

Tina Oct 2017

Through and through, he pulled me through 
With a magnet in his heart, a dream in his smile 
Befallen me, a timeless masquerade 
And Ceaseless feet 
That mindless grew, grew, grew...
Did I ever pause to rob a quick kiss
Or glance a furtive glance? 
I know not, I know not. 
No momentary pause , he took me high
He took me high
And higher and higher we flew.
Where did we travel to? 
I couldn't say, I had no clue. 
And When The world fell asleep
I muttered to his sweet ears: 
I have always loved you.
Tina RSH ©

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