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Aug 2019 · 477
Autumn Leaves
ALesiach Aug 2019
Hues of red and gold
Flame ablaze in autumn trees
A season so bold

ALesiach © 08/01/2019
Aug 2019 · 307
Joys of Childhood
ALesiach Aug 2019
Pleasure in small things
Everything is possible
Playing in the sun

ALesiach © 08/1/2019
Jul 2019 · 363
Seasons Memories
ALesiach Jul 2019
Dreams of you and I
Kissing under warm spring rain
Memories of love

Dreams of you and I
Warm embrace in summer fields
Memories of love

Dreams of you and I
Strolls on a cool autumn lane
Memories of love

Dreams of you and I
Snuggles on cold winter days
Memories of love

ALesiach © 07/30/2019
Jul 2019 · 546
A Morning Awakens
ALesiach Jul 2019
Awakened by the kiss of dawn
the softness of her morning light
gently nudges the night away

The dew drops twinkle on the lawn
a bird sings sweetly his delight,
his trilling, courteous and gay

The garden flowers seem to spring
amidst the green they gently sway
floral fragrance floats on the breeze

The bayou softly murmuring
wavering shadows still at play,
lost in the depths of cypress trees

A squirrel scampers to the ground
and across the yard he rushes
buries acorns without a sound

In the distance a baying hound
eager to hunt in the bushes
until fox or raccoon is found

A horse gallops over a hill
enjoying freedom and the sun,
he stops, grazing in grassy fields

I follow nature and be still
watching as the day has begun
and early morning beauty yields

ALesiach © 07/29/2019
Jul 2019 · 378
My Love Adieu
ALesiach Jul 2019
They say love blooms in the springtime
and love is always true,
but our love was just a moment in time
your life was fleeting, my love adieu

ALesiach © 02/03/2019
Jul 2019 · 329
Tangles of Memories
ALesiach Jul 2019
Darkness approaches,
wrapping me in its cruel embrace
Blank shadows on the wall,
feigns their affection for all

Night sings its worthless song,
blanketing the night in anguish
Tangles of memories are closing in,
whispering past my chilled skin

They echo in the wind at night,
calling me back in time
Amidst the hours that slowly turns
Sad eyes with no tears, burns

How do I forget?
Letting you go without regret?

ALesiach © 07/29/2019
Jul 2019 · 562
Whiskey's Lullaby
ALesiach Jul 2019
I sit by sorrow's streams
Amidst wistful longing
Your first soft kiss that lingered
will forever haunt my dreams

How sad it seems
to be so slavishly in love
weary even of life,
such sorrowful extremes,

but I hear remnants of our song
and pine for your possession
to live without you is my bane
life has dealt a bitter wrong

lost in the loneliness
this bereft heart grieves
solace now I seek, in
whiskey's lullaby to forgetfulness

ALesiach © 07/27/2019
Jul 2019 · 403
Dragon's Breath
ALesiach Jul 2019
Essence of the dragon's breath
into the harbor creeps.
Gray, silent, with the chill of death
blankets the meadow while sunbeams sleep.

Wandering, lost within its drifting folds,
isolated from the world.
Cries of fears untold,
echo through its depths unfurl.

Distorted visions of illusions cast
tremor through the air.
Soulless victims on retributions task
beckon to their hidden snare.

Close your eyes, feel its cold fingers caress,
howls of anguish, to late,
your body shudders in distress,
bemoaning your impending fate.

ALesiach © 02/26/2015
Jul 2019 · 422
Don't Cry
ALesiach Jul 2019
Mommy, Mommy
please don't cry.
Here I am
by your side.
You can't feel me,
you can't see,
but in your heart
I will always be.
Now dry your eyes
and rest awhile,
holding me
in your mind,
remembering me
with a smile.

ALesiach © 02/17/2015
Jul 2019 · 389
Butterfly Wishes
ALesiach Jul 2019
Today a butterfly
fluttered through the sky.

Swooping, drawing near,
floating close enough to hear,

the wish whispered softly,
through teardrops a little salty.

It landed on the little nose
and heard the giggle as it goes.

To the heavens it soared up high,
releasing the wish on a little sigh.

ALesiach © 02/16/2015
Jul 2019 · 233
ALesiach Jul 2019
The night creeps upon you,
you shiver and try to hide,
but it closes in from all sides.

Fear rushes through your body,
afraid of what the night conceals
or -- of what it can reveal.

Eyes wide open,
shadows begin to take shape,
on the walls and on drapes.

The darkness poisons your sleep,
even as it caresses your skin,
your heart beating fast within.

Darkness wraps you in its cold arms.
Paralyzed, a single tear drops
and you scream for it to stop


ALesiach © 01/30/2015
Jul 2019 · 433
ALesiach Jul 2019
Under a starless sky,
the sails billow in the wind
and across the deck surges the tide,
while the ship's wheel spins.

The wind carries with it a hypnotic melody,
luring sailors with a passionate plea.
Eyes captivated by their seductive beauty
and blind to ships broken on the reef.

Long, shiny hair in various hues,
green descending scales on their backs
and lustrous eyes, bewitching you,
leaving you oblivious to the trap.

Slowly sailors inch to the rail
and then they start to dive.
While others swept away by scaly tails,
but none will see another night.

They kiss you with honeyed lips,
letting you inhale their sweet breath.
Then, entrap you with their lovely limbs
and drag you into the deep and death.

ALesiach © 10/22/2014
Jul 2019 · 280
ALesiach Jul 2019
It leaves the station,
then it begins its acceleration.
Off to its new destination,
all the cars in formation.

The train goes rushing by.
Can you hear the whistle blow?
It zips along day or night,
in the rain and in the snow.

Over the hills and through the mountains,
through the square and pass the fountain.
With a screech, its journey is done,
Hop aboard we will have such fun.

ALesiach © 11/09/2014
Jul 2019 · 306
Son's Prayer
ALesiach Jul 2019
The day is over, time to rest,
I pray my family for you to bless.

Please watch over me day to day
and do not let me go astray.

Thank you God for Mom and Dad
and blessing our family with all we have.

Help me to do better in school
and remember to follow all the rules.

Forgive me any wrongs I have done
and help me be a good son.

Thank you Jesus for entering my heart,
I pray as I grow we never part.

Now, as I close my eyes to sleep,
please stay and watch over me.
Jul 2019 · 390
Pirate's Life for Me
ALesiach Jul 2019
Sailing the briny seas,
the winds taking us where they please.

A parrot on my shoulder,
"Pieces of eight," it repeats over and over.

If there is mutiny in the ranks,
aye matey, they will walk the plank.

Other ships we will plunder for gold
and any prisoner we will stick in the hold.

A treasure map we have found,
X marks the spot on the ground.

And once we have found the treasure chest,
we will sail off into the sunset.

ALesiach © 11/08/2014
Jul 2019 · 1.4k
Animals and Me
ALesiach Jul 2019
All the animals have come to play,
before you gently rest your head.
They have been waiting all day,
to see you before you to go to bed.

The bunny excitedly jumps around,
wiggling his nose, not making a sound.
The teddy bear, a faithful friend,
hopes the friendship will never end.

The lion awakens from his slumber,
his growl as loud as thunder.
The panda eats his bamboo,
thinking he is lucky to have found you.

The frog with his body of green,
jumps on the bed with dangling feet.
Do not forget the elephant with floppy ears
for drying up your tiny tears.

ALesiach © 11/6/2014
Jul 2019 · 391
August Treasures
ALesiach Jul 2019
Under the humid air
I sit, on my lofty rock and stare
as warm summer heat rises
I look toward the burning horizon

Butterflies dance by together,
enjoying the sultry August weather.
While nearby sprinklers twirl
and pinwheels whirl.

A breeze gently wisps across my skin
as birds fly by, weaving out and in.
Settling on a limb to rest and sing
before ruffling feathers and taking wing.

Bright with summer's flowers
Adorn my garden bower
with intoxicating smells
of magnolia, wisteria and bluebells

Some of August's simple treasures
brings the most delightful pleasures.

ALesiach © 07/26/2019
Jul 2019 · 387
Blackberry Brambles
ALesiach Jul 2019
One golden August day
Walking along the narrow lane

With ice cream pail in hand
Over the lush woodsy land

Looking for brambles of blackberries
Thirsting for their sweet juice in my belly

And nature's kindness does bestow
Along the lane unhindered they grow

Blackberries hang swollen on their vines
The first one a sweet addictive wine

Soon forgotten are the thorns
Each berry its own delectable reward

ALesiach © 07/26/2019
Jul 2019 · 408
The Unicorn and Me
ALesiach Jul 2019
There he stands in mystic wonder,
white as snow and elegant splendor,
eyes as blue as the sky up yonder.

Silently he moves across the glade,
a silent breeze ruffling his mane,
before boldly glancing my way.

In his eyes there is no fear,
as he circles closer, ever near.
Is that a hunter we both hear?
There, see their spears.

Gracefully bowing before me,
Invited to join him on his journey.
To a land where he is free
and can slumber peacefully.

Through the forest we flee,
the unicorn and me.

ALesiach © 05/26/2014
Jul 2019 · 629
Sleep My Love Sleep
ALesiach Jul 2019
Sleep my love, sleep.
Rest your head on my *******
and place yourself into my keep.
Then, dream us on a mighty quest.

To a land where dragons exist.
Where we can run through mystical forests,
as we chase unicorns through the mist.
Then, on pretty balloons will float, I promise.

As through the marsh we must flee.
Toward evil knights guarding the keep,
where the buried treasure is we seek.
Before we escape on the murmuring seas.

Sleep my love, sleep.
Close your eyes and spread your wings.
There is no reason for you to weep,
for in your dreams you are king.

ALesiach © 05/29/2014
Jul 2019 · 1.0k
Louisiana Bayou
ALesiach Jul 2019
Wandering through the bayou,
wrapped in its eerie embrace.
Mysterious and strange,
a magical place.
Never seeming to change,
even as seasons come and go,
swampy waters ebb to and fro.

Like long-lost daughters,
gnarled courtly cypress trees,
rise from black murky waters.
Draped lovingly in Spanish moss,
swaying softly in the breeze.
Butterflies seem to float across,
as gentle winds ruffle their leaves.

Bouquets of wild hibiscus fill the air,
mingled with sweet azaleas blooming there.
Bullfrogs croak and crickets chirp,
the bayou is awash with soothing music.
As dragonflies flit the cattails, elusive,
water moccasins slithering at your feet
or lurk above you in the trees.

Just as, the sun begins to sink low,
comes the faint sound of a fiddle and bow.
The gator comes out of hiding,
rising from the dark waters below.
Looking for his meal and smiling,
with snapping jaws, a deer is caught,
then taken below where he will rot.

The moon rises high into the night,
as fireflies glow in the twilight.
A voodoo queen slips into sight,
with gnarled hands, she rolls the bones.
Whispering cryptic words, she softly moans.
Tenderly she caresses her snake,
wrapped around and about her neck.

A ****-hound whoops it up.
The gnarled trees cast spooky shadows.
Is that the ghostly apparition of Jean Lafitte?
Who managed to escape prison and gallows.
Did you bury your treasure in the water or weeds?
As the wind moans softly, time to turn home,
where you can fill your belly with spicy gumbo.

ALesiach © 10/12/2014
Jul 2019 · 741
ALesiach Jul 2019
Would you like to go to a land,
where the stories never end?
It rests on a golden bank of sand,
down where the river bends.

The sky turns suddenly pale,
while passing through the mysterious veil.
But what a magical, wonderful sight,
to see the fairies in flight.

To see the elves dancing two by two,
in the early morning dew.
To hear the sweet music from the leprechaun's lyre,
as the laughter trills through the air.

Skipping over a babbling brook,
down where the trees do sing.
The dragons give a dubious look,
to see the mermaids enchant the Unseelie King.

And while frolicking in the meadows,
watch as the gnomes gather rose petals.
But be ready to pay the toll,
if you pass over the Bridge of Trolls.

Night is nearly on the land,
time to greet the Sandman.
I hope you have had a happy day,
and do not forget to come back this way.

ALesiach © 10/01/2014
Jul 2019 · 347
ALesiach Jul 2019
In winter's mist, the magic swirled,
as darkness descended on the earth,
reflected in water, a Dragon's birth.

His scales glistened of red and gold,
his eyes sparkled green and bold,
his mystical beauty touched my soul.

His mighty wings unfurled for flight,
'twas such a wondrous sight,
to watch his twist and turns in the night.

As his wings danced in silent waves,
his solitary stare captured my gaze,
his power and presence held absolute sway,
as I awaited my fate.

Then, down he swooped through the air,
seemingly without a care,
and I wonder how I would fare.

Towards me he came,
softly calling my name,
his snout ablaze with his flame.

As he landed on the snow,
He said I am friend not a foe,
Come, let us go.

Flapping his wings we did rise,
up, up into the sky,
eyes shining bright,
having never known such delight.

ALesiach © 09/26/2014
Jul 2019 · 190
Summer Crush
ALesiach Jul 2019
A simple summer crush,
the memories still make me blush.
We were a perfect match,
that's why we caught fire so fast.

Your warm breath, caressing my skin,
unfreezing my heart from within.
Loosing myself again,
in the gentle summer rain.

Baby, it was magic we were making
and my heart was yours for the taking.
Sand, salt and skin;
kissing you, my head would spin.

Now summer is long gone,
not sure what went wrong
and why the magic couldn't last
or why summer flew by so fast.

ALesiach © 07/26/2019
Jul 2019 · 198
Summer Rain
ALesiach Jul 2019
Sweltering in the sun, wishing for a warm rain
thirsty drooping flowers crave a refreshing drink
the brook dries up waiting for the rain to flow again
the heat waves shimmered, the rocks seemed to shrink,

Then I heard the gentle tapping on my window-pane
and watched the rain spill to earth from heaven's brink
flower heads lift as rain soaks their garden beds
a brook ripples and sparkles as the water quickly spreads

ALesiach © 09/01/2017
Jul 2019 · 343
ALesiach Jul 2019
Strolling along the white sandy beach
Aquamarine waves lapping over my feet

A gentle breeze brushing against my skin
Billowy clouds hide a cerulean sky within

So I took a dive into the aquamarine sea
It's dark silky depths enclosing me

Swimming fiercely into the tides
Through the chartreuse seaweed I glide

A tangerine octopus smiles up at me
As sea lemons hide in the coral reef

Sea horses spin pieces of sea lavender
Through my green and ruby watermelon hair

Fastening saffron flowers about my neck
As I hover above a woeful shipwreck

Lips are shined with pale lilac shells
As above a summer wind swells

Always returning to where I belong
Casting spells as I sing my song

ALesiach © 8/12/2017
Jul 2019 · 380
Rocking Chair
ALesiach Jul 2019
Rocking on the front porch
Watching the stars in heaven play
Rocking back and forth
Sipping from my lemonade
Melting all my cares away

ALesiach © 08/05/2017
Jul 2019 · 1.4k
ALesiach Jul 2019
Listen to them very carefully.
Just listen to what they say.
Vile drips from their tongue so readily,
disguised in just the right way.

Now ponder for just a minute,
what do they speak of you?
When the crowd's without you in it,
do they mock you too?

Did you think you could escape,
their two-faced?

ALesiach © 08/04/2017
Jul 2019 · 246
ALesiach Jul 2019
In the shadows of the acorn tree, watching the squirrels race around gathering acorns. Their busy little hands rotating them, examining each acorn. Hoarding them, even brawling with other squirrels for access to the best trees. Daring acrobats that risk life and limb to collect them from the willowy ends of branches.

Trees full of acorns
daring acrobat squirrels
hoards little brown nuts

ALesiach © 07/28/20187
Jul 2019 · 339
My Wall, You Built
ALesiach Jul 2019
Broken trust,
is that how it starts,
when falling apart?

Now, we stand at the crossroads,
jealousy rumbles like the cold, black wind.
Who was the first to sin?

My pain, always your pleasure,
when things were rough,
I could never suffer enough.

The bitter tragedy,
your struggle with guilt.
My wall, you built.

ALesiach © 1/31/2017
Jul 2019 · 173
Taste Life
ALesiach Jul 2019
Taste life in the moment,
for soon today will be gone,
lost in the yesterdays
between dark and dawn.

Taste laughter's lips,
dipped in milk and honey,
a joyous dance for two,
while life is bright and sunny.

Taste the breeze of winter's kiss,
flying into the wonder of life,
leaving behind the sadness and tears,
not mired down by all the strife.

Taste the sweetest drops of rain
while pushing past all life's sorrows.
In death, we can retrospect,
for there will be no tomorrows.

ALesiach ©0 1/07/2017
Jul 2019 · 209
World in Turmoil
ALesiach Jul 2019
We live in fear,
frightened it's clear.
We live in hate,
don't leave it to late.

A world in turmoil,
we slave and toil,
moments of violence,
breathing defiance.

Clock is ticking,
act without thinking,
live with regret,
never to forget.

ALesiach © 01/07/2017
Jul 2019 · 356
ALesiach Jul 2019
Just beyond the sunset
the day's end paints the red horizon
radiance of orange, yellow, and purple light
what a brilliant sight.

Scent of wood fires burning
a coyote's howl fills the air
the day's song is at an end
and night's lullaby now begins.

ALesiach © 9/24/2016
Jul 2019 · 552
August Daze
ALesiach Jul 2019
Warm days
Heavy nights
Mosquito bites

Dancing bees
Delicious honey
Sweet tea,
Yummy, yummy

Swimming pools
Shade trees
Staying cool
Ice cream

Summer showers
Juicy peaches
Budding flowers
Warm beaches

Vacation's over
School begins
Time's slower
Summer ends

ALesiach © 8/2016
Jul 2019 · 218
Moon Gazing
ALesiach Jul 2019
full moon high above
lighting the whole darkened sky
rippling sea reflects

ALesiach © 8/2016
Jul 2019 · 349
At the Beach
ALesiach Jul 2019
slow clouds pass above
ebb and flow, dissolving sand
sun glints broken shells

ALesiach © 8/2016
Jul 2019 · 447
ALesiach Jul 2019
darkened sky rumbles
lightning strikes flashes deep
steady blue raindrops falling

ALesiach © 8/2016
Jul 2019 · 965
Hot-Air Balloon
ALesiach Jul 2019
Up, up high into the sky
Warm winds blowing through misty clouds
Wandering, serene

ALesiach © 8/2016
Jul 2019 · 280
ALesiach Jul 2019
breathing hot air in
watching the whirling fan above me
hating the humidity

ALesiach © 7/27/2016
Jul 2019 · 278
ALesiach Jul 2019
ensnared by her beauty
she stares into the looking glass
vanity is her bliss

ALesiach © 05/22/2016
Jul 2019 · 130
Day's End
ALesiach Jul 2019
sun is setting slowly
a final kiss warms your body
cool breeze brushes skin

ALesiach © 05/22/2016
Jul 2019 · 269
Red Roses
ALesiach Jul 2019
red roses shimmer
kissed with dewdrop tiaras
drying in the morning sun

ALesiach © 05/22/2016
Jul 2019 · 622
ALesiach Jul 2019
Come on up, come inside!
Grab a cup, try to hide!

Hide behind your masquerade,
join the pretty masks on parade.

Eyes once bright no longer shine,
they flaunt the cracks you try to hide.

Skin as pale as alabaster,
gleams as you dance, twirling faster.

Sealed lips try to smile,
longing to taste joy for a little while.

Hands covered in spidery lace,
flutter with a subtle grace.

Soft brown hair spun with ribbons,
gently tilts, your sorrow a given.

What solemn secrets have you known,
dancing in your castle all alone?

ALesiach © 02/01/2017
Jul 2019 · 814
Will You Be Her Lover?
ALesiach Jul 2019
Gypsy sits under the twinkling starlight,
of a fierce love she sings into the night,
but never a lover is in sight.
Will you be her lover?

Gypsy fades to a gentle slumber.
Will her dreams be light or thunder?
Will they dwell on life's duress
or a lover's sweet caress?
Will you be her lover?

Gypsy can freeze you, put you on ice
or she can take you to paradise.
Do not forget to hold on tight
or into the abyss you will slip at twilight.
Will you be her lover?

Gypsy stirs in the morning light,
her dreams are gone like mist in sunlight.
Did you read the message in her eyes?
She will be waiting in the night.
Will you be her lover?

ALesiach © 09/19/2014
Jul 2019 · 670
Wait! What is that I Hear?
ALesiach Jul 2019
Cold and gloomy is the night,
not a single star in sight,
Even a haze is about the moon.
Surely something horrible will happen soon.
The radio has static,
I change the station.
Wait! What is that I hear?
Please let it be my imagination,
Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber
in concert together.
Surely the end is near,
feel the world tremble in fear.
Wait! What is that I hear?
There has been a mistake,
you have been pranked.

ALesiach © 05/29/2014
Jul 2019 · 685
ALesiach Jul 2019
The Sandman comes to her around seven,
she prays for dreams sweet as heaven.

But sometimes the dreams,
awaken her with screams.

Monster do not always come in closets,
monster sometimes seem quite modest.

Awakened in a cold sweat,
frightened near death.

Nightmares do not always come in dreams,
nightmares do not always make you scream.

ALesiach © 09/19/2014
Jul 2019 · 870
Broken Doll
ALesiach Jul 2019
A porcelain doll sweet and shy,
lives in a world of mistreatment and lies.
In the shadows and darkness he does come in,
leaving a doll broken, shattered within.

Tiny hands reach out, comfort they seek.
Only to be told, lies they speak.
Trembling and emotionally scarred,
a doll's heart is broken and flawed.

ALesiach © 10/05/2014
Jul 2019 · 724
ALesiach Jul 2019
She sits in silence upon the bed
hands folded neatly, but with drooping head.
Her gossamer chords, silvery and fair
float gently through the winter's evening air.

Slowly his music fills her hollow form
as she waits for him to strum her gossamer chords.
A dancing silhouette, bending to his will
spiraling, swirling, or capriciously still.

His fingers dance across those gossamer chords
as she silently floats across the floor.
Tirelessly she performs the night through
never once missing her cue.

As his haunting music begins to fade
and he slowly turns away.
She slumps back against the bed
hands folded neatly, but with drooping head.

ALesiach © 02/16/2015
Jul 2019 · 228
Weeping Song
ALesiach Jul 2019
There is an ancient tune,
as old as the wandering moon.
It floats on gentle breeze,
of a woman weeping.

It moans softly through the trees
and haunts you when you dream.
Her tears are like a gentle stream,
of lost lullabies she will never sing.

It whispers faintly in the rain
emptiness of arms that never fade.
Death and loss is all that pervade
on her nightly serenade.

ALesiach © 01/01/2015
Jul 2019 · 319
No More Tears to Weep
ALesiach Jul 2019
Deep in the night,
she emerges from the mist.
Clinging to a rose of white,
longing for the one that is missed.

She stands on a rocky peak,
the rose's thorns have dug in deep.
The wind howls and shrieks,
but her eyes have no more tears to weep.

Watching the moonlight dance with the sea,
before crashing on the rocks below.
Once more together they shall be,
as off the cliff she does go.

ALesiach © 10/17/2014
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