melinoe immortal Dec 2017

In her dreams
she wears the laciest, blackest dress;
her nails painted black too.

Her dark red lips appear as if they were smiling
but the cyanosis is hidden underneath.
Her left thumb is touching the
cherry-black dyed wood.

By her side,
the “12-year old” teddy bear
is with her to the infinite.
The ring her mother gave her
before her escape
left a mark on her right middle, finger.
It is hang on her neck close to her heart.
And the pallor of her cold skin
washed out the circles under the eyes.

No more NREM sleep, no more delta waves.
No more REM dreaming and Morphean dances
between the underworld and the ones gone.

There was no reason to feel or think anymore.

A mother’s tear on her cheek, suddenly she wakes
up screaming.

It all turned black.

It may have not been a dream after all.

Me Díaz Oct 2017

I want to be your teddy-bear.
I hear they are protectors, you know?
From bad dreams, and the monsters under the bed
and that one that hides in the closet  
(It's why my closet has no doors, you know?).

I'll don my armor of throw pillows
tied around my body with your tank top,
and tie your bra to my head with the cups stacked on top it.
Stand guard at the foot of your bed
with the fiercest look in my tiny button eyes
(and that one you've probably sowed onto my face more than once),
and hold your brush tight in my paws as a weapon.

I'll then let you pull me tight to your body,
once you're done laughing at my antics
(because you can protect yourself better than I can,
and you insist on calling me cute when I'm fierce, g'dammit),
and I'll snuggle closer to you still.
'Cause in the end,
I really just want to spend the night in your arms.

M•(e). Díaz

I don't want to fight your battles, because I simply just can't.
But I do want to be there, with and for you,  and let my presence tell you you're not alone in them.
Julie C Smith Jun 2017

Teddy Bear, my Teddy Bear
Cheer me up when noone is there
Give me your soft hand
When I'm the last one left in playland

You know me better than anyone else
With you I can always be myself
Your big brown eyes give me what I need
We both are made of one and the same breed

You give me comfort when I'm sad
But Teddy Bear, know you can drive me mad
So go on, fill me, thrill me
But don't try to kill me

You killed me but it's okay
sunprincess Mar 2017

My sweet teddy bear
and silky sun-kissed hair
Beyond fabulous!

Brent Kincaid Apr 2016

He has one eye missing
And a patchwork butt.
I tell everybody he’s winking,
That he has one eye shut.
He’s lost a lot of hair
And he no longer sits up
Like he used to before.
But whenever I see him
I am never in doubt
He is still the bear I adore.

Bubby Bear is a very good bear
The best friend there ever could be.
He sleeps by my side every night
And Bubby never argues with me.

When things get too scary
Or out of control I go and
Grab up Bubby and hold him.
He’s always warm and he’s
Sympathetic, and so I never
Feel the need to scold him.
I can always talk to him
And explain things out
Because he is so very patient.
I think it is because he
Is such a very wise bear
And always there waiting.

Bubby Bear is the finest bear
He always right beside me.
I don’t have to worry that he
He might want to abandon me.

Some people like to tease me
About the way Bubby looks
And make fun of his condition.
But they have to admit to me
They don’t have a friend who gives
One hundred percent permission,
And never gets tired of them
Or tattles their confidences
Or gets bored with what they say.
That’s why Bubby is my best friend
Always was, always will be
All night long and every single day.

Bubby Bear is a very good bear
He puts up with my every whim.
I feel sorry for anyone who
Doesn’t have a friend like him.

Alivia Evans Feb 2016

Warm to my eyes
gingerbread in a cast oven,
stone to my finger tips
hard to bite
sweet to my senses,
solid and shiny
glimmer to a child's eye
a smile that spreads,
sugar coated
honeyed lullaby,
a child's best memory
is a teddy bear cracker

Teddy bear crackers were my favorite
Ormond Jan 2016

Sad Sack

Teddy bear outside
All dressed up without bow tie
Naked as a toy


Teddy bear on edge
With no child left to love you
This is rock bottom

12th step

Poor wee Teaddy bear
Out cold on bleak alley floor
Bottle beside you


Teddy bear so soft
You are all stuffing and warm
Homeless in alley


Last chance Teddy bear
Garbage truck on trash day stops
Maybe recycle

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