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ALesiach Jul 2019
Taste life in the moment,
for soon today will be gone,
lost in the yesterdays
between dark and dawn.

Taste laughter's lips,
dipped in milk and honey,
a joyous dance for two,
while life is bright and sunny.

Taste the breeze of winter's kiss,
flying into the wonder of life,
leaving behind the sadness and tears,
not mired down by all the strife.

Taste the sweetest drops of rain
while pushing past all life's sorrows.
In death, we can retrospect,
for there will be no tomorrows.

ALesiach ©0 1/07/2017
Zoe Grace May 2019
Vines are so funny
This ***** is empty, YEET, lol
Why am i like this
Im bored and its late and you all have to put up with me because of it
Anna Feb 2018
You just have to remember that

People come and go
Some people care, some people don't give a ****
Some are kind, some are pretentious angels
Some likes you, some just wants to use you
Some are serious, some just wants to play

Go on, have fun.

All you gotta do is remember.
You enjoy the *** and the *****
All the things I could never give to you
I'll enjoy my solitude

Pet her hair in the dark
Rest your hands on her hips
Tell her she's yours

Forget our midnights
Lies told under starlight
I was afraid you might

Sleep in her bed again
Steal her blankets
Kiss her with morning breath

Don't watch me walk anymore
You told me you did before
Staring through the glass in the door

Tell her I'm nothing
That I was a child
That she is a woman

Don't love me
Or anything I'll never be
The things even I can't see

Walk away with her
Into the sunset
Or wherever it is you go

When you're not around
Katlego Tladi Sep 2014
What's current is a stream
Of tears.
As the water falls so do the years.
The trickling time plays tricks.
That it never played when we were kids.
Money was useless on the river banks.
The **** water was rich in memories.
When we were water babies.

When the skies filled with tears we would wash away our fears.
Running in the rain we were only running from our pain.
We forgot about the ifs and maybes.
We were water babies.

All the waves and the smiles.
They were ****** into viols.
We had to spare them for the weekends "you're now a school child" We once.
Were water babies

So the tide raged on and so did our teenage hormones. For 'the thirst' can i get some...
Water, Baby.
Just an analogy of life and how we lost the plot when we decided to "grow up"... The structure of the poem is testament to the fact that life gets shorter (the stanzas decrease in length as the poem progresses). The aquatic theme is borrowed from someone I deeply care about, she who is as pure as water itself. Okay okay enough explaining. Bleh :')

I'll let you figure out the rest for yourself. Enjoy

— The End —