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Maxim Keyfman Sep 11
weep weep weep the whole world
cry the whole cycle of darkness and light
and the whole azure of heaven and all the azure
and all the books that were on the bookshelf
on the shelf that burned then in august
when attacking death on our house

scatter the same voices last fatal
be carried away and carried all around
do not give air to all this here
do not give the sky and do not give more papers
do not dictate any more of these strange words
perhaps the land is worth and it will be necessary to stop

and right now and at this very moment
and it is at this hour this month in this year
all stopped what it means stopped even then
then when august was next to me when the books were
when the whole world was not even in the flames at all
when the bookcase was with me and the leaves did not sob

Sarah Sep 2
Everytime I see a ballerina
It sparks a sense of yearning within me
Yearning for something that shall never be mine
Dance moves I shall never learn
And I'd feel my heart weep
As it recalls the child who once asked her mother to be a ballerina
And her mother said no
A 'no' that gave me a weeping heart, and a murdered dream.
True story
O joyous world
for which I weep,
what splendid treats
you share with me.

For I've seen your
beauty in green mountain side,
or in soft blue skies as far as
my eyes reach.

I've been entranced by mirrored lakes
and natural silence.

I weep for the people
who will not see,
the elegance carved before me.

I weep for the world
encased in sin,
a concrete evil that shackles our will.
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
veritas Jul 25
and you will fall to your knees

(as petals fall to the ground, so soft)

and it will part a way

(if buttery light could cleave so)

and if ever gods thundered
quaked wrath shook perturbe d

so shall you weep

like rain and a sigh of mist that followed.
Wided Ben Jul 16
When the feared day came, I roamed the city looking for traces of your scent, the city is big and my lungs are small,  
I inhaled whatever my pores could take in, the Kebab of every street, a whiff of the pomegranates of the South, the dust of the North, but you were not in the air, you were gone.

Cities have no honor, but this one is no traitor,

you flee anyway, and I,
I weep over your streets.
Blake Jul 8
So now I weep tears of dashed hopes.
The dreadful sorrow cracking and snapping my teasing mind apart as I say a final and tardy goodbye.

But not for you,
But for the man I met all those years ago.
And for the woman that met you.

My one last wishful thought,
Is the greatest of all...
That somewhere our old souls are still prancing carefree and smirking to the pleasure and gift of our love.
When you lose yourself...that grief will always be eternal.
Asiah Jul 1
The beauty I speak
Is not the beauty of me
The beauty that leaks
Is not the beauty I weep.
In this hell we call earth, Eden is beyond grasp, manna is droughty, evident we in the tic toc furnace...the secret to hint of happiness is to make piece with your demons and be find comfort despite the heat

Look what I have turned into, I've been taught to make the right decisions but never have I been given the choices yet blammed for every figured move I take, the damage is beyond my pain threshold, nonetheless I grin just to smile and say am okay to the sarcastic phrase “how are you”
Am a student, I walk 2.5 km everymorning to work my cleaning part time job and then walk back timely to catch the campus shuttle and fill my brains with toxic words. Go home later and wait for repeat, that for me is enough to know that this is hell
Lyn-Purcell May 21
Listen to the chorus of the weeping angels.
Listen to the songs that dares to ride the wind.
Just a small poem from my journal based on a lucid dream I had.
Hot chocolate no longer tastes like chocolate

Tea gets me as drunk as wine

I get about as high on cigarettes as I would rosmerry or thyme

The clocks in my house have stopped ticking

Though I never stop to check

There's a litter of stray kittens, outside my door, on the front step

Although time has stopped passing
And the gods have fallen asleep

I still find myself laughing
That I've wept to much to weep
Ive had a few people wonder
Its limbo
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