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In the boudoir of satan's play pen
Chain-smoking her pretty lies
You learn the art
In your veins
In your heart
You can not refrain, dancing with sins
Touching her slowly
Oh the pain, you can not contain
Out of reach, you weep
This is your defeat
Lilly F Sep 6
my tears come in different colors
weeping in teal, the same color as your eyes
crying in violet, the same color that lies under my own
sobbing in pink, the same color of the blemishes on my face
whimpering in gray, the same color as the stressed hairs on my head
wallowing in gold, the same color I swore her heart was.
none of which are primary.

Seanathon Aug 28
No weatherman warned me
About the downfall of you

About the pouring out of emotive soul
Which encompassed the morning

In a matter of seconds, falling
Like a haze of pensive dew

And now I cannot unseen the sight
Or the falling skies of you
When the rain falls inside, as well as out. This one's about a memory. But not at all about me.
Everyone lie to their loved ones on a hope that lie protects them but they donot understand that the toll that a lie takes on their loved ones
outweighs the hurt truth
could have ever done.

We lie because we love them,
they weep because they love us more.
Everyone lies .even the ones who are reading this might have relatable situations but the mere truth is a lie that protects their loved ones is worth a thousand truths that hurt them as long as it remains untold.

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ALesiach Jul 22
Deep in the night,
she emerges from the mist.
Clinging to a rose of white,
longing for the one that is missed.

She stands on a rocky peak,
the rose's thorns have dug in deep.
The wind howls and shrieks,
but her eyes have no more tears to weep.

Watching the moonlight dance with the sea,
before crashing on the rocks below.
Once more together they shall be,
as off the cliff she does go.

ALesiach © 10/17/2014
ALesiach Jul 22
Sometimes I get lost
Now that you have wandered far away
Remembering our love's sweet cost
Every moment of the day

I have danced inside your eyes
To your music, so sweet and clear
Surrendered to you in the heat of the night
My wanton cries filled your ears

Memories come on a midnight breeze
The taste of your sweet breath
Your gentle caress on my ivory keys
As we embrace the little death

You soothed away my restless feelings
Tasted my river of tears
Then left me grieving
Turning my hopes into fears

My heart is made of stone now
My dreams have faded away
Frozen beneath the garden bough
Where my love was buried, that day

ALesiach © 07/17/2017
ALesiach Jul 22
At the turning of twilight
Where whispers of the past linger
The shadows edge the moonlight
And desire's of the heart remember

The laughter has not been silenced
Roses do not darken and wither
A heart not wrenched with agony intense
And desire's of the heart do not shatter

In midnight pangs your music beckons
Twirling, arching to your sweet chords
A soul cries out to the heavens
As trembling lips whisper forgotten words

Longing to feel you wipe the tears from my eyes
And lovingly kiss me one last goodbye

ALesiach © 01/12/2018
ALesiach Jul 22
As eventide awakens
Under our bower I lay
My pulse begins to quicken
The world vanishes away

As you slip into my dream tonight
Like a prearranged rendezvous
A sweet illusion to fill my sight
I close my eyes, it all comes true

To taste your lips is ecstasy
All worries are left behind
In this land of fantasy
Our movie plays in my mind

In our never-ending romance,
Our unique melody, crafted with love
Your touch so tender, full of finesse
'Neath the precarious moon above

Gallivanting forward in my dreaming
Eager to acquiesce to my heart's desire
How I long to stay sleeping
Of this dream I never tire

But he kisses me, nonchalant
As he gently fades away
Back in my memories to haunt
As night gives way to-day

ALesiach © 05/9/2018
ALesiach Jul 22
You know you hurt me
These tears flood the pain
My mind battles a raging sea
My heart, scared to love again
and still I hope in vain
for a love sweet and strong
to right the bitter wrong.

I look in the mirror
and see your smile once more
I whisper, "Come nearer"
you vanished like before
leaving my heart bruised and sore
My heart longs to be free
Is death the hidden key?

ALesiach © 05/2018
ALesiach Jul 22
The winds are whispering low
As the night touches the sky
Where stars twinkle and glow
Behind clouds of ghostly white

Lying down between the pages
Lulled to sleep, in your own world
A book faded by ages
Where lost memories unfurl

To forget, for a moment
Awake, you'll never be
Our time lost, taken, stolen
Sweet death takes you from me

Let me stay for a while, in sleep
For tomorrow in sorrow, I shall weep

ALesiach © 01/13/2018
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