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ALesiach Jul 2019
breathing hot air in
watching the whirling fan above me
hating the humidity

ALesiach © 7/27/2016
Phi Kenzie Jul 2018
I don’t always like being naked
even in my own home
but in this heat
it’s either strip or die

There are those with A/C
acting so civilized
as they turn back temperatures
concerned for their sweat

I’m wet with jealousy
but the humility grew on me
moss in a steamy environment
condensation in the same

Now the only difference
is switching two letters
Walkin' 'round in m'skivvies
Mary-Eliz May 2018
waking on a summer morn
has always
made me somewhat sad
at least
since I've been grown

in the mind
and weighty remnants
of bizarre dreams

fills my morning
clears my head a bit

but as the day
humidity settles in

the air feels thick and heavy
seems a struggle
for lungs to take it in

you can see
the heat
in ripples
as it rises

in that smoldering heat
some are in their

it's true

some do like it hot

not me

I don't enjoy

brutal heat is not
my friend

nor is the sun

at least not for long

so close

I know its rays
are more
than pale skin
will stand

and what about
the flora

unless the heavens
bless the earth
with frequent soaking

the heat will be
a strain on
the plants
I dearly love

if I remember
to water thoroughly
when they need
they'll stay green
and lush

my wallet's green
will shrink


summer has its
good points
amusing things to do

ice cream cones
evening drives
picnics at the park

swimming pools
water parks
and just the garden hose
can help
to cool you off

backyard cookouts
iced tea and

vacation if you
can afford

if not

the latest thing

maybe best part
of summer

is what
coming next

those cool
days of autumn
to refresh
the air

and body
Not really wishing away time, just hope the heat and humidity doesn't get too crazy too soon!
melli7 Jun 2017
Today I put some
shirts away and cooked some
chicken in the microwave I am
getting better at that -- doing
it is not so hard now that I've
gotten a hang
of it again I even went
outside for a bit in jeans
in the sticky summer four
o'clock (not my smartest
thought) but I went I
felt the sweat and sun and I
James Leggett Jul 2016
as space promises to prolong dusk
long enough for those mourning the day's loss
to see if when they kiss there's still passion
or if it slips into obligation

will the kids who race through summer
riding the wind like chariots
will they raise their arms to become legends
and leave history in their footsteps

earthly aesthetic of sunburned tattoos
fading butterfly or a late parents' signature
looking for shelter in shaded ground
what was once perfect is now tarnished

a heat wave - some would say
melting motivated desire
lifting anguish out of simplicity
glued to the thickness of the day
sun and sky retire
slipping away without realization
My underwear
routinely sticking
places it shouldn't be
The Heat, and not the sports team
Has come here for a while
It's enough to set some records
And to **** the farmers smiles

Humidity and high temperatures
Add to make our life like hell
It's drying up our creeks and streams
There's no water in our wells

We do not use our ovens
To cook our meals, not now at least
We just leave meat on the counter
The outside heat will cook the beast

Our lawns are brown and dormant
But the weeds are growing strong
There is chickweed and crabgrass where once
Green grass did once belong

The splash pads are on overtime
To help keep people cool
We've cooling centers everywhere
They're in all of the schools

In order to cool down at home
I have my a/c set to freeze
And if at times this doesn't work
I watch Christmas DVD's

Remember hats and sunscreen
to keep the heat off of your head
In fact it is so god ****** hot
I tan while I'm in bed

I remember as a child
Summer never got as hot as this
Compared to recent temperatures
Is like a ******* to a kiss

We pray for heat in winter
And in the summer, the reverse
I know I would like the snow
The heat is much, much, worse

Instead of just complaining
I should just take it, brave the heat
But for now, I'll watch my movies
Sing my carols, cool my feet

I know that come this winter
I'll be crying for the heat
Just remind me of this little poem
And I'll shut up, and take my seat.
We are experiencing record temps here in London right now, with humidex readings of betwen 48 and  50 Celsius today. For those using the Fahrenheit scale, that's between about 118 and 122 degrees in some places.
PFL Jun 2016
In the likeness of dew
One can see
A nightly gathered convex galaxy
Gazillions of translucent pearls from her majesty
Infinite food for more than just whorls
Radiance expressed from a single source.
Mother ocean, giving us, her gifts, of course.
Touched, life unfurls
Who are we to think we can improve the design of this world.
                                                          ­                     PFL
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