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Sam Clemens Oct 11
Someday, I will hear your name without the swell of my heart,
see your face as if it were a stranger's;
but not today, not now.

Today I sidled up amongst the trees, my ear to the ground,
and heard only the echoes of the words you had meant to speak;
watched your countenance unfold in the undergrowth,
nestled between the dogwoods;
and by the riverbank, too,
your breath emergent, buoyed by the water's hushed murmurs.

Has anyone ever written you a love song?
Where they say something nice to make you smile?
Something like:

Never will I die, nor you,
as the long as the love we created remains,
floating somewhere, its toes curled and gripping the edge of eternity.

Someday I will write you a love song;
but not today, not now.
ALesiach Jul 23
Gypsy sits under the twinkling starlight,
of a fierce love she sings into the night,
but never a lover is in sight.
Will you be her lover?

Gypsy fades to a gentle slumber.
Will her dreams be light or thunder?
Will they dwell on life's duress
or a lover's sweet caress?
Will you be her lover?

Gypsy can freeze you, put you on ice
or she can take you to paradise.
Do not forget to hold on tight
or into the abyss you will slip at twilight.
Will you be her lover?

Gypsy stirs in the morning light,
her dreams are gone like mist in sunlight.
Did you read the message in her eyes?
She will be waiting in the night.
Will you be her lover?

ALesiach © 09/19/2014
neha yamba May 24
Shutting the window close
He insisted her to sit near the fireplace
He knew this time the winter wind was ice cold

Silence was whooshing his ear
He long for her to sing , Her song ..
The same song which sparked their relationship so strong ..
Her song which brought life to this brick-wood home
He longed for her laughs .. his sunshine

Her cheeks were numb
and hand shivering as she picked the chair up ,
He quickly held her hand and rubbed them with warmth
He said a silent prayer ,
for summer to come soon
But somewhere deep he knew the warm weather
Audrey L May 18
it's like,
my heart and soul are made for you
Countless voices singing their little hymns
converge in a glorious harmony,
sing song lyrics that celebrate my whims
perform a symphony inside of me.

My heart conducts a most enchanted choir,
of booming bass sung to uplifting heights
and tenors sweeter than King David’s lyre,
a singer for each of my heart’s delights.

The joy within erupts in songs of praise
to a life hitting every perfect note,
and hearing what my inner chorus says
in melodies from places most remote.

All the conflicting voices had been wrong
until they all declared my love in song.
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Ozioma Ogbaji Apr 13
Write a song about me
How I make you feel
Sing it to me at our favourite spot
Sing a song to me

Write a song about love
Write a song about us
Sing it to me at our favourite spot
Sing a song to me

We'll stare into each other's eyes
Cause darling, we'll feel butterflies
If this isn't love, what is?
You and me here together
Darling, this is nothing but love.
I wrote this as a song but I changed some parts to publish it as a poem.
Elijah Bowen Apr 1
hate sings a love song,
blithe, pretty, little tune
in honor of its heritage.
hate sings sweetly, a song
of marches and hangings,
of ghettos and slavery
it hums admiration for its people.
it sings of this land.
the majestic peaks and playful meadows.
it sings, with love, of blood-drenched cotton and  
trenches adorned with crooked bodies.
it sings of its forefathers-  
the conquistadors and pioneers.
saintly butchers and child rapists.
hate paints it’s history holier than the Sistine Chapel,  
singing blindly like a hymn.

hate sings a love song,  
possessive and vicious.  
it scrawls the lyrics on
subway walls and sycamore trees.
it sings in symbols and metaphors,
accompanied by the beat of temple gunshots and kicks to the ribcage.
hate sings through the pulpit and the pew,
clipping it’s verses from a holy book,
it sways to the rhythm of “Amens” and “Hallelujahs”

hate breathes down my neck and yours,
knocking door to door,  
bearing music with a message,  
it weeds out the undesirables one by one.
for the greater good,
hate tortures children therapeutically,
and executes those presumed guilty.
it erases generations
in concrete rooms  
and in the bellies of ships.  
it explodes homes,
smashes panes of glass,
and burns every convenient symbolism.
hate roves and rages and spits and howls,
singing the song of a beautiful future.
Eurus Mar 11
I'm not looking for
A statue in a museum
Or a love song about me.
A heart beating
To the rythm of mine
Sounds perfect for me.
Disha Bhatia Feb 27
You, my love
should stay
from my mind
and my heart

For my mind twists and turns
scenarios to stop me
from letting you go
when I never
held you at first

For my heart
gives up giving up
on you
and beats
to tell me
you're a part of me,
not apart from me

Missing you is like
missing a heart beat
Forgetting you is like
Forgetting to breathe

I'd rather miss
a few beats
and do a couple dance
on my own,
than change the lyrics
of my love song
Thinking Doc Feb 25
The silence of the world is the stillness
Of my heart stretching to eternity
When I think of you.

The blue of the sky separates into vermilion,
an evensong that reminds me,
How much I will love you,
even after my body is ash
and my mind a forgotten whisper.
To someone I will always be in love with, no matter how far she is.
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