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Just Grace Sep 18
I felt it then
like I feel it now

There was a dead end sign
at that moment I peered into our future

We tried to give space
Then that choice was taken away
One more chance to prove we can survive
locked down together

So we took my family land
We tilled that soil
Built distractions
Illusions and dreams

The peppers and tomatoes
that I now harvest
I prepare them alone
The nightshades
the itch
now taint my tears
and pink-stain my cheeks
where they have streamed
LeoH Jul 30
When I let go of the illusions
Of shoulds and musts
Life becomes simple
I can now focus on
The only thing that matters
I take a breath
When life overwhelms me I find it helpful to know that "this too shall pass."
Zywa Jun 20
My body has stopped,

my head is still running on –

thinking to be free.
For Maria Godschalk #79

Collection "Between where"
Balaguer Jun 18
Imagine discovering yourself
what you love,
what excites you,
what makes you cry of joy.
All because you now know more about you,
Your happiness is cut short.
Everyone around you,
abandons what you think is true.
Now imagine they all tell you
it's not real.
Your excitement just comes and goes.
Although you cannot stare at what brings you joy
for too long because of tears
it is just
an illusion.

What do you really love?
Control is an illusion,
that I thought I could master.
I tried hard and fell harder.
my happiness took a hit,
and my motivation took a plunge.
Here I stand realizing,
I haven't felt alive in a long time.
Amanda Mar 19
I call you King because you are the ruler of my world
Of my devoted heart
Whirl me around
Colors are swirled
Words you twirl are works-of-art

I do not believe in lordly illusions
Just depends on how we perceive
Weave delightful delusions
Not that easy to deceive
This didn't come out like I hoped...
Nylee Mar 9
The inspiration dies.

All the time in the world
Is never enough
The food loses its spice,
the river floods
the fire burns
the dust settles,
the smoke fills the air.

Thunder glitters the sky,
the land slides.
A small child cries
The sun sets
The gloom steps in
An adult hides,
the sourness stays.

The prices rises
market falls
debts increases,
Diseases spread around
World is falling apart.

Everyone is going back
It is true but not.
Nothing really exists
Illusions dive in
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