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EAC Jan 31
while the dread of peace kept you starved with wasted days.
my years with you were infinite in the moments of bliss of a kiss.

with withering tears passing dry cold on dark years nights old
my mind remains on the you who once was.
with blade I pull back the blade to expose vein, red dopamine rivers flow from my sleeve to numb my soul.
with thin brushes i paint my anguish on canvas riddled with dangers of homicide.

a youthful mind trapping you in the delusion of time, and human concepts flood your mind.
Sky Yang Jan 22
and as a sandcastle in a storm topples into the earth, she fell away, slowly. gently.

but perhaps it was an illusion
there was no way to tell.
MoonBunny Jan 11
you are always on my mind,
you never left it,
let alone left me,

i knew this is not love,
i knew i will dream again,
think of the conversations,

but nothing of this is real,
you do not even know me,
and i never caught your name,

all i know is that you stare at me,
and i stare back,
but what is the point.
LeoH Jan 11
I am beginning to understand
I was formed whole
Nothing was left out
Nothing to be sent along later

So then what am waiting for
To start my life
Why do I play so small
In this garden of abundance

The walls of my fears
It seems are illusions
Fabrications I cling to
Protecting me from an imaginary abyss

How to tear these walls down
And emerge from this prison
From the sad aloneness
Into joy and connection
Why do the things we imagine seem so real?
Every time, once in a while
I would think to myself,
oh how I wish I had never been born

yet then I'd find myself
thinking of the Labrinyth movie,
where Sarah had made
the same wish towards her baby brother,
and there followed a night
of when the Goblin King
took her brother away

and it was quite a journey
to bring the babe back,
from traps, thick stone walls, and timeless sunsets
within the maze
to the shimmering dance of the illusion
with the Goblin King himself
who seemed to make the world fall down
around Sarah's shoulders

if you could describe
the mingling of dazed wonderment
and the dizzying fear of consequences from
wrong choices made in the split second
it takes to wish
you were never born,

it would feel something like
wandering through a labyrinth, where nothing is normal
and everything eludes sense,
thriving on the split moments
of ignorance, anger, and sadness
that result from the world
and everyday deeds,
and the character of the person you are

no matter how tempting
or dazzling
the world full of shimmering illusions may be,
it is in the end, still
another bottomless dark hole
to spiral down into

I guess that's why
when things take a turn for the rough
in life
and I turn to wish that I had
never been born,
I always find myself
thinking of the Goblin King coming to
****** me away
to lead me into the world of
luring, beautifully twisted illusions
that drain the soul out of you when you've
had enough.
Eurus Nov 2018
I would let you hold this power drill
To make a little hole
In my skull.
From where flowers
Will for hours and hours
Bloom, sprout and flourish,
But that only your love can nourish.
While I’m waiting for the daylight
I have an inkling
And start to wonder if what I’m feeling
Is not an illusion
I’ve had in the mirage of my confusion.
Jon Thenes Nov 2018
clean the Windows
adapt a right feeling view
note the messages received
decide actions
based on consciously sensed illusions
clean the Windows
Amaris Nov 2018
I used to view my life like a bird in a cage
That you had the key, so I'd fly in a rage
Scream at you when things got rough
Bite when I never thought you did enough

When the bars broke and I was finally free
Distance and time gave me the chance to see
The vivid silks that served as your bonds
So pretty you missed the chains beyond

Mother and I used to discuss the fabric and style
Father and I would talk about patterns for a while
All you had was this and you gave it all to me
I wish you'd realize this wasn't who I wanted to be

A year underwater and I've been torn clear
Now an invisible wall lies between us, I fear

So I light a candle for the two of you instead
Hold the thought of you close when I go to bed
Press a hand to the window and feel the cold
Remember warmer days and then feel old

Before I go home, there are a few things I have to do
Like run a waterfall to a page instead of to you
Polish the mask I must wear without shame
Else without it, you'd never know my name
Nool Oct 2018
some memories feel like illusions
crazy ideas for me to be the magician
like far off fantasies
never meant to become
nothing was real
but rather a paranormally realistic dream
paradoxic in the way they effect one
sweet and sour
like tricks and treats
i feel at peace in my memories
and though i long for a rerun
i couldn't sit through a marathon
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