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He seeks reflections
In shadows on walls
expressions induced in others
sounds of praise
to clarify
his current illusion of
who he is

Are there mirrors
Clear enough
To find
A vision that
might become different
might be clearer
a repost
Zywa Aug 12
The Promised Land does

exist, it is on the map --

of my beating heart.
Novel "The PowerBook" (2000, Jeanette Winterson), chapter "SHOW BALLOONS"

Collection "No wonder"
Zywa Apr 5
In the evening the dunes are flat
and swampy, watery grey
bushes darken with dashes
of red and blue

Everything loses solidity
land looks like sea and sea seems to be land
in thin waves of twilight
water coagulates to shades of sand

Clouds resemble a massif
and moonless, mountains
seem to be a night-black sky
in which there are no stars

Ideas are lifelike
shapes do pass
Know what you attach to
then you are free
Collection "WoofWoof"
Zywa Mar 6
We are the winners,

all we don't know is listed --

in our manual.
"Een handleiding voor mijn opvolger" ("A manual for my successor", 2008, Erik Solvanger)

Collection "Specialities"
Zywa Nov 2022
The rock bank hangs down

from my feet into the air --

under the water.
"The Fountainhead" (1943, Ayn Rand)

Collection "Appearances"
Zywa Oct 2022
Thin sounds, far away,

from the small strawberry fields --

inside the teapot.
"Nothing is real" (1990, Alvin Lucier), for piano, recording device and teapot, performed in the Organpark on October 22nd, 2022, by Reinier van Houdt

"Strawberry Fields forever" (1967, The Beatles, John Lennon)

Collection "org anp ark" #226
D Fury Jun 2022
Would you rather be happy because of an illusion or sad because of a truth?
A question for poets
Maria Mitea Jun 2022

if we don't love now
fall on our knees, now
if we don't cry out loud, now, if we don't tear apart our clothes  right now,
if  tears don”t  crack the stones, now
and  hearts don”t jump like ping pong ***** on fire, now,  when we are twisting  this strand of hair,
if you don't touch my chin,  lightly,  like a feather, lightly, now,
the gaze, fiery samurais cutting off our eyes with  leaves,  shattering mustard bellies, - in white webs,
in the blink of an eye, releasing air with no shores,
no reins
endless, now
lips, hot steam,
in the blink of an eye, we raise wild rainbows in the clouds,
when? if not now,  we caress the lightning with the tongue of longing, in the blink of an eye,
if  we don”t taste the lilac in between our teeth, now,
when, and how,  
and who”ll take care of us when we are angry,
forgotten by  the world
left alone
grieving in a naive tremor:

- lovers do not meet at one end, not at the other,  but
have always been in each other:

- well, well… but who will take care of us when we are old, alone, and sick
if we don't touch each other,  now,  like two people
Zywa Jul 2019
That you are smarter

than the facts, you have learned with --

conspiracy thoughts.
"Grand Hotel Europa" (2018, Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)
Zywa Mar 2022
'I believe' and 'I have a dream'
are famous words
Obsolete now

that there are so many more beliefs
so many more truths
to dream away

from reality
which no longer can be guessed
but inescapably

is what it is, you have to
deal with it, you should
deal with it

but you prefer to wrap it up
in light-fast favourite colours
and facts thought hard

'I know' and 'I have the certainty'
are our words in the turmoil
of colliding opinions
Paul, Martin Luther King, own truths

Collection "The drama"
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