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ALesiach Aug 2019
Hues of red and gold
Flame ablaze in autumn trees
A season so bold

ALesiach © 08/01/2019
ALesiach Aug 2019
Pleasure in small things
Everything is possible
Playing in the sun

ALesiach © 08/1/2019
ALesiach Jul 2019
Dreams of you and I
Kissing under warm spring rain
Memories of love

Dreams of you and I
Warm embrace in summer fields
Memories of love

Dreams of you and I
Strolls on a cool autumn lane
Memories of love

Dreams of you and I
Snuggles on cold winter days
Memories of love

ALesiach © 07/30/2019
ALesiach Jul 2019
Awakened by the kiss of dawn
the softness of her morning light
gently nudges the night away

The dew drops twinkle on the lawn
a bird sings sweetly his delight,
his trilling, courteous and gay

The garden flowers seem to spring
amidst the green they gently sway
floral fragrance floats on the breeze

The bayou softly murmuring
wavering shadows still at play,
lost in the depths of cypress trees

A squirrel scampers to the ground
and across the yard he rushes
buries acorns without a sound

In the distance a baying hound
eager to hunt in the bushes
until fox or raccoon is found

A horse gallops over a hill
enjoying freedom and the sun,
he stops, grazing in grassy fields

I follow nature and be still
watching as the day has begun
and early morning beauty yields

ALesiach © 07/29/2019
ALesiach Jul 2019
They say love blooms in the springtime
and love is always true,
but our love was just a moment in time
your life was fleeting, my love adieu

ALesiach © 02/03/2019
ALesiach Jul 2019
Darkness approaches,
wrapping me in its cruel embrace
Blank shadows on the wall,
feigns their affection for all

Night sings its worthless song,
blanketing the night in anguish
Tangles of memories are closing in,
whispering past my chilled skin

They echo in the wind at night,
calling me back in time
Amidst the hours that slowly turns
Sad eyes with no tears, burns

How do I forget?
Letting you go without regret?

ALesiach © 07/29/2019
ALesiach Jul 2019
I sit by sorrow's streams
Amidst wistful longing
Your first soft kiss that lingered
will forever haunt my dreams

How sad it seems
to be so slavishly in love
weary even of life,
such sorrowful extremes,

but I hear remnants of our song
and pine for your possession
to live without you is my bane
life has dealt a bitter wrong

lost in the loneliness
this bereft heart grieves
solace now I seek, in
whiskey's lullaby to forgetfulness

ALesiach © 07/27/2019
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