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Whisper out your heart my beloved!!
For I shall bear it with laugh,
If what thou tongue voice is hatred,
And laugh I shall gladly,
If Cupid has decided it to be blessed.

Whisper out your melodies my beloved!!
Tainted with reminiscence of tragedies,
But still it ought to be laughed,
To close thy scars damped with tears.
Fie the smiles harbouring cries.

Whisper out our stories my beloved,
And I intent to hear with interest,
For my love is no jest.
But if I art thou jester,
Then jest I shall till thee groan with laughter.

Whisper out something my beloved,
Devoid emotion your face portrays.
Why do you feel so cold?!
Wake up love and do tell,
Will you not whisper me farewell?
All thats left was a farewell.
Have you ever noticed
The green leaves in the summer
Ever thought about the moment they would turn
A different color
When the yellows and oranges begin to bleed through
Or do you only notice their beauty
Before they whisper "Adieu"
Mark Toney Mar 24
my muse and I - riding on the coattails of infinity

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
12/26/2018 - Poetry form: Monoku - A type of poem which is made up of a single horizontal line consisting of seventeen syllables or less. Traditionally considered as a haiku writing, Monoku appeared as an independent style of poetry in the 1970s. The first letter should not be capitalized. - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Willow shade Mar 7
Miss the heaven of your soul
In memories far away
Will you ever evanesce?!
Will I always feel my way?!

Not having bidden adieu
Left me in purgatory
Ah, I fell in love with you
Like the Pyrrhic victory

Warriors never give in
And their values carry on
I will drive dolours away
Till your voice is clarion

As dreams are effulgent,
Living is no more bitter
Your laughter is echoing
Through the endless Ether

I have the panacea
A true poet never fails
We gain little solaces
Owing to hard travails
Mark Toney Mar 1
Me my true love did decry

She on whom I did rely

Now I see her walk on by

A bitter adieu—
Bid her adieu

© 2020 by Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
2/5/2020 - Poetry form: Echo Verse - © 2020 by Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
Glus Feb 12
Another day has passed,
another dream collapsed,
another spell is cast,
but this desert, it seems so vast.
A life spent in the search of meaning,
might turn out to be an empty book,
whose pages aren't worth turning.
From beginning until the end,
in all my searching, I could find,
that every desire I cooked up in my mind,
and every wish that filled my eyes with fire,
were just a string of bad decisions,
that has painted my inescapable past,
and every emotion that I've come across,
ran away from me so incredibly fast,
and the only one that turned up in the end,
is this overbearing stillness, that has occupied my mind.

But now.

The time has come,
for me to overcome,
this struggle, that is life,
and put an end to my internal strife.
From beginning until the end,
I've realized all my searching was just to find,
the perfect last words,
to justify, me bidding adieu to this world.
ALesiach Jul 2019
They say love blooms in the springtime
and love is always true,
but our love was just a moment in time
your life was fleeting, my love adieu

ALesiach © 02/03/2019
Bryce Dec 2018
It has been resolved!

It is a crusted concept, inept and unabashed

It is the last call on a windy city tram to the south side

It is a favorite sports bar closed for remodel

The pleasant bliss of air and undisclosed favorites

I will finally extricate myself from the grips of Charybdis

I will continue on, my sail billowing with glee

the air is my fuel and neverrun empty

Can you give a piece of El Dorado to my newfound friend,

Can you give them the same happiness you promised me

and don't let them wonder too long

These unforgotten experiences that mean something to you--

It is an orange rind in the water, silently exfoliating the ions

It is a concrete structure undefined

All the stones that are friendly and snuggled intently against

the mold

I will find new homes in the volcanic chains and wonder about you

You will never again remember the same way who I am, just the faded constraints of the way I challenged your brain

Think of new things! See the trees as lungs

and breeeeaaaathing

You'll find that love in another chunk of god, no complaints for the weary

The kind and lovable axeman who cuts u--Pondicherry

I am a static mold and will rapidly extrue

All the magnificence of things that I cannot view

I am a rhythm of the heart, a beaming drum

I analyze the air and drink it like ***

Fermented love of god, give me no return

To give that which no man has earned

thank you,
sweet love
thank you for showing me something new.
b Aug 2018
i should feel blessed
to have things to miss.

i only feel lucky,
and rather empty

to have something
to miss
is to have something
to lose.

i am stubborn.
i am a sore loser.

i will circle dates
like a child to chirstmas
for Orion,
and for May.

so until we feel
the sun and its heat.
i bid you adieu
and my love from afar.
ill be waiting
HeronBlue Apr 2018
About to turn twenty two
how long has it been since I learned to tie lace of a shoe?
how long since I learned the best way to live is without a clue

I feel just like ten
why does school seem to be so distant and fragmented then?
Like a memory long unpolished yet bright. I'm older all right.

Nah, I feel like fifteen
why, then, for happiness do I turn to a five-inch screen?
should be out in the field if I am a teen
why doesn't the city, colors and friendship seem evergreen?

nope. too dry to cry
a river thinking the world is mean.
Now I cheer for both the men fightin'.
With inner peace comes bloodlust ridin'

So this is what it feels like to be twenty-two!
Not bad. one-third gone and now left is another two 'twenty-two'
till I bid this consciousness adieu.
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