Cné Mar 2018
A leprechaun told me, “I hear
It’s riches you’d like to appear.
Since I don’t exist,
My *** of gold’s mist —
You’d better keep writing, my dear!”
PJ Poesy Mar 2016
Lost your *** and spent your gold
Drunk all night and you were told
The Murphy girls have brothers ninefold...
So, have you an inkling this mornin'?
Don't say you had no warnin'!

Gee those Murphy girls sure are pretty
But now your listening to this "told ya so" ditty
Got a bit fresh and way too giddy...
So now your hurting this mornin'
At least last night wasn't boring!

So next year's the same when put'n on the green
Remember the date it's March Seventeen
Kathleen, Maureen, Colleen do preen...
Just to count your gold in the mornin'
So don't be a leprechaun hornin'
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Any coincidental name of the same is sheerly that, please don't send your brother.
Arlo Disarray May 2015
I found a four leaf clover hoping it would help me write
But I just kept writing haikus and other short, miserable *****
So I made a big spit about vanity, and how all other poets were lame
Spewing all my most petulant thoughts, and in time, soiling my name

But although I'm now seen as a fool,
a sad, childish, pathetic clown
I'm still trying to pretend I'm cool
And attempting to bring you all down

Education never made it passed basic spelling
But I still hope to write words at least somewhat compelling
It's unfair and you ****, all your words are so old
Stay away from my rainbow and my *** of gold!
Ormond, you inspire me with how awful you are. Thanks, buddy! Love ya, dear. <3
Sam Hain Mar 2015
Be careful when drinking the whiskey:
It leads to behaviors quite risky.
   I once shared a bottle
   With a bicorn hat model,
Then got—with this leprechaun—frisky.

Sam Hain Mar 2015
Tell me, friend,  have you ever seen
A leprechaun in a suit o' green
     With an impish grin?
      You haven't?  Well,
You must not know the magic spell!
            Listen in:

You take a pipe and puff and pass
A green as green as Erin's grass,
      Then take a glass
      Of whiskey and beer,
And chase the smoke, and choke with cheer:
      One will appear!

— The End —